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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you change ur job?

Just started playing this game, and I was wondering how to change my job. I am level 16 swordsman and don't know how to change my job to dual sword.

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I wen to the fourth option so, and there is a list of stuff which on do I use for dual sword?????

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You Have To Go To The Mission Keeper She Well Give U 5 Choices Go To The 4 Choice

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Choose the LAST option and pick(Umm I don't know how to type japanese...)since ur still beginning at the game...a new job will show their with the price of 200GP just choose that..

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Go to Chat at Basement Floor (One with a very huge hat). And there are four options: Quest, Party Recuit, Party Dismiss, and Job Change.

In Job Change option, you only have the basic jobs. But as you level up a certain job you might unlock a new job class but it requires Grade Points to change with the newly added Jobs like Paladin, Monk, Magic Knight, etc.

Some new job classes requires 1 one job class to a certain level, or 2 or 3 Jobs at the same certain level.

Got it.

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