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Asked: 5 years ago

Downloading save file in gamefaqs?

Anyone know the problem of save file in gamefaqs when i try to download it and load in the game it says corrupted data?

Additional details - 5 years ago

The version is the same and it still says corrupted.

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From: chengmaster 4 years ago

Dont play Save games at all.

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Perhaps its for a different version

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They might be hacked games which i think you might need a hacked psp to play them but im not for sure

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Thats easy.
hook up the usb cable

well go to the download and if you have unite you can only download from the U.S. section copy or drag the information into your memory thing. (the folder)
this deletes your gamesave that you made.
but you have to delete your save yourself or it wont work. then make sure you unplug your usb
from your computer. like not literaly but it should safely remove hardware and presto.

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What fun is the game when everything is beaten and you can make anything you want.

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Plug your PSP to your PC with the PS3 recharge cable, and your comp should detect your PSP, once thats done you go in it, MHFU game -> Save -> "Download the save file from gamefaqs, UNZIP IT TO YOUR COMPUTER" From your computer take the SLUS"blah blah" files and past it to your PSP drive, and voila~

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corrupted data is just cuz its hacked if u have a char in the first slot or second they will both get deleted so... idk it says corrupt data on mine and i got Kaze and some girl
but how u load it is you plug your PSP into your PC or Mac and have the PSP save file on your desktop, then go to PSP in your PSP file thing and then games and then save data leave it there eject your PSP and you should have a save file in your save charecters
thats how i did it so i know if you do that it works

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You shouldnt use hacked profiles anyway.
Play the game yourself or not at all. I had to earn my rank with over 800 hours of playtime.

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