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Special Mutations?

I know of 3 causes which are mentioned in the game, starvation, which causes the obesity mutation, predation which causes the abnormal mutation and the threat of heroes as well as culling which causes the basic mutation.But I've also seen and heard of a special mutation, that occurs under specific conditions.

An example of that would be like a "buzzy boozy" not the white omnom, but rather a cockroach-like species that hides in the ground when predators are about. Also I've seen this one thing happen in training where my lizardmen mutated into frill lizards.

So does anyone know how these special mutations are triggered? I've been experimenting but I stll don't know what causes this.

MushiBrat provided additional details:

No, you dont understand, I'm taking about the mutations that make demomebas and Cave Liliths, the sort of mutations that weren't revealed to you in training.

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kamele1 answered:

I know what you mean. all i know is that to get a "buzzy boozy" you have to have four or more "pure omnoms". and to get a "frill lizard" you have to have your "lizard men" killed by bait many times. then to get an "amoeba" you have to have way more "lizard men" than "slimemoss". and lastly to get a"lilith" that hatches from an egg (i forgot the name) you have to sustain a population of "liliths" in the hundreds.oh and to get a "shin dragon" you have to keep the "chaos dragon"'s nutrients amount over 59. i still dont know how to get the special mutated form of spirits, sorry about that.
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kamele1 answered:

I was incorrect about some things

lilith mutation= you have to do the same thing for frill lizards
dvagon mutation= nutrience over 60
spirit mutation=population of over 100
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