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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find booster packs?

When i choose a character , i find that alot of booster packs will be out of stock.How do i make it restock?

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If the boosters are for jaden, syrus, zain ect. to get them back in stock is to go into story mode with them and to keep them in stock is by completing there story.
If the boosters are water,pyro,fiend,wind ect, then they randomly go out of stock and get back into stock.

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For characters booster packs, you have to be their partner to be able to buy them.
For elemental booster packs, there's one available each day (Saturdays are always Earth boosters, for example)
For the rest, you have to have the conditions to have them unlocked to be able to buy them (see the FAQs).

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