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Asked: 4 years ago

How o get to HR4 from HR3?

What must I kill in the guild in HR3 quests to go to hR4 rank, whitch is G rank quests?

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There are different quests that I am doing hen he ones you have said though.
For example:Hunt the Tigrex(2) twice)
Hunt the Diablos and (black)
Hunt the Gravios and (black)
Ratholos and (azure)
Rathian and(pink)
Rathian and ratholos
Kushala Daora
2 Khezu
and survive until time over or paw pass ticket

I am on *****LV quests though, I am asking how many monsters or what monsters do i need to kill to advance to R4 after an urgent quest.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thank you so much for you're time, but I am now doing the urgent quest and after that I am a HR4 and have higher quests

Accepted Answer

From: Smaragdos 4 years ago

Go here then:
There is a list of required Quest to advance at each HR. Just have to find it.

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You need to do the following for 4Star Quests in the Guild Hall(The names may be different for different versions of the game but the Quest Numbers and Monsters are there to guide you):

#9: "Master of the Giant Lake" [Hunt Plesioth]
#13: "Evening Hermitaur Sonata" [Hunt 20 Hermitaurs]
#15: "Pincer through the Sky" [Hunt S. Cenataur]
#17: "Trouble in the Forest" [Hunt 20 Bullfango]
#19: "The Ioprey Leader" [Hunt Iodrome]
Urgent Quest: "Absolute Power" [Hunt Tigrex]

G-Rank Quests are HR 7- HR 9

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