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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get [ Monster Bone + ]?

I know this question has been asked tons of times before, but most of the answers don't work. I have tried killing Yian kut-ku and daimyo hermitaur 12 times each, but both dont give monster bone+. D.Hermitaur keeps giving me giant bone and large monster bone, which isnt what i want. Help is appreciated.

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Btw, i'm at hunter rank 4 and i can't kill tigrex yet. Its too hard, so i cant get monster bone+ from it.

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Sorry, correction its elder quest 4, not hunter rank 4.

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Maybe,you have to hunt a High Rank Daimyo(it has a higher chance)
or kill >3* Daimyo quest

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I would recommend trying the Guild Daimyo Hermituar Quests. i seem to have better luck in the Guild than the elder quests.

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farm daimyo !!

break everything that is breakable

which means

you have to break his shell twice

and both of his claws

then capture it

2-3 monster bone+ will come out at the rewards (or 1 if you're cursed w/bad luck)

Hope it helps

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You could also kill Blue Yian Kut-Ku. But it happens rarely i was lucky enough to get one. I hope this helps ya!

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Do double daimyo in chief quests with a 800+ damage hammer. He won't be able to even attack if you do running "R" combos on his horned shell thing. I did the double quest in 6 minutes with a 1090 hammer and got 6 monster bone+ and 2 red horns.

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