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King of Fighters 98
Terry Bogard Players Guide
July 4, 1999
by: Patrick Hwang
email: ph@ucla.edu

Table of Contents
1. Disclaimer
2. About the guide
3. About Terry
4. Moves/Special Moves/DM info
5. Combos
6. Strategies
7. Conclusion

1. Disclaimer

Blah blah blah, you know the drill on this. Use it for personal uses.  Wanna
copy it? Let me know and give me credit. Please don't money off of it, etc etc

2.  About this guide

So this guide is designed to let you know more about Terry Bogard.  I believe
most people already.  Know how to play this Bogard brother, well then, this
guide is probably useless.  I dont think there is much that I would know that
you don't already.  I guess, this is just for those people that stick to only a
few people.  Well whatever, just use this as a reference, and not a way to 
play. The majority of this guide is in my opinions.  Good players will have
already developed their own style of play. Well enjoy.

3. About Terry Bogard

Mr. Terry Bogard, since 94, has been in every King of Fighters tournament.  
"The Lone Wolf" is a very simple, yet powerful character to play.  His moves 
are all around good, and his combos are powerful.  Newbies will find no 
trouble learning how to play him and experts will be able to take advantage of
his many combo possibilites.  Since 97, Terry has been weakened.  Greatly 
weakened.  No longer is he able to connect a power geyser after his rising
tackle.  In addition, his infinite combo in 97 has also been taken out. 
Despite being toned down, Terry still remains one of the more powerful
characters in Kof98.


1st Round: Puts on Hat, ready to fight

2nd/3rd: Fixes hat, ready to fight

Vs. Andy Bogard: Terry and Andy both bow to each other as a sign of respect

Vs. Blue Mary: Terry has his hat on backwards, the rearranges it as Mary calls

Taunt: Terry whistles, taunting you to fight

Winning Poses
Terry's poses are quite boring IMO
     A: Throws off hat, says, "Okay"
     B: Brushes off hat
     C: Throws hat...again
     D: Fixes hat...yay

4  Moves/Special Moves/DMs

     *: bad, poor, useless. dont use the move too much
     **: okay move, not too great.  use it once in a while to surprise the
     ***: average move. not too good, not too useful
     ****: good move. actually a very good move. use it often, but dont get too
     *****: excellent, great move. abuse as much as you can

Basic Moves

     A: jab.  a simple jab, the usual weak but fast attack
     B: kick.  a long ranged kick, fast and good for poking
     C: punch.  a big punch, comes out fairly fast, not too much range
     D: side kick.  a big, looong ranged side kick to the mid level. long range
        but slow
        CD: spin kick.  slow spin kick, Terry takes a step forward when
     A: elbow.  fast, quick blow
     B: knee.  knee to the midsection, fast and weak also
     C: double punch.  ah..THE punch for combos, one of his best moves IMO
     D: big kick.  a close frontal kick to the face, quick and powerful, can be


     A: a jab.  quick and good for combos
     B: low kick.  a low kick with little range
     C: punch.  a very long ranged, powerful punch.  somewhat quick in coming
     D: sweep.  long ranged, but slow sweep.  useful but not too useful. just 
        an average sweep

     A: jump jab. yay another one...
     B: jump kick.  a good upwards kick.  long ranged, seems to have some
     C: jump punch.  a punch directed downwards.  good for combo starting
     D: jumping kick.  a jump kick, also good for combos
    CD: downwards kick.  a long kick directed very low

Command Moves
     Forward+A: a two hit elbow plus move, Terry takes a step forward when
     Downforward+C: uppercut.  quick move, good for tagging extra hit in combos

Special Moves

     Power Wave
     QCF+A/C     ***
A good, quick projectile attack.  Goes along the ground.  A is quicker but has
less range.  C button is slower and more powerful, it also travels a little
farther across the screen.  Not too reliable.

     Rising Tackle
     DP+A/C     ****
Wowee, does this move have auto-guard!  The entire front of this move has auto
guard when goin up.  A goes a little off the ground.  C button goes forward a
little and gives you the most hits.  It also seems like it has a "suck in"
ability, but it also leaves you very open if missed.  I love the sound it makes

when you connect :)

     Burn Knuckle
     QCB+A/C     **** for A, ** for C
The burning knuckle. Terry rushes at you with a fist of flame.  A is quick and
has little recovery  time.  It can catch opponents off guard.  C button has 
long start up and big recovery time.  It also goes farther.  Opponents can see
this coming a mile away, never use the C unless they are sleeping.

     Power Charge
     HCF+B/D     ****
"POWER CHARGE" yup the move for the infinte in 97.  Its been toned down a bit.
Terry shoulder rams you a few feet away, if it connects you get a freebie 
attack while they are in the air.  B button is quick and recommended.  D is a
bit slower but has a *little* more range.

     Power Dunk
     DP+B/D     ***
Terry goes up into the air, and dunks his fist down.  Personally i like to
finish off with this move.  Not too good, can catch stupid opponents off guard.
Otherwise only useful in combos after the power charge.  I find that D doesnt
always knock down.

     Crach Shot
     QCB+B/D   ***
Well the crach shot is just an okay move.  Terry flip kicks you.  It can whiff
against short standing opponents...in fact, it whiffs most of the time against
standing opponents.  Good air counter though...not too useful IMO.  B is
quicker, D goes farther.


     Power Geyser
     QCB, HCF+A/C    ****
The original DM that Terry has had since the beggining of time.  Fairly quick 
to come out, it does a single big blast.  Opponents cannot jump over the blast.
This DM is good for finishing combos.  The SDM is a triple geyser instead of 
one and will juggle opponents.  The third will not connect if the opponent is
in the corner.

     High Angle Gayser
     QCF, QCF+B/D     ***
This move is new since 97.  Sounds like he says "War machine" IMO. anywayz, 
this is a pretty weak DM, if blocked, leaves you open big time!  Terry
shoulder rams you, then hits you up, and finishes with a big power geyser.  
The SDM adds in many blasts instead.  Though weak, it is time consuming and 
great to watch.

5.  Combos

Basic combos that I know or have seen.  I will not list all chain moves, I dont
know them all.  Most used combos are listed..

Low B, low A, Downforward+C, Burn knuckle

Low B, low A, Downforward+C, Power geyser

Jump B/C/D, Close C (2 hit), X
     X means you can do any of the following
         1. power wave
         2. rising tackle
         3. power charge
         4. power geyser DM/SDM
         5. high angle gayser DM/SDM

Jump B/C/D, Close C(2 hit), forward+A, power charge, power dunk

jump B/C/D, close C(2 hit), power charge, rising tackle
   NOTE rising tackle must be done right away no delay or it will not connect

*NOTE all combos above involving the close C 2 hit may be substitued with a
close D instead

Jump B/C/D, Close C(2 hit), Downforwards C, X
      X means you can do any of the following
         1. power wave
         2. rising tackle
         3. burn knuckle
         4. power charge, then power dunk
         5. power geyser DM/SDM
         6. high angle gayer DM/SDM

Mix and match combos, they all work, simple eh?

6. Strategy

Terry is simple to play, just combo the opponent.  Learn the basic combo: jump
in attack, C, special move.  Add in additional moves such as the DwnFwd+C upper
for extra hits.  Terry isnt too difficult to play, unfortunately, that also
means that Terry doesnt have much variety to play.  Yet, Terry remains powerful
despite his simplicity.

One thing, i have found that computer will fall for a simple strategy.  This is
somthing that the computer has fallen for since 97.  Land a power charge on the
opponent.  After the opponent is in the air, immediately jump after him/her 
with a jump kick.  If done right, Terry should land first, right next to the
opponent.  Do a close C (2 hits) and chain into a power charge again. Repeat.
Opponent will not block and continue to fall for the same combo.  You can get
perfects and straights by this.

7. Conclusion

I know I'm missing a lot of information and extra tidbits.  The truth is, all
this is from the top of my head.  There really isnt much else, i believe I've
touched most of the important parts. Email me with questions or arguments.
Thanks for reading.

copyright 1999
Patrick Hwang