Question from eunkuk91

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find pot of greed?

Can someone help me?

Accepted Answer

From: amcsi_san 6 years ago

Almost, Handmed0wn.
I've been there myself. It's at the end of the Abyss lesson, which is level 100. And Pot of Greed is in the 4th chest from the left out of the 5. I'm not 100% sure I remember correctly, but if not, it's definately the 3rd, because I know for sure the 1st is Philosopher's Stone, 2nd is Monster Reborn and 5th is Illusion Gate.

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maybe,you can get it from booster pack, but pot of greed is a forbidden card. You cannot use it.

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Pot of greed an be found in the abyss, (that's the thing you do in class) at around level 50, along with monster reborn ect.

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The 100th Floor of The Abyss and in the pack Checkered Flag #1 or #2.

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