Question from rishi94

Secret place in old forest?

There is a secret place in old forest in which it seems like we are on a giant tree and there is a big hole on the middle of it in which we can jump into it.I once accidently go there when started a mission but now i cant find a way to get there again.Can somebody tell me how to go there?


poop900 answered:

Secret areas are meant to be this way. There is a 1 % chance (im not sure with that) that you will start a mission (highrank only) in a secret area. I'm sure there is one in the desert,swamp and old forest but i'm sure there are others. So every time you start a high rank mision, bring at least a mega bugnet or pickaxe just in case you start in a secret area.
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ozquiles answered:

As an added thing to poop's answer, there is also a feylne whim/kitchen skill, feylne explorer, which makes the chance of starting in a secret area 100% so use it well, also there is a secret area in the snowy mountains that exits to area 2
also I have heard that the desert secret area is the only place you can get feylne rubies, whatever they are used in
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