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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Is Demon king Diablos required to unlock HR Chameleons and Telstra? 0
Any Recomemended equipments for beating fatalis? 2
Any suggest wich armor/weapon that's good for hr7 urgent nargacuga? 7
Ash Giant Lizard? 13
Ash Lao Shan? 12
Azure rathalos(HR3)? 7
Beating Rajang? (The Final Invitation) 11
best equipment to kill High rank white fatalis? (not in G rank yet) 11
Best strategy to beat Congolala ? 9
Black fatalis farming (g rank)? 1
Can 2 people beat white fatalis? 9
Can i beat lao shan with this equipment? 14
Can I beat The White Monoblos With a Black Katana MK.ll(2)? 4
Can I Beat Tigrex With A Black Katana MK.II(2)? 5
Can I Defeat Kushala Daora Without Eager Cleaver Or True Devil Slicer? 12
can I slay a laoshan lung with this armor ang GS? 11
Can i solo a lao shan? 16
Can i solo an ash lao shan with this? 11
Can i solo white fatlais? 9
Can you make a White Fatalis flee? 1
Descendents of the king gunner help ? 3
Diablos? 9
Diamond dust G rank ? 3
Do you guys know a CWCheat code for 1 Hit-Kill MHFU US ver.? 5
Does Lavasioth appear earlier than it's specified quests? 4
Does Lunastra Recover her HP when fleeing? 6
Does this damage aplies to everyone , or its just me? 3
dual Tigrex ? 5
Easy Lavasioth kill/capture? 30
Fairly new to this game, need help? 19
Fatalis at HR9.....? 3
Fatalis quest? 6
Fatalis!? 3
G rank Fata-Crimsion-White? 3
G-lv Rajang training? 6
G-Rank Silver Los? 7
Giant pop corn vs white fatalis G? 4
Help me fight ash laoshan. . . ? 3
Help With Shen Gaoren 6* Elder Urgent? 33
Help!!!? 9
How can I beat Shen Gaoren? 20
How can I beat Yian Garuga?Chief quest 4 stars 13
How can i defeat a blangonga? 3
How can i defeat the kushala daora? 2
How can i kill Fatalis? 13
How can i kill the shen gaoren at my level? 13
How can i kill the shogun ceanatour at the volcano? 1
How can I solo Lao Shan? 9
How do I activate CWCheats? 4
How do I beat (2 kirin)? 12
How do I beat (4* Kushala daora) with a bow/bowgun? 1
How do I beat (aka)? 8
How do I beat (Ankantor)? 8
How do I beat (basarios with LG)? 2
How do I beat (Black Gravios) Black rock in the swamp quest? 4
How do I beat (black phlanges)? 4
How do I beat (chameleos)in the 5* `elder dragon of mist' quest? 6
How do I beat (Congalala)? 5
How do I beat (Diablos and Black Diablos)? 5
How do I beat (dual monoblos)? 5
How do I beat (Elder Shen Gaoren)? 2
How do I beat (Fatalis)? 4
How do I beat (fatalis)? downloaded 2
How do I beat (G ranked rajang)? 4
How do I beat (G-lvl Crimson Fatalis)? 2
How do I beat (G-Ranked 2 Grn Plesioth)? 5
How do I beat (G-ranked Yian Garuga)? 6
How do I beat (gravios? 3
How do I beat (hr 9 dual black diablos)? 2
How do I beat (loa Shan lung)? 7
How do I beat (lunastra)? 11
How do I beat (lvl 9 village diablos)? 3
How do I beat (nargakuga)? 3
How do I beat (Nekoht 9* Diablos,the Demon King)? 5
How do I beat (rajang hr4 to 5 )? 4
How do I beat (rajang) in g rank with hbg? 3
How do I beat (rajang) with a LS? 2
How do I beat (Secret Request: 2 moboblos)? 6
How do I beat (Shen Gaoren with party)? 5
How do I beat (shen gaoren witha bow? 4
How do I beat (silver rathalos)? 3
How do I beat (the feline chief 9 star rajang?) 10
How do I beat (The Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos in the same stage)? 7
How do I beat (Tigerx)? 7
How do I beat (tigrex ****)? 1
How do I beat (UKANLOS (G RANK)? 4
How do I beat (urgent quest two monoblos)? 7
How do I beat (white fata)? 5
How do I beat 8 star Yian Garuga? 2
How do I beat : secret request 2 monoblos? 3
How do I beat a 3* village elder urgent (Blangonga)? 4
How do I beat a plesioth level 3? 2
How do I beat AKANTOR in the use of GS? 7
How do I beat all the fatalis's?? 3
How do I beat an 2 Rajang? 2
How do I beat annoying Gravios? 8
How do I beat Ash Lao-Shun Lung(solo)? At the green girl in the guild(Urgent quest) 3
How do i beat ash/ azure lao shan lung elder 8* quest? 4
How do I beat Ashen Lao-Shan Lung? 2
How do I beat Azure Rathalos and Pink Rathian at the guild(HR: 6 going G-Rank)? 3
How do I beat barios? 11
How do I beat black hr6 fatalis? 4
How do I beat Blangonga? 11
How do i beat blangonga? 1
How do I beat bumpy Congalala in jungle HR1 ? 3
How do I beat congalala need a stratigie? 9
How do I beat crimson fatalis?? 3
How do I beat crimson ftalis? 2
How do I beat daimyo hermitaur and which area is he usually found? 4
How Do I beat descendants of the king? 3
How do I beat diablos?...level 5 hr3 2
How do I beat dual daimyo hermitaur at HR4-HR5? 10
How do I beat dual plesoith in elder 6? 7
How do I beat Dual Rajang And Whats the Best why to kill it? 7
How do I beat dual tigrexes? 15
How do I beat elder khezu? 5
How do I beat Fatalis using lance? 3
How do I beat Fatalis With Sword And Sheild? 2
How do I beat four horns quest, lunastra, teostra, and kushala? 3
How do I beat Four horns?(diablos and black diablos) 1
How do I beat g lvl ratholos ( red one)? 5
How do I beat G rank black gravios ? 3
How do I beat G rank crimson fatalis? 2
How do I beat g rank diablos? 2
How do I beat g-rank rajang solo? 6
How do I beat green congalala? 7
How do i beat Gypceros without poison axe? 2
How do I beat high rank green plessy? 3
How do I beat high rank khesu? 5
How do I beat hr 5 green plessy!? 6
How do I beat HR 6 Shen gorean? 5
How do I beat HR3 Kirin? 2
How do I beat hr3 urgent shen gaoren at the fortress? 6
How do I beat hr4 urgent ash shan lung? 10
How do I beat HR6 fatalis? 2
How do I beat Hr9 Gravios? 5
How do I beat Khetzu? 11
How do I beat khezu using a great sword? 3
How do I beat Khezu? 10
How do I beat khezus? 9
How do I beat Kirin *****? 7
How do I beat Kirin in Guild Hall? 2
How do I beat kirin?????????!! 4
How do I beat kushala daora? 1
How do I beat kushala doara? 5
How do I beat Lao Shan Lung in HR2 quest? 2
How do I beat lao shen lung ash? 4
How do I beat lao-shan? 4
How do I beat legendary black dragon HR6? 2
How do I beat Lunastra in mission The Empress' Blazing Throne? 3
How do I beat Lunastra? 1
How do I beat nargakuga? 4
How do I beat naruga with hammer (G rank)?? 3
How do I beat Narugakuruga? 7
How do I beat plesioth on training school with SnS? 2
How do I beat Plesioth With Long Sword? 2
How do I beat Rajang level 9* chief cat? 4
How do I beat Rathalos and Ratian? 4
How do I beat rathian and rathalos, pink , azure, and gold? 5
How do I beat rathian, rathalos and tigrex? 2
How do I beat Shan goren? 2
How do I beat Shen gao ren?( Giant crab) 2
How do I beat Shen Gaoren Urgent SnS? 5
How do I beat Shen Gaoren using low melee weapons like Tigrex tooth, or like Eager Cleaver, or even Tactical Blade? 2
How do I beat Shen Gaoren with a long sword/hammer? 4
How do I beat shen gaoren?! 4
How do I beat Shen Garoren? 2
How do I beat shen goren in the town? 2
How do I beat Super Rajang Gunlance training? 2
How do I beat Terra S. Ceanataur? 6
How do I beat the 9th star rank Shen gaoren ? 3
How do I beat the Akantor by myself? 17
How do I beat the Bladonga from the Guild emergency Quest? 2
How do I beat the chameleos? 9
How do I beat the crimson fatalis? 2
How do I beat the dragon on the popo tounges level? 30
How do I beat the first fatalis using LS? 3
How do i beat the Khezu? 3
How do i beat the Kushala Daora ??? 1
How do I beat the shen Gaoren (pokke village) ? 5
How do I beat the shen gaoren? 7
How do I beat the SILVER RATHALOS in H6?! 8
How do I beat the Tigrex in the Urgent Quest at the Guild? 4
How do I beat the Yama Tsukami? 3
How do i beat Tigarex? 7
How do I beat tigrex and daora? 3
How do I Beat Tigrex At Guild Hall? 3
How do I beat tigrex in guild HR 2-3? 4
How do I beat tigrex WITH long sword? 7
How do I beat tigrex?? 7
How do I beat tigrexs better? 2
How do I beat urgent quest (dual tigrex)? 2
How do I beat village nargacacuga? 2
How do I beat Yian Kut-Ku in jungle ? 3
How do I beat( high rank kirin)? 3
How do i beat(Attack of the Rathian)? 3
How do i beat(Basarios:unseen peril)? 2
How do i beat(Battle Of Blos)? 1
How do i beat(Hunt the Rathalos!)? 2
How do I break Fatalis Horn? 4
How do I break G rank diablos/black diablos horns easily??? 5
How do I break the flash thingi of gypceros, tail/fang of the blangonga? 7
How do I break Yamatsukami's tentacles? 1
How do I complete the 6* lao shan lung quest? 7
How do i cut off blangogas tail? 4
How do I cut the rajangs tail? 3
How do i do the Monster Hunter Quest? 2
How do I download a save file when using an sd adapter? 1
How do I easily break Fatalis/Kushala Daora/Teostra wings? 1
How do I get a Heavenly Tigrex Scale??? 6
How do i get a kut ku ear on like the level 2 village cheifs quest? 9
How do I get fatalis out of armour mode? 5
How do I get my save to work? 2
How do I get on the shen gaoren? 2
How do I get the gravios brain stem? 4
How do I kill a fing mosswine? 10
How do I kill black fatalis ? 2
How do I kill Cephalos? 9
How do I kill Lao Shan Lung with a Longsword? 2
How do I obtain a Hermitaur Claw? 4
How do i put saved data onto my psp? 3
How do I Shut the gate on Fatalis? 2
how do i slay the Kushala daora? 3
How do I solo a akantor? 7
How do I solo kill Yamatsukami (Hr8 to Hr9 urgent)? 7
How do i unlock fatalis quest for hr6? 9
How do i unlock fatalis? 2
How do i unlock High Rank village Kushala Daora? 3
How do I unlock the G rank fatalis? 2
How do you get hr6 shen ga ren ? 3
How do you unlock lunastra and monoblos? 3
How doi break the shoulder of the lao shan with a melee wepon? 2
How i kill Lao Shan Lung ? 1
How i kill Plesioth With GS(village chief 3* quest)? 3
How is it? 3
How many times until I kill Lao Shan Lung with sword and shield? 2
How much more health do Low rank guild monsters have over village? 2
How The heck am I ganna kill Tiggy? 10
how to beat HR 7 green conga very very easy way?? 7
How to beat Rathalos, tigrex, nargacuga, rajang in Nekoht's quest ? 4
How to beat red khezu? 2
How to destroy monsters parts? 2
How to kill the basarios in the village elder chief 4th star? 2
How to kill the kushala daora in the snow 4th level star in the village elder chief? 5
how to predict when tigrex does a spin attack?And suggestions for some good armor against him 1
How to slay the BLACK GRAVIOS?????pls..i need your answers A.S.A.P 15
Hr 6 going for hr 7 what armour and swords needed for akantor and shen gaoran?! 8
Hr6 Black Fatalis Bow Help? 2
Hr6 Black Fatalis Help? 1
HR8 two shogun ceantaur? 5
Hr9 elder dragon help? 2
hw do i ulock fata g rAnk ? 4
I hate Naruga!!? 8
I need help beating the blangonga.Hr.1. Any Tips? 2
I need help beating the gravios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or advise? 3
I need help on the boss health and damage? 2
If your attack bounces off do you still do damage? 11
Is hypnocatrice weak to thunder or ice ? 5
Is it possible to cut off the hynocatrice's tail? 2
Is it possible to kill a Black Gravios G without dying?! 2
Is it possible to kill a Blos Wyvern whilst it is digging underground??? 3
Is it possible to kill a high rank red khezu with the anchor crusher? 2
Is longsword the best strategy for the Congalala? 2
Is there a fast way to beat beat White Fatalis and Crimson Fatalis? 2
Is there a faster way to kill Plum Daimyo? 4
Is there a Quest with Lao Shan Lung in the Town? 2
Kirin help(HR3 LVL)!? 1
Kirin help, plz?? 11
Knocking out boss with paladin lance? 4
Lao-Shan impact damage weakness? 2
lao-shan-lung problem!!?(HR 4-5 urgent quest)guild hall 1
Low class lao shan lung? 1
Lunastra 5* elder help? 2
Monster Hunter!?!?!?!!!?!?! 3
Nargacuga? 1
Naruga curuga? 5
Need good bow bowgun or havy bowgun and armor for it will mak anithing im hr9? 6
Need help in farming azure rathalos tails? 1
need help with Rajang ? 2
Nekoht 2nd Urgent&HR4-5 Urgent? - Seeking help! 2
Nekoht Khezuuu??? 3
nine star nekhot quest "Monster Hunter" (epic hunting quest) need help? 3
Online Elder Quest Naruga (armour and weapons)? 4
Plesioth outta water? 3
Question About Defeating Black Fatalis? 1
Rathaloss!(T_T)??? 9
Red Khezu, Plesioth, Teostra , Four Horns and Goldenfish? 8
Rusted Kushala Daora? 6
SHEN gaoren???? 3
Shen Garan help ?!!! Hr6 2
Shen goaren pissing e off!!!!!!!!! how do i kill him???????? 4
Solo the game?? 2
Strategy And Equipmment For Kushala Daora? 8
Stuck in HR 7!? 1
Stupid fatalis stupid akantor !?!?! 2
Teostra/Lunastra weapon recommendations? [And tactics?] 3
The big daddy? 2
The elder dragons? 1
The Final Invitation, second Rajang? 4
Tigrex(HR3)? 1
Tips on killing HR9 fatalis? 3
Uh i have a question....? 2
Ukanlos..? 1
Wat weapon? 9
Way to easy defeating big monster??? 4
Weapon for Chameleos? 4
Wepon help with the lunastra,plz? 6
What armor and weapon should i use against ucamulbas? 4
What bow should i use on gravios? 3
What bow should I use on Shen Gaoren? 3
What duals that can beat the blangonga? 4
What equipment should I use to slay khezu(first time: urgent quest)? 3
What happens when i sonic a naruga? 2
what is the best GS armor against the white fatalis? 2
What is the best way to kill teostra? 7
What is the best weapon for G-rank silver rathalos? 2
What is the best weapon to defeat a green plesioth? 9
What is the best weapon to fight a Narguga kurguga?... if dats how u spell it 7
What level should my felyne be? 4
What should i use to complete the multi blangonga? 8
What skills in Tigrex X must I equip? 5
What the best weapon for "the legendary black dragon" (HR 6)? 3
What weapon /armour can I use to slay the high rank kirin? 10
What weapon do I need to defeat the basrios? 4
What weaponn is better to defeat a monoblos and white monoblos? 5
What's the best armor to beat Lunastra? 1
What's the mean of "rusted kusha"? 7
whats the best EL or raw damage to use for chameleos? 3
When can I capture a giadrome? 7
When do I fight my first Rathalos from the Village Elder quests? 6
Where can I find the shakalakas? 2
Where can I spot the high rank Elder Dragons ? 2
Where do I find Khezus? 4
Where do i find the smallest gendrome? 2
Where is the azure lao shang quest? 3
Where to get the mini size monoblos? 2
Which armour/ gs should i use against the dual tigrex? 6
Which boss gives top grade platnium horn? 3
Which gunner armor should i use against the fatalis? 2
Which hammer to use? 3
White Fatalis G-level (Download)? 2
who else despises Rajang and Lavasioth? 3
Who lives nearby?? 2
Who was the strongest elder dragon??? 9
whuch weapon should I use on a Akantor? 8
Will anyone go online to help me with rathian? 8

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
A killing for mushrooms ? 2
Award? 1
Can I finish my elder quest with my friend ?? 2
Can We Download Old Quests??? 3
Desperate help please? 8
Do Training school quests count towards guild card? 4
Explanation??? 5
Fatalis confusion? 1
Help please!!? 2
How can i download the fatalis event quest? 3
How difficult are the Gathering Hall's 3 star Quests? 4
How do get the tranquilizing guru skill? 3
How do I beat "Dual Plesioth" in HR 5??? 1
How do I beat "Monster Hunter"? 6
How do I beat G-rank flaming jewels? 1
How do I beat rajang with lance? 4
How do I complete a hunting quest? 5
How do I complete hr2 shakalaka quest? 3
How do I do the 7* Elder Urgent Quest!? 3
How do I find goldenfish in the Jungle and Desert areas? 6
How do I find the mini size of Cephadrome??? 2
How do I get a save on my psp? 1
How do I get from 7* to 8* to 9* in nekohts quest? 1
How do I get golden fish in panning the golden fish (guild quest)? ) *** 3
How do I get high rank and G rank??? 2
how do I get Iodrome hide? 1
How do I get new armor for my felynes? 5
How do i get the g-rank????? 3
How do I solve (Black Phalangles)? 2
How do I solve (monster carving)? 3
How do I solve (reckless abandon and swordsharpner skill)? 5
How do I solve (sword afinity )? 3
How do I unlock Fatlis? 2
How do i unlock G rank Akantor? 2
How do I unlock g rank crimson and white fatalis? 1
How do I unlock G rank Daora? 2
How do I unlock Gold Rathian and Silver Rathian? 6
How do I unlock the G-rank elder dragons? 1
How do you capture a monster on a hunting quest? 5
How do you complete the epic hunting quest, Subspecies Three? 5
How do you unlock G rank Kirin? 2
How the hell do i do the 4* Guild Goldenfish Quest??? 2
How to cmplete treasurer hunter quest? 1
How to find trenya? do i need to unlock it? 4
How to get akantor in the village? 3
How to get to hr 2?? 3
How to unlock the following monster for training school [group training]? 1
How to unlock the Legendary Black Dragon Mission? 1
Hr6 - Hr7 help me? 3
HR6 quests - need help??? 5
I need monster fluid...huh?? 4
I'm missing one more G-rank lvl training school quest.....? 1
Is it possible to make this armor? 2
Is marathon quest similar to the extended quest.? 4
Is there a HR 6 Quest to fight the Nargacuga? 2
Is there any Dual Rajang G quest? 2
Is there anyone that plays this game in elm estates? 3
Is there anything after elder felyne? 4
Kirin Quest? 8
Mission is missing and dont know y can someonw help me?!!! please 4
monster hunter 9* felyne elder quest - HELP!!!? 4
monster hunter epic quest - HELP!!!!!!? 2
Please help me with the quest? 4
POKKE points, should i conserve? 10
What are the Questz i need to Complete LVL7 on solo? 2
What exactly does the faint negated skill do? 2
What is the use of a lucky kut ku ear?? 4
What level I will unlock the Yian Garuga quest in the chief? 2
What level I will unlock the Yian Garuga quest in the old lady? 1
What quests do i have to do to become a HR 8? 1
Where can i unlock the quest for Rathlos Soul U Armor? 3
Where could I find Dromes max height? 3
Which Website can I download Even/Create Quest? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Where can I get sharp claws?(Mhfu) *new* 0
*what does the Fatlais armor abilties give you?(EdgeMaster, Fury) 1
-Good HR5 Hammers? 6
.Does charge on a bow affect attribute? 4
.Good Armor set for starting plus missions? 3
.Good SnS for starting Plus quests? 3
11.Heavenly Scales?? 8
2 or 3 Slot Decorations for Evade Distance? 2
='( Heavenly scales? 3
?Nubie need hlp plis... 2
?Suck at heat and cold 3
A few newbie question? 2
a fishing rod: how do I get it? 6
A union ore? The fastest way to have it? 1
About monoblos s set? 5
Another weapon decision? 1
Anywhere but the pokke farm (great ladybug)? 4
Armor and weapon mix combo? 1
Armor with concentration? 6
Armour for the 'Land of the Tremors' Quest? 3
Armour? 2
Autotracker and Lao Shan claw? 2
Basarios Tears? 3
Best armor set for bows? 4
Best Armor? 3
Best Dragon atri Sword? 4
Best Greatsword? 2
Best heavy bowgun for hi rank?? 2
Best way to farm for Rathian Spike+ ? 1
Best weapon i should have? 2
Black Diablos horn? 2
Black piece weapons? 2
Blagonga Fang ?! 3
Blangonga help? 3
Blazing Fire Sac?? 4
Bomb damage up? 2
Book of combos? 3
Bows Or bowguns? 4
Broken weapons? 2
Bug Problems Help? 4
Can Any1 Tell me how to unlock "CONCETRATION" Skill? 4
Can anybody tell me what I need to get/make piercings? 2
can anyone make me a save file in mhfu(N.america)? 1
can anyone make me a save game in mhfu(N.america)??? 1
Can Anyone Pls Tell Me How Can I Get A Rathian Carapace? 4
Can Anyone Tell Me Which Armor Have An Earplug Efect In A Low Rank Hunter Grade? 5
Can i get a small (short and thin) greatsword type weapon, and if so how? 2
Can I get firecell and union ores in felyne elder or village chief quest ? 4
can i get Twisted Black BLos Horn on the old woman near the bonfire with the Cat? 1
Can i obtain Eltalite Ore and Lightning sac in the Nekoht's quests? 2
Can some one help me get fatalis(ani color) weebing? 2
Can somebody please help make a save character? 1
can someone help me with Shogun Ceanetaur Pincer?,, help please!!! 5
Can u break blangongas other fang? And multi blangonga question. 4
Can u get a lao sword in mhfu? 1
Can you get gravios brainstem in elder cat(nekoht) quests? 2
Can you obtain rathalos ruby and rathian ruby? 4
Ceanataur armor? 3
Ceanatuar armor S/U still Useful? 2
Cephalos fin? 8
Chaoshroom or protective piercing? 1
Costumes? 2
Dark akantor what jewels do i put on it? 3
Dark Bow Upgrade Guide? 2
Death Stench armor? 4
Do blunt weapons damage? 3
Do you know when Monster Hunter 3 come to Asia? 7
Does anyone know of a site with at least a partial gallery of weapons? 3
Does gathering hall quest gives out less kinds of items? 1
Does hunger and cold effect mega/power juices? 2
Does Mega Demondrug and Mega Armorskin stock up with Powercharm and Armorcharm? 3
Does the lightning rod do anything to the Rajang? 2
Dragonite Ore duh!!!!? 6
Dual sword? 4
Eager Cleaver or Tigrex Tooth, which is better? 2
Easiest way to find HvnlyRathalosScl? 3
Easiest way to get a lot of unknown skulls???????? 1
Easiest way to obtain Heavenly Rathian scales? 3
Easy rathian and rathalos ruby?? 6
Elder Dragon Gunlance? 3
Element attack up sets? 2
Exactly how to get ssp? 1
F it! Why did they nerf the akantor set? 2
F****** Rathalos Ruby? 9
Fastest method to get a Tigrex skull shell? 1
Fatalis webbing???? 2
Felyne Comrade Armor Help? 2
Felyne Comrade help? 1
Felyne Elder Gathering? 1
Felyne gunpowder? 3
Fire Dragon Scale+? 2
Fire herbs?? 3
G lvled weapons? 3
G rank item? 2
Gaoren coin or others??( GS ) 2
Good Armor For LS and GS? 1
Good Armor for starting GLVL? 5
Good bow armor? 8
good G-Rank Great swords to unlock please help? 4
Good gunner armor for Hr 5? 2
Good gunner set? 2
Good set with sharpness+1? 1
Good wepon help, plz plz?? 2
GS Skills? 2
Gt Lobstershell again? 3
Gunner armor help? 1
Heavy monster bone?? 1
Hellish Slasher path? 1
Helm Piercing ? 2
Help guys how d you even carve a hornetaur.. it goes boom when u kill it...?? 7
Help i need advice on my equipment. Can anyone help pls? 3
Help i want a DEVIL BLOS ARMOR? 2
Hexed shaka bowgun ? 1
HGE, Evade +2, Evade dist inc? 1
Higher Level more Items? 1
How can i create a helm for rathalos soul set? 2
How can i do an onslaught hammer garuga set? 1
how can I get (All items for Los/Ian armour)? 2
How can I get (Daora Claw)? 3
How can i get a hypno beak? 4
How can I get a soul rathalos helm? 2
How can I get Chameleos Spikes ? and when ? 2
How can i get expanded pick axes? 6
How can I get Garuga Strong Wing ? 2
How can i get or unlock empress armor? 3
How can i make and onslaught hammer and some other hammer? 3
how can I make cold arm piercing? 4
How can I make Hide Belt? 1
How can i make the cenetuar gloves/ gantlets? 3
How can i make the diablos mail? 3
How can i make the first evolution of the magnitude hammer?? 2
How can i make thunderbug juice? 6
How can I? 3
How do I aquire gaoren thoracic? 3
How do I become alchemy? 3
How Do I Get + Items G Rank Quests? 3
How do i get an iodrome head?? 2
How do I get Barrage peircing? 1
How do I get Elder thank you+? 1
How do i get guild armor? 1
How do i get Hard Monster Bones? 6
How do I get monodevil armor? 4
How do i get rathian spikes? 4
How do i get stong basarios wings? 3
How do I get the Hero of kokoto ticket? 2
How do i get the Lobster Gunner set? 1
How do i get the matiriels for GS khezu blabe? (the rarety 7n one) 1
How do i get the reward celebrity jewel? 2
How do i get ThunderBug Juice? 3
How do i get tigrex carapace? 3
How do i get trap master skill? what jewel do i create? 2
How do I get veggie elder ticker sky/divine? 1
How do i get [ Monster Bone + ]? 5
How do i know when the gold cat hammer is at max power? (bug tree) 4
How do I make gourmet steak aside from the felyne kitchen?? 1
How do I make smoulder dragonsword? 2
How do I raise my chances of getting rare items? 3
How do i unlock Ceantaur Braces ? 1
how do i unlock kaiser crown X in the shop? 1
How do i unlock the rajang armor? 3
How do u get the blagonga coin the shogun coin and the daymio coin????? 3
How do u unlock kut-ku armor S? 3
How do you befriend the pig in the village? 3
How Do You Get A Bone? 7
How do you get rajang armor? 2
How do you get the (dummy) red lobster blades? 1
How do you get the idoms for the ture devil slicer? 1
How do you get the idoms for the ture devil slicr? 1
How do you put a bait? 2
How does Bomb Mining work? 3
How exactly does elemental damage work? 1
How many flashbombs should I bring? 6
How to get black belt blade???? 6
How to get hermitaur claws? 1
How to get those items? 3
How to make blast piercings? 1
how to make Cenataur gear(arm)? 1
Hvnly rathian scl? 2
Hypno Bezoar??????(khusus indo) 4
I ceanatuar(SUUSS) still a useful set? 1
I need bow help, plz? 2
I need damn rathalos rubys !?!? 8
I need help about on how to use demon flute? 2
I need help on my game saves file? 1
I need help with findin an SnS? 2
I need help? 1
I need Plesioth coins? 1
I need the item for the punisher!? 2
I need to get teostra horns whats the best way to get? 8
I need to read the deco!!!!?? 1
I wanna ask about this particular item? 1
In monster hunter freedom unite i have 2 characters can i trade iteams from one character to the other character? 2
Is akantor armor good? 4
Is Ceanatuar armor S very useful? 2
Is it possible to craft a Rathalos Firesword from the 2-star rank Rathalos quest? 2
Is it possible to get all Items/Equipment? 2
Is it possible to obtain stout bone in 6* elder quest? 2
Is the felyne samurai armor still available for download? 5
Is there a better set of armor/weapon then what I currently use? 3
is there a sword that looks like cloud's (off of ff VII)? 5
Is there an armor or a decoration that enables unseathe critical? 2
Is there an Armour that has all the following skills? 2
Is there an ukamulbas/ukalnos great sword? 2
is there any armor that have a skill for a BOW (not bowgun)?.. nid help 6
Is there any link to a list of decoratin? 2
Is there any where I can send trenya for (regular) wyvern stones? 2
Is there armor for felyne? 3
Is there no Vespoid or Hornet X/Z Armor? 1
Is tigrex armors good?? 8
Jewels? 2
Jumping bombs called dummy?? 2
Kushala X set and requirements? 1
Lao shan divine plate? 2
Lao shan jewel? 4
Large Barrel Bomb for your cat? 1
Long Garuga Ear?! holy smurf.. 1
Long sword sound effects? 5
Low Rank Pierce Lv2 Rapidfire LBG? 1
Lunastra tail pls ?? 1
Making a ruststone to Worn Blades? 2
Material fo hellish slasher? 1
Materials pls?? 2
MHFU opening armor? 3
Mission for Rathalos Rubies? 4
Monoblos Heart?!!!!!!!! 2
More fatalis wings? 1
Multiple breaking? 1
My Ideal Armor Set skills help? 3
Name of felyne with heroics? 1
Need help in rathalos plates,rathalos ruby and lao shan lung ruby? 3
On which quests can i get Iodrome skull easier?? 3
Piercing? 2
Please give me examples of armors that has capacity up or load up skill. Please? 2
Please Help Someone Who Knows What Theyre Talking About!? 6
Please i want to make devil blos armor? 1
Pokke points to get some firestones? 2
Ppl how u get dual dragon ultimus???? 1
Rajang break problems? 2
Random Question? 3
Rath soul U , Akantor, Silver Sol, or Tigrex S? 1
Rathalos Divine Plate?? 2
Rathalos Rubies PLSSSSSSSSS? 4
Rathalos ruby help pls ?? 2
Rathalos Scale+? 3
Rathian Gaunlets U existed? 1
Rathian Ruby farming? 6
Rathian spike help pls? 4
Rathian tail or rathalas? 3
Raw materials for supreme akantor bow???!! 2
Razor coating aka close range coating? 2
Red Lobster Claws? 1
Shiny rathalos sword? 3
Silver Sol or Rathalos U ..cant decide. HELP!? 1
Silver Sol vs Rathalos Soul U? 2
Slaughter+ materials? 2
SM rust stone Help!? 3
Speed Fire HBG? 1
Steel Eggs, what are they for? 3
Strong Rathalos Wing question? 3
Strongest water long sword? 2
Taunt armor? 3
The best end-game hunting horn to use, overall? 2
The Black Armour - Is it any good? 1
There is a piercing with the Tranquilizer or Fate skills? 1
Thunerbugs??? 2
Ticket help? 2
Tips for baiting monsters? 3
Tips for Lance/Gunlance? 3
Training Hall? 1
Tranq bomb on yamatsukami? 4
Trouble getting(rathian spike)? 3
Twin Terrors and veggie elder ticket sky? 2
Twisted Black Blos Horn Help? 1
URGENT QUESTION!: Where I can get Armor Sphere other than Pokke Farm!? 3
Vegie Elder? 3
What a good long sword, sword and shield, and good armor for G Rank? 3
What are + items? 2
What are good Dual Blades for HR2? 4
What are lost umbrellas for ? 4
What are the materials used for the reward celebrity jewel/skill? 1
What armor and weapon is the middle guy on the cover holding? 1
What decorations should i add to my range set? 2
What do i do with an egg? 3
What do I have to do to unlock the "Black Belt Plate"? 1
What do i need to get arch-demon halberd? 3
What do I need to make Festive Fall Typhoon? 1
What do i use a wyvern harp for? 3
What does demonize do for the DS? 7
What does protection do? 3
What downloadable quest do I need to get dummy's? 3
What equipment should i use? 1
What gunner set is best suited for a starter (bow)? 1
What HR volcano quest should i go for Ruststone Rod? 1
What hunting horns can i make that has good buffs and damage? 1
What is affinity? 1
What is armor set that has carving celebrity and good luck skill ??? 2
What is hunter soul ticket used for? 1
What is poogie for??? 2
What is strongest armour set (Besides white fatalis z) and strongest fully upgraded weapon? 1
What is the ???? Item? 2
What is the advantage of having evade distance up? 2
What is the best armor for hr3? 2
What is the best blademaster set? 2
What is the best fire attributed LS for a rookie like me to kill a Kirin? 8
What is the best great sword ? 4
What is the best great sword? 5
What is the best place to mine antiseptic and machlite ores? 2
What is the best sword and shield for a beginner (hr1-hr4)? 1
What is the best water sword in the game? 5
What is the best way to earn dummy tickets? 1
What is the best way to find a rathalos ruby? 3
What is the best way to get a Lao-Shun's Ruby? 1
What is the best way to get the akantor spike? 5
What is the best way to obtain a Lao-Shan Ruby? 3
What is the best weapon types to use for the game? 4
What is the easiest obtainable HBG for HR7? 2
What is the easiest way to get Elder dragon blood? 2
What is the effect of Antiseptic Stone beside than Combine Or Material? 2
What Is The Fastest Way Of Getting Basarios Shells? 4
What is the longest lance in the game? 4
What is the ratholos tail for? 2
What is the starting weapon path for Magnitude hammer? 2
What is the strongest ds? 1
What is the unsheathed skill? 2
What is the use of straight and true skill? 4
What is thhe difference between rathalos soul and rathalos soul U? 3
What is this purple spot means ? 3
What items do I need to make full Rathalos S armor? 2
What items do I need to unlock Rathalos Soul Guards to make? 2
What jewels to make "Luck Booster" skill ? 1
What kind of traps are there and how can i make them? 4
What mission can I easily find and get "Special Remobra Skin+"? 2
What monster's can a flute attract? 2
What place can i find the hornataur ,jungle ,desert ect? 2
What quests can i do to make some quick Cash? 5
What skill to gem into Akantor armor? 2
What skills do G-level Kushala Daora armor and White Fatalis gunner armor provide? 1
What weapon can I get from pokke ticket plus? 1
What wyverns drop Massive Bones? 4
What's a good gunner armour? 1
What's a good low rank lancer armor? 4
What's armor/weapon that good for dual tigrex hr5 urgent? 1
What's Giant Corn For? 3
What's the easiest way to get lightning sacs? 2
What's the fastest way to get lots of Armor Spheres? 5
What's the use of feline pass +? 2
Whats a good lancer armor? 2
Whats best weapon for kushala daora (4*)? 5
Whats Better, Killer Scthe or Dragon Slayer? (Other Question Closed By itself.) 4
Whats good armor for new hammer user?? 1
Whats the best armor for both blademaster and gunner? 1
Whats the best hammer for starters? 3
Whats the best way to get a white monoblos spine? 1
Whats the easiest way to get Tigrex Scale +? 2
Whats the easyst way to get a firecell stones?? 1
Whats the quickest way of farming armor stones? 4
Whats with the ruststones? 1
When can i change armor color? 3
When do i get a vor buster in my weapon shop and what do i have to do to get it? 2
When Does Trenya Come Back, After I Sent Her Somewhere? 1
when Trenya can be unlocked?(without download bonus content) 1
When you're in the Gather Halls online can you keep your items and if so how? 2
Wher can i find a pale kezu steak ? 2
Where can I ACTUALLY get Stout Twisted Black Horns? 2
Where can i download the samurai outfit, etc.? 2
Where can I find "Dummy" items? 3
Where can I find "dummy"? 3
Where can I find "med. monster bone"? 4
Where can I find ( kutku ear)? 2
Where can I find (AncientFlatstone)? 5
Where can I find (basarios tears and union ore)? 2
Where can I find (basarios wing)? 8
Where can I find (battle field jewel)? 2
Where can I find (big elderdragon jewel)? 2
Where can I find (blazing fire sac)? 1
Where can I find (Blood red horn and Mono heart)? 5
Where can I find (blood red horn)? 1
Where can I find (ceanataur legs)? 2
Where can I find (Chaos Mushroom) Easily? 2
Where can I find (coal)? 5
Where can I find (coma sac)? 1
Where can I find (comedation)? 4
Where can I find (Dobiscus)? 4
Where can I find (dummy ticket)? 1
Where can I find (Elder Thank You+)? 1
Where can I find (ElderDragonBlood)? 1
Where can I find (Element Jewel)? 1
Where can I find (Fatalis Evil eye)? 1
Where can I find (fire wyvern claw)? 6
Where can I find (firecellstone)? 1
Where can I find (flashbugs)? 4
Where can I find (golden egg)? 2
Where can I find (herecudome other than trenya's boat)? 3
Where can I find (hevanly gravios scale)? 1
Where can I find (hornetaur heads)? 4
Where can I find (idea for the best dual sword)? 5
Where can I find (is there some sort of thunder hammer?)? 4
Where can I find (Khezu pale steak)? 1
Where can I find (kirin thunder tail)? 3
Where can I find (lao shan horn)? 2
Where can I find (Lg Ancient Stone)? 3
Where can I find (LG Bone Husk)? 1
Where can I find (Lg Pelagus Fang and RobustWyvernBone)? 3
Where can I find (majestic horn, rathalos ruby and lao shan ruby)? 2
Where can I find (majestic horns)? 1
Where can I find (massive bone)? 3
Where can I find (Monster Bone+ from easy to kill monsters)? 5
Where can I find (monster essense)? 1
Where can I find (Narga Brain Stem , Rathian & Rathalos Plates)? 1
Where can I find (naruga marrow)? 3
Where can I find (pale bone)? 3
Where can I find (Piercing Claw)? 3
Where can I find (plus class ticket)? 1
Where can I find (Pokke Ticket)? 2
Where can I find (power seed)? 1
Where can I find (rapide fire with thunder attribute)? 1
Where can I find (rathalos and rathian plates)? 2
Where can I find (rathlosdvneplate) easily? 6
Where can I find (Raw Meat)? 5
Where can I find (Robustwyvernbome)? 2
Where can I find (scatterfish)? 3
Where can I find (Small ruststone)? 1
Where can I find (SpecRubberyHide+)? 1
Where can I find (unknown skull)? 2
Where can I find (wyvern)? 1
Where can I find 5 daora claws ? 2
Where can I find a Blood Red Horn? 4
Where can I find a captured monster? 2
Where can I find a carpenterbug? 2
Where can I find a Dragonite Ore? 2
Where can I find a Fatalis Evil Eye? 4
Where can I find a fire wyvern fluid? 2
Where can I find a goldenfish in the desert ? 2
Where can I find a Hypno Bezoar? 2
Where can I find a pokke ticktet+? 2
Where can I find A RATHALOS RUBY? 8
Where can I find a rathian plate? 2
Where can I find a speartuna? 2
Where can I find a weapon with fire element? 1
Where can I find Akito Jewel? 4
Where can I find alchemy book? 2
Where can I find an ioprey hide ? 2
Where can I find anc wyvern stone? 2
Where can I find Armor Stones? 1
Where can I find azure kirin horn? 3
Where can I find Azure Lao Shan Lung horn? 3
Where can I find baby naruga? 2
Where can I find Blangonga Whisker? 3
Where can I find bomb arrowana? 2
Where can I find bug tree hammer? 3
Where can I find carblite or unoin ore/rock? 1
Where can i find choice khezu steak.? 2
Where can I find Commendation G ? 3
Where can I find commendations? 2
Where can I find dark or other materials? 1
Where can I find Death Stench Armour? 3
Where can I find diablos thoracic and black blos thoracic)? 3
Where can I find dragon slayer(great sword)? 1
Where can I find dummy ticket? 2
Where can I find dummy tickets? 3
Where can I find dummy? 1
Where can I find easy commendation g? 1
Where can I find elcetro sacs? 5
Where can I find elder dragon jewel? 2
Where can I find feline ruby? 2
Where can I find FELYNE FUR RUBY? please help 1
Where can I find fire wavern scales? 1
Where can I find Fire Wyvern Fluid? 2
Where can I find garuga and kut-ku ear? easier 7
Where can I find giadrome head? 3
Where can I find GIANT black pearl (not the ordinary one)? 5
Where can I find glutton tuna? 3
Where can I find gravios shell? 1
Where can I find Great Hornflies and Great Ladybugs??! 1
Where can I find Great Ladybugs? 1
Where can I find Great stone & Heavy Monster Bones? 1
Where can I find GS weapon trees? 1
Where can I find heavenly rathalos scale easily? 3
Where can I find heavenly tigrex scale easily ? 2
Where can I find Heavy Bone ? 1
Where can I find heavy rathalos materials? 2
Where can I find Hercudromes? 2
Where can I find hornet razor wings? 3
Where can I find Hrd monster bones? 3
Where can I find HvnlyRathalosScl? 3
Where can I find Hvy Armor Sphere? 1
Where can I find Ioprey hide? 2
Where can I find ioprey scale+? 2
Where can I find items Need for "Black katana Mk.III? 2
Where can I find khezu hide - tan,rubbery hide+,thunder sac??? 2
Where can I find khezu hide-tan, thunder sac, rubbery hide+? 3
Where can I find king lobster carapace? 1
Where can I find kut ku ears? 9
Where can I find lg monster bone,flabby hide(this is urgent)? 4
Where can I find life crystal? can anyone tell me plssss 3
Where can I find Light Crystals? ( And What the best way to get small golden fish?) 4
Where can I find lodrome skull? 3
Where can I find Lunastra Horn G? 4
Where can I find master's skull? 3
Where can I find materials to make snow venom+? 1
Where can I find med monster bone? 3
Where can I find med. monster bone? 3
Where can I find mellanje ore? 1
Where can I find monster bone +???? 3
Where can I find monster bone+? 2
Where can I find Monster Bone+? I need it for the Yian Garuga armor set. 2
Where can I find monster fluid, bulldrome tusks,lg monster bone ? 8
Where can I find nargacuga brainstem? 7
Where can i find naruga marrow?(iz naruga marrow and naruga brainstem ar d same?) 3
Where can I find or carve Flabby Hide? 1
Where can I find pale-khezu steak in nekoht's quest ? 3
Where can I find Piggie Outfits? 4
Where can I find pink rathian carpace and pink rathian scale +? 3
Where can I find Pirate J Ticket G? 1
Where can I find pirate ticket? 1
Where can I find Pokke Ticket+? 3
Where can I find power seeds?? 2
Where can I find prof oak ? 1
Where can I find Rathalos Carpace,Rathian Spike and Rathalos tail? 3
Where can I find Rathalos Plate ?! 2
Where can I find Rathian Ruby with easier way ? 1
Where can I find remobra skulls? 1
Where can I find rocks? 3
Where can I find screamers? 3
Where can I find shan lung claws? 1
Where can I find shelling for Gunlace? 1
Where can I find silver egg?easier 4
Where can I find Sm Hermitaur Shi? 1
Where can I find Small Golden fish in the quest "Gone fishing" ? 2
Where can I find some (monster bone+)? 4
Where can I find special mushrooms? 1
Where can I find ssp from training school? 6
Where can I find storm sacs? 4
Where can I find stout warped horn? 2
Where can I find StrNargaCuttngWng? 2
Where can I find the (feline cook in barrel? 2
Where Can I find the Elder Thank you and Elder Thank You+? 2
Where can I find the following items? 3
Where can I find the materials for cenataur armor? and when will i get the recipe? 2
Where can I find the materials for the dark sythe? 1
Where can I find the red dummy tickets? 1
Where can I find the usual "Herb" ? 2
Where can I find these quick and easy?(and some ohter stuff) 1
Where can I find these quik and easy(2)? 1
Where can I find thunder bug juice ? 1
Where can I find thunder tail? 2
Where can I find THUNDERBUG JUICE and MoNSTER BONE+? 5
Where can I find thunderbugjuice? 4
Where can I find tigrex tail easy? 2
Where can I find toxis sacs ? 3
Where can I find TwistedBlackBlosHorn ? 3
Where can I find Vespoid Queen Crown? 4
Where can I find vibrant pelt? I've tried about 5 times.. Still can't receive as reward 1
Where can I find what I need to make Guts Jewel Decoration? 1
Where can I find wyvern skull shell? 3
Where can I find young naruga? 1
where can i get basarios tears, Pure Crystal, Mellanje Ore, King Meat, and Phantom Butterfly? 4
Where can I get Daora webbing? 2
Where can i get lao shan scale +'s? 1
Where can i get lots of fast cash? 6
Where can i get melynx ragdoll? 1
Where can I get rathalos webbing?? 2
Where can I get some union ore?...(i haven't found any at the farm) 1
Where can I mine union ores and nova crystals(Besides pokke farm)? 2
Where can I obtain a lot of zenny? 3
Where can you get a Commendation S? 3
Where do i find "Monster Bone +"? 3
where do I get a fishing rod? 6
Where Do you find the black pearl? 5
Where i can find firecell stone? 3
Where i can get my first earplug? 3
Where is the best place for mining carbalite ore? 2
Where to find Carbalite Ore? 2
Which armor should i make ?? 2
Which decorations/armor? 2
Which is a good weapon for breaking the Ceanataur Claws? 1
Which Kirin can I get Leather Kirin Thunder Tail? 2
Which long range weapon is the best? and what short range is the best? 3
Which upgrade should I have (Steel Gunlance)? 3
Which weapon is best with this set? 1
Why aren't all the armor components available from the blacksmith? 2
Why aren't I getting heavenly scales? 1
Wich armor has the Tranquilizer skill? 1
Will a demon drug improve gunner attack power? 1
Wtf BlackBelt coin? 2
Wyvern Stone? 1
Wyvernfire Marrow(Fire wyvern marrow)? 1

Level Help Answers
2 Star eleder felyne? 2
?I need good armor and weapon for HR3? 1
Am I ready? 2
Does anyone know if a great sord dus more damage than a long sord even if they say ther the same damage and everything? 5
G 2 Star, A King Robed in Smoke? 1
G-Level rank? 2
Good sns for g rank? 2
Hey i need help knowing which quests to complete that allow you to go to the next level of quests? 4
How can I get passed hunter rank 7 on MHFU with CW cheats on? 1
How can I get the naruga quest? 1
How can i unlock high rank teostra? 2
How can you tell if a quest is optional? 1
How do i beat g level training? 3
How do I get (G rank lao shan quest)? 3
How do I get akantor urgent quest for felyne villiage quests? 2
How do i get higher level Tigrex Armor? 3
How do I get past (2 black gravious/diablos)->>>>help!!!? 2
How do I get past (7* lvl village quests)? 2
How do I get past (g*)? 2
How do I get past (HR6 full clear)? 2
How do I get past (nekoht's 9 star)? 1
How do I get past 7 ELDER RANK ? 2
How do I get past 7* felyne elder quests? 4
How do I get past black gravios? 2
How do I get past elder 5 star? 1
How do I get past Emperor of Flame.(the teostra)? 1
How do I get past G-rank level 2? 1
How do I get past hr 7 g*lvl solo? 1
How do I get past level 4 chif quests in monster hunter freedom unite? 1
How do I get past the gathering hall quest in final high rank quest to the G level quest? 2
How do i get the Gold Medal?!?!? 2
How do I get to 5* village elder quests? 1
How do i improve??? 1
How do I raise the felyne chef's ingredient level and info level? 1
How do I unlock akantor? 2
How do I unlock ankator for the cat and the guild? 2
How do i unlock the plus rank and g rank fatalis(all colors)? 1
How do i unlock urgent quest to become g-rank? 3
How do you completely clear gulid hall lvl 6? 2
How do you have the elder felyne quest? 4
How to defeat rathalos? 1
How to get to Elder Rank 5(Kushla Doara,Tigerex help)? 1
How to unlock felyn elder quest? 1
How will i ulock felyn elder quest? 3
Hw to check my felyne heart level? 1
i need to get to G ranked. but no silver los or gold ian? 5
I'm need help with g-rank? 1
Searching for the special mushroom? 3
Snowy mountains help? 3
Unlocking hr9? 1
Unlocking Lao Shan? 4
What armor ? 5
What is the website where i could get all fatalis download? 1
What quests do I need to do to become hunter rank 6? 1
What quests do u need 2 do 2 get 2 g-rank lvl 3? 2
What quests i need to complete in village 9 stars to get urgent quest??? 3
What wyverns? 3
What's a good armor/set/weap for HR6 ? :D 1
When are these quests avaible? 1
Where are the mining spots in the volcano area? 4
Where can i get the things i need for a saber ( iron katana Gospel to saber) ? 1
Which guild quests do i have to do to get an HR of 3? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
(This is for ios) is there any possible way to do combos? 0
-Gestures?list of what they do 4
.What is the best strategy for (Treasure Hunting Quest)? 1
? Fatalis Information Needed 1
A good gunner set with high grade earplug and other nifty skills? 5
Achieveing 6* village quests the fastest? 2
Anyone got a list of telling signs when different monsters are ready to be captured? 9
Are there any others out there? 3
Armor set & Weapon Picking To Fight Elder Felyne Nargacuga Urgent Quess? 1
Armor Skills? 2
Armor? confused 1
armour set HELP PLEASE!?! 1
Beginner Weapons? 2
Best damage type? 2
Can bombs break rajang's horn??? 2
Can somebody create a weapon tree for long sword??? 1
Can someone please help me findo out if there is a way to make the spirit blade bar go up without killing monsters? 3
Can you play and beat this game alone? 3
Can you stack buffs? 2
Cat affinity skill? 3
Clust ammo nand bomber skill? 1
Cutting off a monsters tail with a Boomerang? 3
Daimyo Warbow IV or Dragonhead Harp I? 6
Demonice dance? 1
Do I still have the Power and Armor Charm after a Quest? 3
Does anybody know where I can find a list of all the skills and what they do? 3
Does felyne heroics and adrenaline+2 stack? 2
Does power seed or attack up increases ranged weapon damage? 1
Dragon element monsters? 2
Element attacks? 3
Eliminate the Rathalos! 7* Guild Hall, anybody???? 4
Feline kitchen skills in MHF Unite such feline dance? 1
Felyne name? 2
Felyne Status Attack Skill Work On Bosses? 2
Felyne suicide bomb? 1
General Strat Help Needed? 1
Good equipment to defeat the yian kut-ku? 2
Good or strong equipment for beginner? 1
Good or strong equipment for beginner? 1
Greatsword or Hammer??? 5
Hammer help? 1
Health vs Defense vs Skills - which is the greatest benefit? 2
hElp me!?? 2
help with bowgun ? For g rank gunner user ! 4
Help with raising HR? 2
hElp!?? 1
HH help? 1
How can i increase the amount of blood coming out from amonnster? 4
How do i beat g rank khezu? 3
How do i find hunters to join my party in offline mode? 4
How do I hit fatalis' head? 3
How do i make a dummy weapon? 2
How do i superpound on monster hunter freedom unite? 2
How do I unlock cat elder missions? 2
How do you beat a gravios? (because hes a tank) 1
How do you capture a monster? 1
How do you up felynes fondness points? Does the color of their names mean anything? 4
How does poison work? 1
How the hell do you do nekohts last mission ? 3
How to beat 2 Black Diablos in HR 9 Quest in old Desert ? 2
How to break black diablos horn??? 3
How to pet the pig in the village? 3
How to upgrade into high grade earplug ?? 1
I got to HR6 using a longsword but can't beat anything, what weapon type should i switch to? 1
I need chameleos spike please help? 7
I need to unlock Ucalumbas please help...? 2
Im just thinking what development skill is needed for a use ful and releable felyne companion ? 6
Is crazy lucky cat better than ultra/mega? 3
Is silver sol z good enough for hr9? 2
Is speed fire a good bow /hvbow gun skill? 3
Is the abnormal status depend of the weapon sharpness ? 2
Is the felyne fighter skill "Rob em Blind" useful for farming items? 4
Is there a way to quit the game without saving? 1
Is there any way to increase the rate at which the feline staggers monsters? 1
Lao and Fortress Shen? 3
Medic Cat? 1
Moving on from Yan Garuga Armor? 1
Narga S Amor Help.....? 1
Narga S Armor..........agian? 1
Need help comming up with a strategy for killing khezu! should i keep using my Bone Slasher or should i change weapons? 6
Old swamp trouble? 2
Quest : MONSTER HUNTER the last cat quest? 4
Raw or elemental? 1
Reckless abandon+2 or sharp sword? 1
Should i stick wth my armor, or go for new armor? 2
Strategy tips? 1
Suggestions for gunner armor???? 2
Super armor combo?? 1
Tigerex Trouble? 4
Tranquilizer skill tips and advice? 2
Unsheathe Attack Critical? 2
Using meats? 1
What are HR requirements? 2
What armor should I take? 1
What armor to beat tigrex in urgent quest hr2 - 3? 1
What decorations should I attach to my Dark Akantor Set? 2
What equipment is best for kushala 8*? 1
What is a GS Snipe and How do you perform it? 3
What is Affinityy? 2
What is an HR and how do i raise it? 4
What is better improving(upgrading) a weapon or a creating weapon? 2
What is Stealth, how do i use it, and what are the advantages? 3
what is the best armor and weapon to use in HR6 Urgent Quest : Land of the Tremors? 4
What Is The Best Armor Set For A Gun Lancer ? 2
What is the best armor that i could use in treasure hunting? Im in HR7. 3
What is the best armor to get?? 4
What is the best Bow set ? 1
What is the best bow/armor and jewels? 1
What is the best gs for the hr 8 to hr 9 urgent? 1
What is the best jewels for Tigrex S set? 1
What is the best set for a newb? 4
What is the best strategy for (akantor)? 4
What is the best strategy for (akantor? 7
What is the best strategy for (armory)? 1
What is the best strategy for (cutting tails)? 3
What is the best strategy for (kushala daora)? 2
What is the best strategy for (lunastra)? 1
What is the best strategy for (Monster hunter quest)? 6
What is the best strategy for (silver rathalos)? 3
What is the best strategy for (this extremely hard to create armor set)? 2
What is the best strategy for (ukanlos)? 2
What is the best strategy for an enraged crimson fatalis???? 6
What is the best strategy for breaking the horn of monobolos? 3
What is the best strategy for G level monsters? 2
What is the best strategy for getting a blos heart? 4
What is the best strategy for getting comrad points? 1
What is the best strategy for killing an elder dragon? 2
What is the best strategy for killing monsters? 2
What is the best strategy for using a light weapon ? 2
What is the best strategy for weapon use?? 2
What is the best strategy? 1
What is the best way to break Gravios' chest? 1
What is the best weapon for shen gaoren? GS,GL,DS? 3
What is the best weapon to use to kill fatalis? 2
What is the fastest way in killing G-rank Diablos/Black Diablos? 1
What should i buy from the dark set the weapons which have the dragon attributes? 7
What skills would make a good thief for a felyne comrade? 1
What's the difference between the "guard" skill and "guard up?" 2
What's the strongest ur felyne cat can get? 7
Whats a Solid HBG equipment set?... 1
Whats the fastest way to get points for my cat...?? 2
Whats this skill do? 1
Whats this skill do?2 2
When does heroics work? 2
When will my cat use hyperdrive?? 3
When you get KOed 3 time during a quest does the damage on the monster carry on to the next time you fight the monster? 7
Where can I get the complete list for weapon path for all types? 3
Which Guard +2 set? 3
Which kind of weapon is the worst? 10
Which trap is better? 2
White Fatalis!!?? 3
Who has the save data with finished and all the weapons? 3
Why aren't my felyne chefs giving skills anymore? 2
Why the earplug doesn't work in Tigrex S set ? 3
[Mastering the LS] At what HP does a monster flinch? 1

Technical Help Answers
Can I transfer my MHFU save from a Vita to a PSP? 0
How its works? 0
PS TV Compatibility? 0
PS VITA Save Data? 0
*Why does my PSP keep going to a blue or red screen with different languages??? 2
.Serious Help needed..Piercings? 2
Ad hoc ps3 connection? 1
adhac???AAA 1
Anybody knows a way to prevent the connection from the psn to end before the dl is finished? 2
Anyone else having a problem where after a quest u try to save and says checking for memory card and never saves? 1
Anyone know why i cant get HR7? 4
Brand new to this Game, help? 3
Can anyone help me with cwcheats? 1
can I change the asian version of the game to english when I am using a mac? 3
Can I still play with my friends even though they are using different language? 2
Can i transfer an mhfu characters from another memory card? 2
Can I transfer my MHF2 save to PSN version of MHFU? 1
can Someone convert my MHFU Save to MHP2ndG? 1
Can someone help me ? 1
Can the american version link up with the european version? 1
Character help? 2
Character Transfer? 3
Crafting bug? 1
Currepted Data? 1
Data corrupt Any way to save my file? 1
Did you receive a Felyne Comrade and now you can't enter your Felyne Kitchen? 1
Do you have to be close to people you want to play with? 1
Does this game tend to lag or slowdown during gameplay? 3
English patch - need help??? 2
Error in both loading and character transfer. Any clue? 1
Firmware? 2
From How far back can you transfer a character? 1
Help me please? 2
Help with Felyne fighter? 3
HELP! playing adhoc but did not register quest as done when back in single mode? 1
How can I connect my 2 psps runnning MHFU via adhoc while using one computer? 2
How can I delete a character from my save? 4
How can i put in cwcheat to my psp? 3
How can I restore my corrupted save file? 1
How can i unlock lao shan lung (low rank)? 6
How come CWCheat is not working? 1
How come my Back up save says that it is corupted but the icon is not corupted? 1
How come when i changed my PSP version to 5.50 GEN A (FULL) my save file got courrupted? 3
How do i download savedata from PS3 to PSP? 1
How do i get online ? 2
How do i go online in monster hunter unite? 1
How do i make a video of monster hunter??? 1
How do I manually delete download content? 1
How do i play online and what is this xlink stuff? 1
How do I play with people far away? 3
How do I put save data on my memory stick? 3
How do I stop my games from being continuously corrupted? 1
How do i use game sharing? 2
How do i use insurfracture with a PS3 system? 1
How do u convert ULUS to ULES? 1
How do u rip the game from the umd into the mem stick? 2
How do you use MAX ATK, DEF, and LVL for felyne? 1
How does Sharpness work? 2
How many CWcheat codes can be activated at once? 1
How to create Custom quest on MH Freedom Unite ? 1
How to get saves to work? 3
How to make a video?instead of taking it by a camera.. 2
How to play with a friend? 2
How to recover a accidentally replaced character? 1
How to transfer felyne comrades with my friends? 3
How to use the gamefaqs save data? folder? 2
Hp Hack crashes my game? 1
I am looking for the HP Display Hack? 1
I can't import my MHF2(USA) to MHFU(EUR)? 1
I cant connect with my friend's psp using Ad Hoc mode, how do i connect? 1
In cw cheats? 1
Is there a way to play with people not close to you? 1
Is there a way to play with people you dont know?? 3
Is there Japanese/American cross compatibility? 1
Local Ad hoc EU/US compatibility (cross region)? 2
MH2g help can't convert is it a firmware problem? 1
Mh2g savefile turns corrupted when i changed custom firmware help? 1
MHFU Retail to Digital save? 1
MHFU [EUR] to MHFU [US]? 1
MHP2ndG > MHU ? 2
Monster Hunter Freedom unite ad-hoc with other region ? 3
My Monster List doesn't show up, why? 1
No saved files detected? 1
Online fatality!?! 1
Pandora batt? 4
Problem with save files (Not "corrupt" something else)? 1
Problems importing mhf2 to mhfu? 1
PSP version 6.2? 1
Save Data Error? 2
Sharpness Color? 3
Special Quests? 2
The game could not readed? 1
There is some way to copy the game from the UMD to the PSP? 1
Transferring Save Data? 2
U can use adhoc party to play vi the internet? 1
What are CW cheats and how do i use them? 1
What are uses of Media Install? 3
What happen to my save games? 1
What is X Link Kai? 2
what version is needed to transfer from MHF2 to MHFU? 1
What version of firmware should I use to play this game? 1
When online, no one in gathering hall??! 1
Where can i download a translator that translates the whole MHP2ndG? 2
Why Can't I Do The 4* Yian Garuga Village Elder Quest? 2
Why cant I convert my MHF2 file? 2
Why cant i join my friends in doing quests? 4
Why cant i join my friends in the online gathering hall? 4
Why does a big page of text open up when i try to download the cheat database and wat do i do next? 1
Why does everytime that I take the Diablos quest on 5 star hung? 2
Why does my damn game sit at checking memory card and not save?! 1
Why does my screen hang? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (error)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (Game could not be started(800201)? 2
Why does the game keep telling me (Load Failed)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (that i cant play the game)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me Corrupt data? 5
Why does the game keep telling me that I can't connect to my friends when we play multiplayer? 4
Why does the game keep telling me unable to protect fortres in mission ? 2
Why does the patcher keep telling me "the game could not be started" after I download it to my psp? 3
Why is my game save is corrupted? 1
Why my screen keeps hanging? 3
Wifi Max? 1
will someone help me import save data from MHF2 to MHFU? 4
Will this game have infrastructure? 1

Other Help Answers
Any people that own Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in Corvallis region? 0
Anyone still play this via ad-hoc party? (Monster hunter freedom unite) 0
Can someone give me a detailed summary and comparison of...? 0
Does any one play online with ac hoc party in ps3? 0
How do i install cheats ? 0
On.l.i.n.e? 0
(Armor and weapon help for my brother)!!!!!!!!!!!!? 1
(Armor help)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? 1
(Good dual blade set for hr 7)? 1
(How do i get " diablos chaos order")? 1
(How do i unlock hr8 lao-shan)? 1
(How to create this armor set?) 2
(How????????????/) 1
(Max profile help )? 1
(Need armor/weapon help)? 1
(Please, help me what armor for load and decor for load?) 0
- URGENT help needed!!!? 1
..???? Im using a yian raven armor set and weapon can I beat tigrex with this specific items ...??? plsss answer ... 1
.What's do Fate and Whim do? 2
2G Hunter Titles(Guild card titles)? 2
A. Just wondering? 1
About cwcheats....? I wana see monster hp .. ? 1
About skills from decoration/armor? 2
Acient Fish? 3
AD HOC users? 1
Adhoc party china users? 1
Adrenaline+2 or Heroics? or both? 2
Alright everyone i need the best armor in the entire game but it must include these skills alright? THx 6
Always gets sucky reawds reasons? 6
Amour/wepons? 1
Anolog not working? 1
Answer this silly question!?? 3
Any help would be great ?? 3
Any Pinoy out there? 39
Any players in the Austin TX area? 4
Any Tips or Guides For Begginers? 1
Any1 out there able to make a Save game file? 3
Anybody in my area? 1
Anybody online? 4
Anyone at australia sydney keen to play multi player? 1
Anyone From NYC? 3
Anyone home? 1
Anyone in west seattle??? 1
Anyone know of a way to turn off HUD besides options in MHFU (EU)? 1
Anyone know what kind of text format is used in this cwcheat ingame guide? 1
Anyone live nearby???? 2
Anyone Plays MHF ? 4
anyone still playing MHFU? 4
Anyone still playing this? 2
Anyone that has MHFU that lives in El Paso,Texas? 3
Are lances better than gunlances? or vice versa? 2
Are offline hunters guild quest harder than village elder quests? 1
Are other players needed to finish all the guild quests? 1
Are the online servers still up? 3
Are there any "Ultimate" weapons? 1
Armor ? 2
Armor help?? plzz!!!<----------------[help] 2
Armor skill? 1
Armor?? 2
Armour's colour? 1
Attack up? 1
Backpacking Expert? 1
Best Armor for LongSword? 2
Best armour and weps? 1
Best dual blades? 3
Best Water Sword n Shield By element? 3
Best way to gem akantor armor? 1
Best way to get gravious brian stem??? 2
Best weapon for monster ? 4
Black Fatalis Helm? 1
Boss Recovery? 3
Bow charge? 1
Campfire? 2
Can a bow cut off a tail? 5
Can a felyne comrad use rob em blind with bombs? 2
Can any1 list down a dual sword weapon list? 2
Can anybody make more weapons trees especially for bone and other longswords? 1
Can anybody tell me where i can download monster hunter freedom unite usa version? 1
Can anyone create a saving for MHFU with every item? 1
Can anyone get me a save file? 3
Can anyone give me a detailed info about online gameplay? 4
Can anyone give me their save file? 4
can anyone help me how to edit a MH2G save? 2
Can anyone help me me a new save file for MHFU? 3
Can anyone please help me?(cw cheats) 2
Can anyone recomend some decent armor with skills,please i need it to beat yian garuga!? 4
Can i change items between two players on 1 psp? 1
Can i change my name? 3
Can I do the mission "The final Invitation"from the old lady whith this equipment? 2
Can i download a bonus content even if my mhfu is not original? 2
can i import a US MHF2 file to an Asian MHFU? 1
Can I kill or get the fatalis to flee with the akantor bow? 1
Can i play this game online with MHF2 game?(Local) 3
Can Some HELP me on MHFU?I Have US VERSION... 2
Can some one make a save? 2
Can some one make me a game save please? 2
Can some one make me a game save? 3
can somebody help me with Cw cheats? 1
Can someone add cool MHFU (EU) saved data male? 1
Can Someone change my Characters name for me please? 1
Can someone give me CWcheat codes fro MHFU(EURO)???? 1
Can someone list down all felyne food combinations? 1
Can someone make a eu save for me??!!! mine got deleted twice?! 2
Can someone make me a save fiel pls? 2
Can someone please tell me how to use the ps3 to play this game onlin? 2
Can someone upload EU saves to Gamefaqs? 2
Can this game play infrastructur mode? 3
Can u help me about x link kai? 1
Can u play people with xlink using the ps3? 1
Can u trap an elder dragon? 1
Can you capture a popo or a velociprey? 4
Can you change the name of your character? 2
Can you connect Monster Hunter fu on the internet? If so, please explain? 3
Can you cut the tail off of any wyvern? 1
Can you get a lao-shan horn from a azure lao-shan? 1
Can you get something from Freedom 2 you can't from Unite? 1
Can you hack in monter hp if you are playing on the vita? 1
can you import your character from monster hunter freedom unite to MHP3? 2
can you kill BIGmonsters with the dual sword? 8
Can you load your saved file from 2nd g to the United States version when it comes out? 2
Can you name the element from the most powerful element to the weakest element (highest to lowest)? 2
Can you play online with other people without being in the same room? 1
can you play with other guys CLOSE to you? 4
can you play with other people on the WHOLE world? 1
Can you play your save file in MHFreedom2 in MHPortable2G? 1
can you put a mhfu saved data into MHF2 game? 1
Can you tell me how can i unlock fatalis quest in any HR? 3
Can you tell me please what is the best armor along with the jewels I should attach for light bowgun ? Thank you.. :) 1
Can't use xlink? 1
Chameleos? 3
Codes? 1
Combination Armor?? 1
Combine multiple save data files? 2
Combo List ? 1
Comrade skill??? 1
Comrade Weapons? 1
Conversions??? 2
Corrupted data? 2
Corrupted Data?!!!?!?! 4
Create a charactere monster hunter fredom unit please ? 1
Date Update? 1
Decorations for my low level armor set? 1
Did some thing change? 2
Difference of gameplay? 2
Dl cat samurai armor? 1
DL content? 1
Do felyne fighters take damage when you hit them? 2
Do g rank training school monster have the same amount of health as guild g rank monsters? 4
Do I have to carry book of combos? 1
Do I have to download this game? 2
Do level 3 great sword charge and reckless abandon effect elemental damage? 1
Do people still play this game online? 1
Does "frog bait" works on Plesioth?? 3
Does Abn Sts Attack Up skill work for gunners? 1
Does anybody have a save for the U.S. version of this game? 2
Does anyone hunt out of CHAMPAIGN/URBANA, ILLINOIS? 1
Does anyone know if there are any Dual Swords that resemble Kratos' Blades of Chaos/Athena from God Of War? 2
Does anyone know what the writing on the Dragonwood longsword is? 4
Does anyone knows how to create custom quests? 1
Does anyone play in SA Texas? 1
Does anyone play mhfu in killingly Ct? 3
Does anyone still play monster hunter freedom unite on psp? 2
Does anyone still play this? 4
Does anyone still play? 1
Does anything special happen when you collect all the trophies in MHFU? 1
Does beating quests will make HR higher? 3
Does Felyne Armor Upgrade as weapons do? 2
Does lucky cat skills work in free hunt? 3
Does Monster Hunter Freedom Unity require Monster Hunter Freedom? 1
Does monster hunter frontier wil appear on the psp ? 2
Does normal s up affect each shot in a rapid fire volley? 1
Does rajang recover its health while you put him on sleep? 3
Does the cat comrades evolve? 3
Does Training Hall quests (Downloaded Challenge Quests) give rewards? 1
Does w eapon sharpness unnecessary when u hav the esp skil? 3
Does your felyne comrade comes along while you do the elder dual rajang quest? 3
Does your felyne fight along with you even if your playing with freinds? 1
Dose any monsters do Dragon Damage? 3
Downloadable material? 1
Downloads? 2
Dual black Diablos ? 2
Dual blades speed problem? 2
Dual Hypnoc? Where? 1
Dual Tigrex on Nekoht? 1
Elder Elder dragon quests? 2
Elder quests or Guild Hall, What give you better rewards? 2
ESP skill? 1
Fatalis dissapeared? 2
Fatalis G? 1
Fatalis?? 5
Feline Charisma??? 1
Felyne chef skills? 1
Felyne Elder? 2
Felyne Fighter? 1
Felyne/cat Characterstics list? 4
Felyne?? 3
Finding Bonarios, Kaezer, and Earthias? 2
Flashbug dc(download content)? 1
Food Preferences? 2
For the PSP Pandora battery/memorystick? 1
For what i need the pokke points??? 4
Friendship lv? 1
G Blade? 1
G rank solo? 2
G-rank monsters: Is it a good or a bad idea to go solo? 2
Game save for us version monster hunter freedom unite? 2
Gamestop Confusing release date!!!!? Look into it please. 3
Gametime Indication?? 1
Give me EU save Please! Watch and Help? 3
Give me EU save Please!Help ME? 3
Go hunting with me? 3
Good equipment for a 3* Dual Blade Hunter? 1
Good Saves please!?!? 3
Good water element weapons? 2
Good weapon for 7 star nekoth quest (hammer,great sword sword and shield? 1
Good weapon?? 3
Graphics have square marks ? 1
Greatswords? 2
Guardian spirit good armor?? 1
Guild card award help? 2
Guild card color help??? 2
Guys what is the perfect high rank armor sets and skills for a LBG user? 1
Hacked file please? 1
Hammer? 2
Have any maps changed since Mhf2? 2
Have MH:F1 file and transfer to Unite help please? 1
Help pliz ? 0
help PLZ MHF2 SAVE??????!!!!!!!! 1
Help with ammo loading? 2
Help!!! armor for fate what the best? 2
Help!!!! Plz? 1
Help? 1
Helpme to hp cheat!!!??? 2
Hey can anyone help me with gotube 1.2? 1
Hey could some one create a save? 2
Hey do i need to have monster hunter freedom 2 to play it? 1
Hey does any one live near me? 2
Hge attack up large and sharpness plus? 2
High-Rank Great Thunderbugs? 1
How can i activate more feylne skills? 1
How Can I change the armor of my Felyne? 5
How can I creat a demondrug? 1
How Can I Delete Sub Characters? 1
How can i fight Teostra so i can get his + items? 2
How can i fix my psp usb problem? 1
How can I get a friend to go on quests with me? 1
How can I get all the equipment for Tigrex? 2
How can I get auto-reload ? 2
how can i get the *Black Sword*??? 2
How can I make money easier? 1
How can i record my mhfu gamplay on a pc? 1
How can i use cwcheats? 3
How can i utilize my rust stones? 2
How can I??? 1
How could I be Hunter Rank 2 or above? 2
How do i beat hr 6 black diablos? 1
How do i do i unlock hr5 urgent quest? 1
How do i do the Regular shogun and REd shogun quest ? 1
How do i get all gold crowns for the monsters? 3
How do i get great stones? 1
How do i get hard rank Elder Dragons? 1
How do i get hr 4 volcano gathering quest guild hall ? 2
how do i get monster hunter freedom unite DEMONSTRATION? 1
How do I get the capture award/achievment? 2
How do i get the Popo tougnes? 7
How do i kill the lvl 9 diablos in elder fylne quest? 2
How do i make Ceanataur head axe? 1
How do i make hot meat? 1
how do I make? 1
How do i pass "shadow in the snow"? 1
How do I play online mhfu? 1
How do i play online with other people? 5
How do i play online with ps3...HELP??? 1
How do i play online? 3
How do i pronounce these boss names? (LISTED) 1
How do i unlock Emerald Congalala, Copper Blangonga, Plum Daimyo Hermitaur and Terra Shogun Ceanataur? 4
How do i unlock hr4 urgent quest? 1
How do i unlock mining point +4 and insect thicket +4 ? 1
How do i unlock quests 14 and 15, hr6, 8*, guild quest (gold rathian, silver rathalos)? 1
How do i unlock the easiest lao shan lung guild quest? 1
How do i unlock the Plesioth Training in The Training School? 3
How do i unlock Vultures Eye? 3
how do i use xLink-kai? 1
How do i write a write a faq? 1
How do u use the castle weapons...? 1
How do you bring a felyne comrade on a qest? 2
How do you connect with other hunters using the online function? 1
How do you customize a quest? 3
How do you equip items?? 2
How do you fix the map? 5
How do you get Pirate Tickets? 2
How do you set up the online room to do quests online using wifi? 1
How do you....? 1
How fast can you slay Ukanlos? 2
How i can pass ''the final invitation'' ??? 7
How i can take Hypno Armor ??? 2
How I can unlocked Naruga Helm X? 2
How long has it been? 3
How many people use XLink Kai for MHFU? 1
How many weapons and monsters? 1
How much damage does the Gunlance's shell shot does? 2
How much is a Tigrex's HP? 1
How PLAY (custom quest)? 1
How to break rathios wing, i need to take fire wyvern claw ??????? Help me 1
How to customize MHFU BGM? 3
How to download the downloadable quest ? 2
How to EASILY acquire materials for Red Dragon sword?? 1
How to find out how mani rathalos killed from guild card ?? 2
How to gain HR2? 2
How to get a higher maximum health? 6
How to get black katana?? 1
How to get dummy armour sets? 1
How to get online? 3
How to get silver rathalos and gold rathian quest? 7
How to get Urgent for elder 5 star? 1
How to increase its heart(felyn)? 2
How to know what version? 1
How To Load A Saved Game?? 1
How to make custom quests? 1
How to make great sword with blue sharpness??? 1
How to make my HR6 quests at offline gathering hall clear? 4
How to make rathalos helm? 1
How to play online without use a wifi max & Xlink Kai ? 2
How to play online? 2
How to polish flatstone into Dahora weapon? 2
How to transfer a single character? 1
How to unlock akantor in nekoht quest? some required quest won't show up... 1
How to unlock fatalis? 3
How to use a cat fighter? 6
How to use Linksys Router to Play online in MHFU?? 1
HP Download?? 3
Hr 6 game save realy needed? 1
HR 6 Quest help? 2
HR Guild? 1
Hvnly rathalos scale? 1
I cant download the dlc because i cant connect, is their any file online? 1
I cant get lg lobster shell? 1
I cant understand how to polish the diff. rustones ? pls explain me clearly? 4
I find the bow the easiest weapon, am i a noob ? 1
I got a tigrex full armor,but i don't know how to activate psychic vision? 2
I have never played this game before--any advise on how to proceed? 4
I need a save file can anyone help? 3
I need a savegame from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Eur version. The username must be NastyCat? 3
I need armor help!!!! plzz!!<-----[help]? 1
I need help on how to beat hr9 silver rathalos,gold rathain, and shen goaren? 1
I need help with cheats? 1
I need help!!!? 1
I Need people to hunt with!!!? 2
I want 2 know wat is the best feline comrad i can start off with? 4
I was wondering? 1
I'm A NOOB Needing immediate help :-< How do I get to Snowy 4? 2
I'm importing my save pls. help me? 1
I'm searching for people to play on Xlink Kai.? 1
I've tried everything I can to unlock Lunastra. Please Help? 2
Icy akantor?how do i unlock ucumbuls or w/e? 1
If I attack a monster with the weakness and bounce off, does the element damage the monster? 4
If you play it online via ps3 read this? 1
Importing ? 2
Importing MHF2 to MHFU? 1
Importing money from another MHFU save glitch? 2
Importion help? 1
In the Cheats Section, what is a Babakona? 2
Increase? 1
Is a akantor great sword worth it? 6
Is ankator armor good? 2
Is anyone from plainfield,Illinois?? 1
Is dark ukanlos armor worth it? 1
Is Diablos King blade and King Atillart sword the same? 1
is every attack able to be MOI-ed? 1
Is it going to be online? No just LAN, global 2
Is it posible to play online without people sitting next to you? 2
Is it possible to collect every peace of armor in the game? 2
Is it possible to unlock fatalis quests @ HR9 even if i already unlock it @ HR6? 3
Is it?? 2
Is Pokke village the only village in the game? 2
is the download content MHFU already dead? 2
Is the elemental dmage of ur weapon add to ur raw damage? 2
Is the Yamatsukami fightable offline? 3
Is there a cat is special? 1
Is there a Kushala Daora-based weapon?If so, then what is it called and what does it require to make? 6
Is there a light bowgun that has rapid fire on sleep??? 3
Is there a monster hunter game with free roam? 1
Is there a place and time where people get together and play in Texas? 1
Is there a place and time where people get together and play? 1
Is there a pokke village online? How can I get there? 1
Is there a tigrex helm? 4
Is there a way that you get a chance of more rewards when you capture a monster? 3
Is there a way to sell decorations? 1
Is there a website ? 2
Is there a white fatalis quest in G quest? 3
Is there a Yian Garuga in the Guild Hall? 4
Is there an alchemy section? 1
Is there any difference in hr6 black fatalis and hr9 black fatalis? 2
Is there any other armor has Dragon Wind Breaker skill effect?Execpt chameleon armor. 1
Is there any possibility/chance to download a HR6 fatalis(easier one) even I playing the Mons.Hun.Unite now ? 1
is there any save game for monster hunter 2ndG? 1
IS there anything higher than psychic jewel(psychicvision+2)? 1
Is there anyway to find Trenya (Treasure Hunter Cat from the Farm) in the field? 1
Is there anyway to get better rewards from trenya? 4
Is there ukanlos armor? 5
Is this game available for PSP Go? 1
Is this game just an expansion of mhf2? 1
Is this game multiplayer? 4
Is this game worth buying if i have no one to play multi with? 5
Is this game worth getting? 1
Is this happen to you? 3
Is True That You Can Get Eternal Schisms In Hr 4 Guild Hall ? 1
Is ukanlos quest can be found by nekoht? 1
It's recomendable to have 2 kind of weapons? 5
Its good to use a great sword and a long sword? 4
Ive beat the game and its boring... Who should i face? 2
Jump teostra??? 3
Kicking a monster to death?? 3
Kirin Encounter? 2
Kushla Daora or Tigrex??? 2
Lance and Gunlance? 1
Lance Identification? 4
Lances? 1
List of cwcheat code??!! 2
Local Players? 2
Luck booster and Celebrity Carving? 1
Mau ngumpulin orang Indo...? 13
MH2G to MHU? 2
MHF2 and MHFU? 1
MHFU-What does flat footed means? 1
MHP3rd? 2
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite vs Gladiator Begins? 1
Monster hunter Orage (manga) ? 1
Monster life ? 2
Monster Life...? 1
Monsters worth farming? 2
Monter hunter quest!?!?!? 1
Monzter Hunter Website? 2
Name of character/armor raring? 2
Name of? 1
Narga armor versus silver rathalos armor? 4
Naruga? 1
Need a dragon attribute sns how can i get the eternal strife? 2
Need help with felyne chef cats? 4
need some1 HELP!!!!!!?? 3
Need ur opinion?? 4
Nekoht weirdo O.o? 3
Nekohts 9 stars Chameleos and Teostra? 2
New Feylne whim/kitchen skills? 1
New quests? Help?! 1
nid help getting rathian PLate? 5
No earplug? 3
NOT online? 1
obtaining a new Long Sword? 5
Ok So my Friend dislikes playing for a stupid reason to me who agrees? 2
Okay my friend is thinking about hacking his psp and......? 3
Online Ad-hoc for EU/US? 1
Online monster hunter unite? 3
Online? 2
ow long does it usually take to post a save on herE? 1
Paint Coating? 2
Pandora battery, magic memory stick, etc.? 1
Paticular Lonsword groups? 1
Piggie luck? 1
Platinum Guild card help? 2
Playstation Network? 1
Please Give me EU save for the game? 2
Please, help me what armor for load and decor for load? 1
Plz tell me how to convert MHP2G save to MHFU save...? 1
Poisoning Monsters? 3
psp data corrupted???!!?!?!? HELP 2
Psp frozen,can any1 help me???? 2
Quest and unlockable confusion question mark? 1
Question about xlinkai? 1
Questions about GL ? 1
Questions about Playing on X-Link Kai? 2
Rajang Armor Help!? 1
Rajang G? 1
Rank 4 - 6 armor? 1
Rathalos armor or Tigrex armor??? 5
Rathalos soul set u or rathalos sol set? 2
Ratholos ruby? 4
Release in Europe? 4
S, U, X and Z armor? 1
SaVe ... ? 3
Secret Passages? 4
Secret place in old forest? 2
Sharp sword? 3
Sharpness? 1
Should i buy mhfu and a psp if it means i lose tri ? 1
Should i buy this game? 1
Should i get different armor? 3
Should I get Naruga's GS (Hidden Blaze) ? 2
Should I start a new character or just change weapon types? 1
Silver Rathalos and Golden Rathian missions don't appear? 1
Skills??? 2
So what do you guys, and gals, think? 1
Special Chalenges? 3
Special rathalos training? 2
Susah? 12
Teostra long sword? 2
Thanks a lot SerialValor i'll be sure to check out Dissidia whenever it comes to my part of the world :)? 2
This may be a dumb question but can u play with other hunters in wifi? 2
This seems to be a problem...? 3
Through HR7? 1
Tigrex armor? 3
Tigrex in a Popo Hunting quest?! 4
Tigrex!!!!!? 4
Tigrex, armor, bow gun,jewel sets, and items.? 1
To Play Online? 1
Tradeing??? 1
TRANQ skill? 1
Transfering a Character From MF to MFU? 2
Translations for new items? 1
Treasure hunting? 2
Trouble ranking up? 1
Trouble with clearing 7-Star Guild Quests? 2
True rajang armor help? 2
Ultimate Save File? 1
Unite to 2G?? 1
Unlocking ukanalos? 1
Upgrade Equipment Pages? 1
Veggie elder ticket sky? 3
Vespoid queen? 3
Video Taping The Gameplay? 3
Want new aromer? 1
Wanting to see Monster HP is noobish, but i'd love to see my Felyne EXP and EXP til next rank :-), right? 1
Was wondering if you would rate my hunter? 2
Wat weapon type would b best for hr 7 n above monsters? 4
Weapon problem. Help please? 1
Weapon training school...? 1
What 7* quests do i need to clear before i get the 8* urgent from the felyne elder? 4
What are all the different Felyne Colorations? 2
What are boomerangs for? 3
What are epic Quests? 3
What are HR in the gathering hall,and how do you get more? 2
What are the requirements for the Rathalos Soul set?(gunner) 1
What are the requirments for Tigerx armor U i think legs(g rank)i got almost every thing but it doesnt show up pls help? 2
what armor for G rank longsword user? 2
What armor has ten slots and for a blademaster? 1
What armor has the Terrain Damage Negate skill? 1
What armor should I use for the elder quest four horns? 1
What armor with "S" type that can repels Paralyze stat? 1
What armours should i make? 2
What can u do with Ceantaur SUUSS armour? 6
What can you advice for felyne skills? 3
What Console is the Monster Hunter 3? 4
What dictates end of mission rewards? 1
What do i have to do after i downloaded a save file from this site? Thank you in advance. 3
What do i have to do to play in MHFU with a friend that has MH2PG?? 2
What do the Evade and Gathering skills do? 2
What do the in-game camera options do? 1
What do you get at the ice cave? 2
What does download do in the menu? 3
What does lost umbrella do? 4
What does the scavenger skill do? 1
What does u get for petting your pig ??? 2
what Elements beat what elements? 3
What Exactly does the skill Tranq do? 3
What g-rank armors can you suggest? 2
What Greatsword path should i follow? 2
What gunner set should I use against the high rank plesioth? 2
What happened to Guard!? 3
What happens if Trenya will speed up ? 1
What happens if you will attack a certain monster with the same element as your weapon? 4
What happens when you beat all quest and monsters? 1
What is "Felyne Bonus Skill"? 1
What is a high rank? 1
What is affnity? 2
What is DCL Samurai? What is It for? 2
What is edgemaster? 2
What is Faint skill? 4
What is Felyne chef Info Level? 2
What is HR and how do I get more HR? 2
What is the best armor to use for a gunner? 2
What is the best armour for hammer users? 2
What is the best ds ? 2
What is the best GS in Offline mode?? 1
what is the best GS???could someone tell me??please..I'm fan of GS 4
What is the best lance in this game? 1
What is the best long sword ? 6
What is the best quest for Rathalos Tail? 2
What is the best water weapon i can find at HR2? 2
What is the coolest I MEAN coolest Armor in the game?? 4
What is the download quest that has plum d hermitaur and terra s ceanatuar? 1
What is the easiest way to get monster bone+/Rathian spike/Rathian plate? 5
What is the fastest way to mak money? 5
What is the highest level my cat can get to ? 2
What is the main requirement of Death Stench Gloves S? 1
What is the MHFU name for "Death From Below"? 1
What is your armor? 2
What is your favourite and most hated monster and why? 15
What is your top 5 favorite weapons to use? 3
What jewel should i put on narga x? 1
What jewels should i but for naruga blademaster set? 1
What kind of armor should i use? 2
What kind of weapon should I use with Rathalos Soul U Armor? Thanksss 1
What materials for rathian armor s?? 1
What Monster do you have to kill to go to 6*? 2
What quests do i have to do to unlock ukanalos? 1
What should i do after i downloaded Cw cheats? 3
What should i make? 4
What specific jewels should i put on my tigrex armor?<---[help]!!? 1
What type of armor should i use for kushala daora?? 6
What weapon is nice to use? 3
What wepon should i use against the lavasioth? 2
What would win, best matchup? 4
What's better crimson lotus blades or azure ogre sword? 1
What's going on here??? 3
What's harder? 2
What's the best armor for where I am at? 2
What's the best path for a longsword? 2
What's the best type of Felyne and what's the best way to train it? 6
What's the best weapon for newbie? 3
What's the difference between Terrain and Quake Resistant skill? 1
What's the diffrence between gold rajang and normal rajang? 6
What's the purpose of elemental damage? 2
What's the trick??? 2
Whats a good decoration for monoblos s full set armour? 2
Whats the best type for dual blades and how do you get it? 4
Whats the best weaopon for dual black gravios ? 2
Whats the difference? 2
When can i do G-rank quests? 2
When can i vs a Rajang in training? 5
When comes the normal Lao Shan? 2
When do can I get the gold felyne? 4
When do I fight a Kirin? 3
When does the game come to the u.s? 3
when is the 1st quest were u run into Remobra? 3
When is the earliest i can encounter fatalis and white fatalis...? 2
When is the earliest point where you can get kirin thunder tail? 1
When will xlink kai come out for unite? What is xlink? How... 3
Where and how can i get fire dragon scale + ? 2
Where can i download a Vid Recorder for MH2nd G??? 1
Where can i farm true armor spheres easily?? 1
Where can i find or what is firmware? 3
Where can i find shakalinheritance? 1
Where can i find Teostra and how can i get fire dragon scale+? 3
Where can I get this game? 1
Where can i see the monster carve guide? 2
Where can you see your Guild points? 1
Where do i get wifi max? 1
Where he appears? 4
Where is Longest Velocidrome, and the shortest Gendrome & Iodrome? 2
Where's the Old Desert in MHFU? 1
Whether in this game there are missions to capture the monster (not killed)? 4
Which Armor is better to hunt Khezu(Snowy Mounstains) and Yian-Kut Ku(Forest&Hills)? 1
Which greatsword tree? 1
Which is and what? 2
Which is stronger? 1
Which is the strongest and which is the weakest? 2
Which monsters eat meat (tainted)? 6
Which weapon is the best to use? 1
Which weapon sould i go with? 3
Which would be a better LS option for HR2, Wyvern Blade 'Fall' or Eager Cleaver? 1
White fatalis xz armor skills??? 3
Who has fun with MHFU!? 5
Who lives nearby????????? 1
Who's the greatest hunter in this game?!?!?!? 8
Why can't I get any more Felynefighter skills for my felyne thing? 3
Why can't I play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ? 4
Why do people hack the game? 5
Why does it hang when i try to go on to quest? Specially when its on "Now Loading"? 5
Why does lowly noobs worship longswords? 8
Why does my cat have this? 3
Why does my Felyne Comrade not use skills? 2
Why hasnt my save been posted btw ) its for other ppl -.- !? 1
Why in Gathering Hall,i can't find Rathian and Rathalos? 1
Why is it, when I use my tigrex claws+ the blood is purple or there is still blood but there is this puple stuff? 4
Why is the game so unfair at times? 1
Why the hell is this happening to me???!!! 2
Why?!!!!!!!!!!! 4
Will defeating Akantor in Nekoht's urgent final request unlock G rank? 1
Will you be able to import MHP2G savefile to MHFU? 11
Will you need a Wifi Max for the new Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, or can you just use your router? 2
Xlink kai how to use? plz provide link for download 2 1
Your favorite Badass looking armor? 1

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