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How do I restore morale?

I'm in Battlemap 5, and I have Yggdra at 115 morale. Is there any way to restore morale at this point?

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Ebon_Masamune answered:

1) In Normal Mode only, if you level up you restore an amount of Morale.

2) Before a battle, you can use (not equip) items to restore Morale for units. Different items grant different levels of restoration based on the affinity of a unit towards that item.

3) Certain conditions will lead to your units Auto-gaining Morale mid-combat, an example is *Spoiler* after Kylier destroys the Ankhs+Eudy. Or when *Spoiler Again* Yggdra is on her way to fight Ghost Rosary/Roswell before being Crowned.

4) The Refreshment Card's effect will restore some Morale and the Status of the user and any in their Union.

5) As mentioned above, units not used in combat will restore some morale on their own.
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mr_meh answered:

Well I got an iron choker on the first map and apparantly you can convert the item into morale. So I'd assume you can trade in items for morale.
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BlueSophia answered:

Items convert to morale based onyour character's affinity for the item. For example, the Chain item is bad for all of you if you equip it but Mistel can gain 3000 morale from it. Medallions always recover 20% of your Morale but it never goes higher than 2000. Certain items like Mjollnil recover nothing at all.
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GFireX954 answered:

If you do not use a character, the following mission, he/she will restore morale
Level up restores some morale
-I believe the above only apply to normal mode
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Writer1983 answered:

Use the medallions you find when defeating enemies. They recover 20% of your morale(psp version; only 10% in the gba version) and their only purpose it to recover morale.
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alteisen2 answered:

If you are in the menu before the battle (where you pick the cards and your characters to pick), you can use the items that you received. Any characters that weren't in the last battle will recover some morale. In the stage inself, everytime you level up, a character restores all morale. I was fighting Gulcasa, the first time you meet him. Rosary had 100 morale left and Gulcasa had 900. I managed to kill him, Rosary leveled up and all her morale got restored. There is no way in the stage that you can use items to recover morale.
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