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Arena experience??? 1
can anyone make a faq or translation PLS.. ? 3
Can someone help me name all tales chracter involved in this game? 3
Charater Transfer? 2
Coming out? 1
Dialogue? 1
Do know when this game is out? 1
Do this game have a Multiplayer feature? 1
Does Sheena Fujibiyashi from Tales of Symphonia appear in the game? 2
English version? 1
Help Me How To Get Radiant Clothes?? 1
Help with understanding? 1
How and where to find the gold knight ? 1
How do I unlock Spada? 1
How do u enter the EX thing? 1
How i get Yuri for my team? 1
How much memory do this game consumes? 1
How to download other mercenaries? 1
How To Fight The Tales Of Heroes??? 1
How to get other jobs?? 2
How To Open The Green Treasures?? 1
How will you get the job with guns and what do you call that ? 2
In a battle how can I switch from one character to another while in battle??? 1
Is Garr and Barbatos related to each other? =] 1
Lots of GP?? 1
Questions about the game(please answer)? 2
Radiant Mythology Asia version subtitle english ? 2
Stuck after third quest....? 1
This site says this game is out in JP? 2
TP raising spells? 1
What are the last four options after game ends? 1
What does barbatos say when he uses his hi ougi? 1
What is this black bubbles around my character body when running in dungeon? 1
What is with the EX attack mode? 1
When do the eng version well release???? 1
when will it be released in US???? 3
Where can I download the bgm of the game? 1
Will it ever be released? 1

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