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Does anybody know any cheats for this game? Im looking for a money cheat.

Any help much appreciated.

lee2004ganja provided additional details:

Thanks for replying. thats alright man, i dont need a save. just thought there might be a cheat you can put in.

lee2004ganja provided additional details:

Thanks man, no worries

Accepted Answer

Benwolf63 answered:

None of the cheats work dudes. They are all Fake!
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Furbo13 answered:

Are U looking for cheats in-menu? If yes, I need to tell it once again - THERE IS NOT SUCH THING AS MONEY CHETA FOR IN-MENU CHEATS. If U want I can upload save with name U want and some cash but only for US version. And I can do it tomorrow or day after
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jack594 answered:

try this one

$500,000 : go to cheats and type in big money

Money : Enter "gotcash" at the cheat menu.

Money :Press "start" then go to "options" and press "x" from there press the following buttons: Left, Right, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle.
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