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At 100th floor???

Can any one let me know at 100th there is those golden treasure chest... can i know what card is inside it???

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amcsi_san answered:

I have been on the 100th floor, and I tried every chest out. From left to right they are:

1) Philosopher's Stone
2) Monster Reborn
3) Pot of Greed
4) Raigeki
5) Illusion Gate

number 3 and 4 I am not 100% certain I remember correctly.
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Adam_Ace answered:

Ueually it's an extremely rare one like monster reborn.
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l_mil answered:

I got the second from the left and got a raigeki..maybe the cards are at random order.
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l_mil answered:

And right now, i tried the second from the left again, but i got a philosopher's stone.

so my bet, the cards are randomly placed in each of the chests..
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jgabrielbr answered:

Yes, they are random
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smiboy answered:

The treasure chest's do not have a solid pattern of wich you can obtain these cards.
the cards are placed in random chest's so if you want one specific one you should exit at floor 99, save your game, and try out until you have what you want.
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