Question from MHFU_JanDi

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find (Phantom Butterfly,Mellanje ore,Robust Wyvern Bone)?

Can you help me? because I need them to my improve my favorite equipment blacksmith to juggernaut . I like juggernaut because its raw damage is too high ! 1400 did you imagine that?! despite of no elements , I like it because of its great sharpness and raw damage ..

Accepted Answer

From: dmanlius10 5 years ago

You can get Phantom Butterflies when you upgrade your Insect Patch to level 4 or catch them at bug spots in the Forest and Hills G rank quests but you have to be hero rank 8; use expanded pickaxes to increase supply.

You get Mellange Ore when you upgrade your mining spot to the maximum or from a G rank Chameleos but agian you must be at least hero rank 8 or 9 to farm them successfully.

You can get Robust Wyvern bones from G rank Hermitaurs or spend 1500 points with the Trenyi the treasure cat at the Jungle for as many as three at a time!

I too have just acquired the Juggernaut and it took me about 2 days to collect all the materials. It's worth it!

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