PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File06/26/08gigantor256K
Clear data
Save Game File03/29/10shingetterprime375K
Finished game 6 times, tons of money, almost all characters have ace bonus
Save Game File04/22/10shingetterprime256K
Finished game 8 times. Tons of Starting Money, All Units ACE
Save Game File06/20/08URT86253K
Lamia with Vsyaga , done till stage 4
Save Game File06/23/08TenkiHiryu247K
New game + game beaten once with Axel in Soulgain, all pilot parts, Max founds, Most pilots upgraded.
Save Game File10/26/08goldberg1990622K
New Game +++ - Used only Axel
Save Game File09/21/08ruinedfaith09246K
Newgame + with 3.8m starting money before choosing your character
Save Game File06/26/08gigantor385K
start at episode 10 A
Save Game File06/26/08gigantor251K
Start at episode 10 B

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