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Asked: 9 months ago

How do I beat Four horns?(diablos and black diablos)

I have Garuga set, blangonga set, battle set, ceanataur set, and hermitaur set (blademaster), battle, hermitaur, and giaprey set(gunner). And for the weapons: blango decimator, anvil hammer, eager cleaver, and dual tomahawk do I need to upgrade my armor and weapon?

Additional details - 9 months ago

Nevermind I completed this with blango decimator and garuga set with 7 minutes left :D

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I always preferred to kill them using bowguns, but if melee is primarily your thing, then I suggest using the Eager Cleaver. Make sure that you stay out of the way of the Diablos, and you'll be fine. Attack its belly for the max damage, too. It takes time and patience, but as long as you don't stay submissive to the Diablos, you can quickly kill one. By submissive I mean, don't stand around and wait for an opening. You have to make one yourself when it comes to Diablos.

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