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Any tips on easy level up?

70 + And above

-Asakura- asked for clarification:

I am on the bit when you have to kill helga (which is a pain).
i keep dying so i thought i would do free missions but i dont gain EXP quick.
can omeone clarify which mission has the most EXP and the missions with the most Rare items, also which monster gives you the most EXP.

Also Free Lancer: Its true you level up without noticing but i was suprised what teadragon said "Lv52 cant defeat Helga" i am at that bit and i am level 52, i think they planned the game this way for people who only stick with story missions, so if you want to be better, you HAVE to keep track of your level and EXP.

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baaks answered:

Do what any sensible gamer does...grind your ass til it bleeds xD
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YellowPiggy answered:

Lol...switch to jap mode. then try to kill a mob- the exp will bring u to lvl 90++ not sure how it works but... vola!
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teadragon answered:

How to switch to jap mode,
need help lv52 only cant beat helga
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nachzo answered:

What's jap mode??? how do you get into jap mode???
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_xZ answered:

do all the s rank mission
especially the ones that drop mission exclusive items
you will level up in no time

PS try soloing
cause if your party mate kill an enemy = less exp
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Alevore answered:

oh is that so??? so if im solo... enemies will give greater exp??? ( i don't care about my party members' levels because their leveling system is so unfair... their level is based on YOUR level... what a crap.)
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mootdaflute answered:

That not true if your partners kill the enemy before you touch it you wont get exp, butif you do the exp is still the same even with or without partners im lvl 72
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ImmortalKhayman answered:

A correction to Moot; that's not entirely accurate.

If your party members kill an enemy without you having ever attacked it or cast some spell on it (including jellen/zalure), then you will get 0 exp.

If your party lands the killing blow but you were at least able to damage the enemy, you receive a reduced amount of exp.

And if your character lands the killing blow, you get the maximum amount of exp.
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Shinobizzzz answered:

Just do Dancing Birds S in Nuedaiz high level monsters and lots of spawns.
i trained from level 70 to 93 there
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zooYork_banSho answered:

try soloing instead of bringing in your crappy A.I partymates..
once i'm Lvl 80, i head out to The Holy Ground S alone..bring a dark element weapon w/ you..i gain about 210,000 + exp. here w/ just one trip..
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BlueSophia answered:

Do Dancing Birds. They aren't very hard to kill (courtesy of a dark shotgun) and they give a large amount of EXP too. If there are rare spawn Rappies, all the better.
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Morgalaga answered:

The mission Eco Protection S on Parum is good.
You get to fight about 8 Grass Assassins that give you about 5300 exp each.
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Gamefreelancer answered:

the trick is IGNORE the leveling-up-fast... just concentrate on getting good equipments, cause i dont mind fast leveling i just replay missions to get the best r-mags, and it leveled-up without noticing it LOL!!!
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Reinhart01 answered:

I agree with Gamefreelancer, I worry more about getting the achievements done more than the leveling because getting those done will pretty much take up all the time needed to hit 100, lv 92 and still looking for weapons, and leveling that master force class as a CAST =.=
it ain't easy being cheesy
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Raidenpariah answered:

Ive played quite a bit(level 100 cast acromaster woot) i believe its typically holy ground s rank on neudaiz(play on online mode as enemies are slightly tougher) for example: in the dimmagolus killing mission those big lizards whose name i forgot spawn more and give like 5000 exp.

As far as rare drops it depends on what you looking for and whats your type to this day i still cant get shippujinlai out of that dimmagolus and a number of people who have it told me to acromaster
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