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What are cwcheats i know there are things like see health and 44x bombs but what is it and where can i download?

aseveredshadow provided additional details:

Already have a hacked psp if thats what ur saying

aseveredshadow provided additional details:

No i dont have a cheat program ive just heard the phrase cwcheats alot so i was wondering what it was

JubJub91 asked for clarification:

Why would you wanna cheat in the first place? Cheating in Monster Hunter takes away the hundreds of hours of fun you can have by playing through the game normally.
Why pay money for a game, if your just going to cheat through the whole thing? (unless you downloaded it, in which case, it doesn't really matter)

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Cwcheat is a program for the psp. with it, you can cheat in severall games such as monster hunter freedom.
when people talk about cwcheats they mean the cheats used in that program.
you need custom firmwire to be able to download cwcheat though.
and it apears to be dangerous for your battery to install custom firmwire, but im not sure about that, it could just be a rumour, anyway i don't have cwcheat, it's too much work to get it onto your psp.
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bender112 answered:

Look it up on Google and you can find downloads but beware you need to read forums on it so you can prepare as you will need to buy special batteries and memory sticks to avoid bricking your psp while downloading custom firmware.
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So you already have a cheatprogram? if yes then this question is obselete.
If you don't then you don't understand what im saying and i cannot help you.
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Like i said, CWcheats is a cheatprogram, it has nothing to do with hacking your psp by itself.

If you want i could give you a few links to clear things up a bit.
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jacobredx answered:

Could somebody please tell me how to check the firmware
so you know if its ok to download
and after that could somebody help me out wit how to activate the cw cheats and firmware
and use it
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funnygamesrfun answered:

you are all incompetent, you need a modded psp to use CW-Cheat if your psp is not modded then u cant use this. OH btw firmware type is under system info at the far left of the xmb, and if you didnt know that you shouldnt be atempting any of this.
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Doom_Angel_6 answered:

Cwcheat is a program for the psp. with it, you can cheat in severall games such as monster hunter freedom unite.
when people talk about cwcheats they mean the cheats used in that program.
you need custom firmwire to be able to download cwcheat though.
It IS dangerous for your battery to install custom firmwire because it can litterally explode, so use a pandora battery instead.
Use CWCheats at your own risk.
Try searching CW Cheats on google to find more.
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lsealteam answered:

The cwcheats is working at only in UMD not in a download activate it press and hold select about 3-5 mins an then make the (enable cheats)to 'y' instead of 'n' and then select cheats and make it y which u choose and then return back..

tnx for reading lol
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lsealteam answered:

u can Get cwcheats from and then download the cwcheat and then open it in your folder and then extract if ur cfw is 3.71 below take install_371 if it is 3.71 or higher tAke in stall then open the folder then copy the sepugins
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lsealteam answered:

if u want questions email me AT if u want more questions then chat me
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manticora5450 answered:

cwcheats is a program for lazy rs and noobs. Byt if you wonder:

cwcheat is the FIRST ever cheat device available on PSP.
With cwcheat you can apply raw-relative cheat codes either
in PSP and POPS game mode (due to two different version of
this application: cwcheat and cwcheatpops) just like the
famous commercial products "Action Replay", "CodeBreaker",
"GameShark", "Xploder", etc. available on other platforms.
cwcheat also features cheat searching and editing through
a nice and easy-to-use in-game menu.
or use the included PSP database downloader app directly
from your PSP (requires WI-FI connection) and easily enjoy
your cheating experience!
cwcheat minor features are CPU/BUS speed settings, detailed
Memory Stick Pro Duo (free space/total space) and battery
(life) informations and in-game usb-mass support.
cwcheat (NO POPS version) includes also RemaPSP by danzel,
a very useful way to change button assignments in games!
cwcheatpops (NO GAME version) features a way to
import/export MCR memory cards (ePSXe and PSX) and continue
your favourite games in PSX, PS2, PSP with the same savegame!
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8is4infinity answered:

Damn i hate cheaters
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Black_Dragon97 answered:

You can download it from

I really wish they didnt make cheats, i mean all of us do this hard work on games while ppl cheat? wtf
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wylaf1 answered:

Cwcheat is a hacking tool for psp and can be used with a specified version. It has Cheats in every game. You can download it in Like I said theres a cheat in every game, but not all the cheat is stable. And you need to install it before you can use it.
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commonenigma7 answered:

I am familiar with cheat programs, they are more of a threat to your memory unit than they would be to your battery. This cheat device sounds similar to gameshark and codebreaker in a sense that it has numerous cheats for various games. Monster Hunter would not be a good game for cheats, to be able to instantly craft a sieglinde from the beginning of the game without first requiring any materials would take the challenge from slaying/hunting a rathian. It may also take the skill from you too. I would'nt recommend a cheat until after you have beaten the game...Better experience.
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8_bit_ninja answered:

CWcheats is a cheating program for the PSP, written for use with CFW as a homebrew application.
While it is not commonly accepted to cheat, let alone use homebrew, the program does have some acceptable uses.
It functions similarly to a GameGenie, but is generally less user-friendly.
Considering that it is a homebrew application, it would likely be against the TOS to explain how to run it or where to download it.
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Tetsunaga answered:

It's just another homebrew. Since your psp's already "broken into" just do what these other guys are sayin. But fair warning if you "broke" your psp just for kicks. It WILL eventually brick, there HAS been glitches reported in games that run the CWcheats and blah blah blah...GL
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akinlangto24 answered:

when you have CW cheat open your PSP by holding R button and then plug ins enable it all if u want to add cheats search for its game code ex.( ULES-01213 ) to see its game code go to the game and hold SELECT. at the top part you should see ( 4 letters- 4 numbers ) then open the folder of cwcheat and then right click on cheat.exe and cheatpop.exe and open as word pad/notepad/Microsoft word and add the cheatcode... i don't know the correct name of the exe files but if u find something near that word...
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