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Game save for us version monster hunter freedom unite?

ok here is how it goes. I had well over 300 hrs on my game and a

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ok here is how it goes. I had well over 300 hrs on my game and a "friend" stoled it and everything i had with it! if some kind soul can make me a save that would rule!

name: Siegfried
white skin
1st face
hair/style i can change
no missions done hr1
99x each item
Rathinos sol armor (blue not silver)
wyvern blade camilia equipped

again it not like me to ask this but i myself cant do this. to whoever can help me with thish monster hunter freedom unite us save i will be very greatfull.

Additional details - 4 years ago

You can post the link here or email it to me at

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One option for you would be to Install CWCheat, make a new character, and hack to where you were. I did that once when I switched from MHF2 to MHP2ndG. Alternatively, take advantage of the opportunity. Find a friend interested in picking up the game and start fresh with them, maybe try and learn some new weapon times while you're at it. I've done this twice now (once for my 2nd MHP2ndG save, and once for MHF2), and it's actually a pretty rewarding game the second time through if you have an apprentice to rank up with. You'll also find yourself progressing through the game much more efficiently.

Good luck and happy hunting,

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Yeah i tried but i cant get it working right...please any one help me

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