Question from kasikage02

Asked: 5 years ago

How do i create a thunder bug juice ?

Please i really need to know this kind of thing to create my devil slicer

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From: Zack_Fair03 5 years ago

Send Trenya to Forest and Hills for 500points
Wait for him to get Dragonmoss or Dragonwood
If you have 1 , go to Snowy Mountains and trade it to the Veggie Elder beside the Crystals Area

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You don't make the juice, you find it. In particular at teh tower. Kill some great thunderbugs and you'll eventually get some drops with thunderbug juice.

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Kill the giant thunder bug At the tower , use poison elmnt.Weapon for bigger precentage

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Thunderbug Juice can be acquired by gathering the shinies that the Great Thunderbugs at the Tower drop.

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Kill Thunderbug. For bigger percentage shoot it with gunlance.

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