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Asked: 5 years ago

How to patch games for PSP Fat?

Where do you patch games like MHF2 or MHFU. Please give me instructions and the link. and CAN IT WORK WITH FAT PSP! And last thanks.

Additional details - 5 years ago

I mean download games into the psp

Accepted Answer

From: minato9981 4 years ago

i have fat and it works for me but i have custom firmware(U NEED 1 IFU DONT HAVE)
1,type address bar
2,on top of the page there is a console list press psp
3,now on the left side there is a category and you can choose any1 you like or take the 1 i took
4,NOw i took HOMEBREW GAMES and from there i choosed the game
breakout4psp V,0.8
5,and scroll down a little from the game details and ya will see download button.

and if u dont have a homebrew got to this
here download the firmaware and un zip it, put it in psp/games

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What do you mean by patch? if you mean is english patch for monster hunter portable 2nd g, then you can patch it into fat psps.

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And it works splendedly good on fat atleast for me it went well
and im not responsible wat happens to ur psp if u dont have homebrew and ur gonna try to get it !but i hope u luck!

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