Question from babyofdraco

How can I do to unlock Tadakatsu Honda?

orochi-boy09 asked for clarification:

What do u mean by 1 7 x


hellbound360 answered:

Escort all your forces to him before the timer goes to 10 minuites.
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huijeff answered:

beat the gaiden 7 / 7-X in ALL the story and impress him "have a message at the end sayng "tadakatsu Honda is impressed with ______(player's character)achivements!"(One of the level only says he vow to fight for your army)
IF that still didn't help search "unlocking honda" in youtube and their will be videos demonstrating how to unlock him!!!!!
hope that helps!!!!
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yardakani answered:

I think what you are missing is to wait for reinforcement to come before finishing masamune date off in one of these stages.I think it was in samurai warrior stage.

at least it was my problem earlier and I thought maybe you do the same mistake.
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krauser9 answered:

Beat "7-X" on only 3 stories. When you only have 1 "7-X" level left, you can now start to try to unlock Tadakatsu Honda. You will need +10 impulse and at least Cavalier +7. This will give you a very fast horse (you might not get the red hare). When you start the battle, GO STRAIGHT TO TADAKATSU HONDA. the faqs say "DEFEAT HIM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE". When he appears again GO STRAIGHT FOR HIM AGAIN. I SUGGEST DOING THIS ON EASY and USING A LVL 99 character (hanzo hattori is good because he is extremely fast when is speed stat is half way). When he joins your battle (not playable yet..) defeat Dong Zhuo as quickly as possible
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prototribeking answered:

this is what i do
Wu: try defeat tadakatsu as fast as u can
shu:escort all the peasant
sw:escort the messenger without letting it die
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theonesofgames answered:

For Wu: beat tadakastu as fast as you can
For Wei:save his sons under 3 minutes
For Shu: the peasants need to be alive (all of them)
For SW: reinforcments need to come.
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