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| Table of Contents                                                          |
   1. [FOR] Formalities

   2. [ITE] Item List

      1.  [KEY] -- Key Items
           ...  [DRU] -- Drums
           ...  [MIR] -- Miracles
           ...  [SON] -- Songs
           ...  [MAP] -- Maps
      2.  [MAT] -- Materials
           ...  [MEA] -- Meat
           ...  [HID] -- Hide
           ...  [FAN] -- Fang
           ...  [BON] -- Bone
           ...  [ROC] -- Rock
           ...  [WOO] -- Wood
           ...  [VEG] -- Vegetable
           ...  [SEE] -- Seed
           ...  [ALL] -- Alloy
           ...  [LIQ] -- Liquid

   3. [FAR] Farming Materials

   4. [SPE] Special Thanks & Misc

| [FOR] Formalities                                                          |

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   This FAQ will NOT cover:
    - Equipment Database
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   They will be treated as separate files for ease of use and reading.
   The said files should be coming in the next few days.

| [ITE] Item List                                                            |


 [DRU] Drums

  Pon Drum
   = The Bravery Drum. Obtained by agreeing to become the Patapon god.
     Strike with O button.
   ~ Obtained at the very beginning of the game.

  Pata Drum
   = The Strokes Drum. Hatapon guarded this drum with his life.
     Strike with [] button.
   ~ Obtained on the very first hunt mission, "Hunting on Tochira Beach"

  Chaka Drum
   = The Roots Drum discovered at the base... [?]
   ~ Text is glitched, that it keeps going to the right,
       making it impossible to read.
   ~ Obtained at the Mission 3 where you meet Hero.

  Don Drum
   = The Verve Drum buried deep in... [?]
   ~ Text is glitched, that it keeps going to the right,
       making it impossible to read.
   ~ Obtained at Mission 8, "Gong's Trial", when you have the Miracle
       of Rain equipped.

  [MIR] Miracles

  Tailwind Miracle
   = In Patapon legend, this miracle allowed arrows to be launched at
     enemies far, far away.

  Storm Miracle
   = According to Patapon Legend, this miracle is an expression of
     Almighty's anger..

  Earthquake Miracle 
   = In Patapon Legend, no living creature remained standing after
     this miracle was performed.

  The Miracle of the Blizzard
   = According to Patapon Legend, it is said that this miracle covered
     the world in silvery white.

  Brimstone Juju
   = Ancient Patapon tales tell of a powerful Juju that can topple
     fortresses in a single night.

  Duck n' Cover Juju
   = In Patapon legend, it is told that in this miracle, allied forces
     were able to survive an onslaught of a thousand squadrons.

  [SON] Songs

  Patapata Song
   = "March of Mobility"
     Full speed ahead!
   ~ Commands the Patapons to march forward.

  Ponpon Song
   = "Ariel of Attack"
     Ready, aim, fire!
   ~ Patapons will attack enemies when they hear this song.

  Chakachaka Song
   = "Dirge of Defence"
     Guard the hearth and home!
   ~ Boosts Patapon defenses;  certain Patapons will do special things.

  Ponpata Song
   = "Requiem of Retreat"
     Good grief! That's one big one!
   ~ Order the Patapons to quickly run to the left.   

  Ponchaka Song
   = "Hold Tight Hoe-down"
     Hold back, sit tight!
   ~ Greatly improves the effect of the next Attack or Defend song.

  DON DON Song 
   = The Song of "Jump!"
     Jump up in the air!
   ~ The Patapons will jump high into the air to avoid damage.

   = The Song of "Party!"
     Let's have a great time!
   ~ Removes any status ailments such as burn, freeze, and sleep.

  [MAP] Maps

  Black Star
   = A map given to you by Hoshipon in the Manten Ravine. It marks the
     location of hidden ruins

  Mud-stained Map
   = Acquired from the Pipat that appear on the mist-covered Mt. Gonrok,
     it marks the location of hidden ruins.

  Soft Lithograph
   = A lithograph acquired from the reborn ZUgagang at Patapole Palace.
     It marks the location of hidden ruins.

  Unopenable Box 
   = This box, acquired after defeating the Pekkora at the Bryun
     Snowfields, marks the location of hidden ruins.

  Sealed Scroll
   = This scroll, carried by the Yumimens at Sokshi Gate, marks the
     location of hidden ruins.

  Square Wheel
   = Acquired from the Karmen storehouse after fighting the Staff-Wielding
     General Hukmen, it marks the location of hidden ruins.

  Grey Rainbow
   = The demon's hidden treasure of Dettankarmen is actually a trick to
     call the traitor mask to our world...

  Mater Sprout
   = A treasure won from the Dodongas. It's the secret to reviving the Tree
     of Life, Mater.

  [MEM] Memories

  Yaripon's Memory
   = Legendary Yaripon's Memory. This great warrior once fought a thousand
   ~ You get this when you revive Mater.

  Tatepon's Memory
   = Legendary Tatepon's Memory. This brave warrior once defended a tribe from
     a fire-breathing dragon.
   ~ You get this when you revive Mater.

  Yumipon's Memory
   = Legendary Yumipon's Memory. This agile warrior once shot down three
     hundred hawks with a single arrow.
   ~ You get this when you revive Mater.

  Kibapon's Memory
   = Legendary Kibapon's Memory. This mighty warrior once parted the seas in a
     frenzied charge.
   ~ Unlock Pyopyo Yaripon in the Evolution Map.

  Dekapon's Memory
   = Legendary Dekapon's Memory. This Herculean warrior once pulverized a
     mountain in one strike.
   ~ Unlock Wanda Tatepon in the Evolution Map.

  Megapon's Memory
   = Legendary Megapon's Memory. The music of this handsome warrior once
     brought one hundred maidens to tears.
   ~ Unlock Menyokki Yumipon in the Evolution Map.

  Toripon's Memory
   = A tale of the legendary hero, Toripon, the Fleet Warrior. Mounted on his
     pet bird, he flies over enemies casting shadows of despair on those
     below him.
   ~ Unlock Sabara Yaripon in the Evolution Map.

  Robopon's Memory
   = A tale of the legendary hero, Robopon, the Flash Warrior. A fearless
     fighter, he uses his massive fists to take on entire enemy squadrons.
   ~ Unlock Kanokko Tatepon in the Evolution Map.

  Mahopon's Memory
   = A tale of the legendary hero, Mahopon, the Mage. His secret powers
     unleash heavenly fury, flooding enemies with torrential rain and
   ~ Unlock Koppen Yumipon in the Evolution Map.


 [MEA] Meat
  Leather Meat
   = Mums tell young Patapons, "If it fills your stomach, don't complain," and
     they learned to eat this meat.

  Tender Meat
   = Patapons love this soft, luscious meat, but they can rarely eat it, even
     on their birthdays.

  Dream Meat
   = This legendary marbled meat melts like cotton candy, but Patapons prefer
     a heartier meal.

  Mystery Meat
   = Tribal records make no reference to this elusive meat. What does it taste
     like? Should we care?

  Demon Steak
   = A mysterious steak that emits a delicious aroma. It is said that any who
     taste it are cursed to hunger for it for eternity.

 [HID] Hide

  Berara Hide
   = A heavy greasy hide, delicately treated by the finest artisans in

  Gotsusu Hide
   = Tough hide cut from a beast. It's said that it's so tough, it takes three
     days and nights to remove it completely.

  Subebe Hide
   = A beatiful, smooth hide. Patapons never stop fighting each other to
     obtain its silky warmth.

  Mezura Hide
   = A hide cut from a rare creature. It's so rare that it's said that anyone
     who possesses its hide is instantly made for life.

  Demon Hide
   = A hide cut from an ugly beast. One look is enough to make you ill. It's
     glossy look and damp feel is it's most peculiar characteristic.

 [FAN] Fang

  Kuneri Fang
   = A twisted but magnificent fang. When shaved down, it can make a good
     weapon to serve any warrior well.

  Itete Fang
   = A large sharp fang. It's said that you can know a hunter's true skill by
     how many of these he's had to remove from his neck.

  Gizaza Fang
   = The tip of this fang contains countless tiny barbs. Anyone pierced by this
     fang will pay a terrible price trying to remove it.

  Nazozo Fang
   = A fang of dark mysterious origins. It is said that whoever possesses this
     fang will be blessed with great fortune.

  Demon Fang
   = A strange fang from a hideous beast. It warps and bends in an unpleasant
     fashion before tapering to a sharp point. Considered to be very precious.

 [BON] Bone

  Mudada Bone
   = A bone from a small animal, possibly after being killed by a larger
     animal. They are common in the Grass Village.

  Gashirin Bone
   = A large, sturdy bone. It is written that our ancient ancestors once used
     these bones as weapons.

  Dodeka Bone
   = A massive bone that fell after the death of a gigantic monster. In some
     regions, this huge bone is used as a central pillar in homes.

  Ottama Bone
   = A large, oddly-shaped bone, shrouded in mystery. We don't even know yet
     what beast it came from.

  Demon Bone
   = A sinister bone. It's rumored that just holding it will make you nauseous.
     Indispensable for casting curses upon people.

 [ROC] Rock

   = A common stone, full of impurities, but vital nevertheless.

  Hard Iron
   = Much blood has spilled in conflicts surrounding claims to this rare metal
     according to Zigoton myth.

  Titanium Ore
   = Legend has it that this tough, lightweight ore was granted to the Patapons
     by none other than Almighty.

   = This magical metal is the lightest and sturdiest of all. It is used to
     forge divine tools of war.

   = A legendary Earth ore. Ranking No. 1 in hardness and shine, it is said
     that any weapon amde from this stone will possess a terrifying power.

 [WOO] Wood

  Banal Branch
   = Available in abundance, except when you really need them.

  Cherry Tree
   = According to legend, the ancient colossal cherry trees in the East are
     resting deities.

   = The abode of Almighty was said to be made of this rare, divine Hinoki

  Super Cedar
   = Almighty speaks of a legendary island where super cedars eternally watch
     over the forests.

  Bowtie Tree
   = Long ago, a lone monk attained enlightenment beneath this massive tree.
     Its trunk, said to possess a special power, will stay fresh for eternity.

 [VEG] Vegetable

  Eyeball Cabbage
   = Every Patapon loves nice, fresh cabbage.

  Crying Carrot
   = These carrots sprout en masse after a brutal battle.

  Predator Pumpkin
   = Those who attempt to eat this unique vegetable end up being its prey.

  Hazy Shroom
   = A potent morel that wil lcause drowsiness on all that come across its
     scent. Accidentally eating one can cause strange behavior!

   = Known as the king of fruits, it is said that if you try to eat it, it
     unleashes a powerful fragrance that puts you to sleep.

 [SEE] Seed

  Kasu Seed
   = An ordinary, easy-to-acquire seed. It will put down sturdy roots in any
     kind of soil.

  Yoka Seed
   = A sturdy seed, capable of changing a desert into a flowerbed overnight.
     Mysterious travelling merchants are said to spread them on their travels.

  Deka Seed
   = A massive seed as large as a fist. It's covered with an extremely hard
     shell, so that no matter how hard you hit it, you can't split it in two.

  Bibi Seed
   = A twisted seed, covered in countless thorns. The truth is, no one knows
     where it came from.

  Mater Sprout
   = The seed of Mater the Tree of Life. It's an extremely precious seed and
     is symbol of hope for the Patapon's future.

 [ALL] Alloy

  Sloppy Alloy
   = This poorly-forged reject alloy still gets the job done.

  Hard Alloy
   = This expertly-forged alloy is a valuable resource.

  Awesome Alloy
   = This exceedingly rare high-quality steel is as precious as gold.

  Magic Alloy 
   = A magical alloy forged by Patapon ancestors during the tribe's peak.

  Demon's Ore
   = Magical steel, sealed by the ancestors of the Patapon race that
     flourished in ancient times.

 [LIQ] Liquid

  Familiar Liquid
   = Thin, transparent liquid. It doesn't really have a remarkable flavour,
     but drinking it while you are thirsty will refresh you instantly.

  Hot Liquid
   = Boiling fluid capped by an unsteady mountain of froth. Blow on it before
     you drink it, or you might end up with severe burns.

  Cold Liquid
   = Liquid that has been chilled too much and is on the point of freezing.
     Just one sip will chill the body to the core and grant a severe ice cream

  Rainbow Liquid
   = A liquid that reflects the colours of the rainbow when hit by sunlight.
     Its seven sweet flavours are a pleasure for the palate.

  Demon Liquid
   = The mysterious-coloured vapour that pours from this brew gives it a
     dangerous atmosphere. Anyone who can stomach it is considered a brave

| [FAR] Farming Materials                                                    |

      Many would ask, "what's the fastest way to get materials?".  The answer
   is very simple:  bosses.  Whenever a boss is staggered, he will always
   drop an item that belongs to his type, or rarely some Kaching or a unique
   item. First, here is the list of bosses and what kind of material they
   drop, based solely on bosses you can fight outside Paraget/Patagate:

       - Stone/Metal     : Dodonga/Majidongga/Kacchidonga  (dinosaur)
       - Bone            : Mochichichi/Fenicchi (bird)
       - Fang            : Darantula/Centura (spider)
       - Wood            : Dogaeen (golem)
       - Meat            : Manboth/Manboroth (mammoth)
       - Hide            : Goruru (big-bellied demon)
       - Vegetable       : Zaknel/Dokaknel (worm)
       - Liquid          : Ciokinna (crab)
       - Seed            : Shookle (plant)
       - Alloy           : Kanogias (robot/castle/canon)
       - Kaching         : Dettankarmen, Zuttankarmen (dragon)

      In order to maximize staggering, you'll need the Rarepon that
   specializes in Cnc Ratio, which are Menyokkis (Treepons).  The best
   Patapon type to turn into an army of Menyokkis are Yumipons, due to their
   ability to strike thrice, meaning you'll be shooting 18 arrows worth
   205% Cnc Ratio each when at Lv10.  Menyokki Yumipons require Lv2
   materials, which are easy to get.

       - Itete Fangs     : "Lost Sheep at Bryun Snowfield"
                           Preferably when snowing, when the blue pigs
                           are more plentiful.
       - Gashirin Bone   : "Lost Sheep at Bryun Snowfield"
                           Pink birds, who are plentier when it's not
                         : Mochicichi, if you don't care about his
                             level since he's very weak and is rather
                             very easy to stagger even without Menyokkis.
       - Hard Iron       : Tree minigame
                         : Dodonga, if you don't care about the level.
       - Cherry Tree     : Tree minigame

      It's quite painful early on to farm, but things just get easier.
   Concentrate on getting a single Yumipon to Lv10 Treepon, so you can
   turn your Hero into Lv10 Treepon so you'll have two Lv10 Treepon
   Yumipons, easy.  Once you get a total of three Lv10 Treepon Yumipons
   (including the Hero), you're very fine to start farming from
   Mochichichi and Dodonga.

      So you've got Menyokki Yumipons now, but you're missing something:
   who will pick up the dropped materials?  Kibapons!  Make sure to give
   them anything that boosts their Speed so they can pick up materials

      I didn't recommend fighting bosses for the Fang and Tree since they
   are tedious.  Darantula requires keeping up the Miracle of Rain while 
   Dogaeen has incredible resistance.

      So now you can get a lot of materials, but crap, most of them are
   low level!  What's the trick?

      Whenever you stagger a boss that is frozen, knocked down or sleeping,
   they will always drop a material that is at LEAST Lv3.  This is where
   elemental Rarepons come in, and become more tedious, since certain
   bosses are immune, less resistant or more resistant to a certain thing.
   Not to mention, a boss that is on flame will not drop a rare when
   staggered, so your choice is to either freeze, sleep or knock him down
   before staggering.  Rarepon specialties:

     - Freezing :   Koppen  (+250% Freeze Ratio) (Penguin)
                    Materials:  Lv4/Lv3/Lv3/Lv3
     - Knockback:   Mashu   (+300% Knockback) (Mushroom)
     - Sleep    :   Mashu   (+300% Sleep Ratio)
                    Materials:  Lv4/Lv4/Lv3/Lv3

      As you can see, Mashu is more favorable than Koppen.  He will be
   overall a more "universal" elemental Rarepon for farming, and in the
   case where the boss is immune to a certain element, Mashu specializes
   in both Knockback or Sleep so he will never be useless in high-level
   farming.  Turn 3 Yumipons into Lv10 Mashus.  So, for me, this is
   the "universal" setup:

     - Yumipons:  3 Lv10 Moriussoos (Treepons)
                  3 Lv10 Mashuriros (Mushrooms)
     - Kibapons:  3 Lv10 Mashuriros (Mushrooms)
     - Hero    :  Lv10 Moriussoo Yumipon (Tree)
               :  Any Tatepon, for bosses who do not have
                     any attacks that kill Hero throughout
                     the battle.
               :  Mask:  Whichever stat you need to specialize.

     I would recommend equipping default weapons. Equipping weapons that 
   specialize in a certain basic element (Fire/Ice/Lightning) will have
   double damage, which is NOT desirable;  we want to keep the boss
   alive as long as possible to take as much stuff as we can.  However,
   Dream weapons which specialize in Sleep Ratio are safe.

   * ! WARNING ! *
     Once the screen is nearly filled with a lot of dropped items, KILL
   THE BOSS QUICKLY.  It has been confirmed that getting too many items
   in a single fight can cause your PSP to lock up, forcing you to turn
   it off.  You can already notice that you're already pushing the game
   a bit too much when even at around only 30 items, the end mission
   report won't display all your items.  To be on the safe side, just
   make sure your weapon drop icons don't go below the screen.

| [SPE] Special Thanks & Misc                                                |

    - It's like you guys listened to all my complaints about Patapon 1, but
        please, give us a pause button! >_<
 # CJayC
    - For starting GameFAQs.
 # SBallen
    - For carrying the legacy.
 # Nonstop Gaming - General
    - For all the lulz you trolls you provide us.
 # My family
    - Of course!
 # Authorized Sites:
    - GameFAQs

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   @v1.2  -- Added a lot of missing stuff, credits mainly to Kristoffer
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          -- Added a section on [FAR]ming.

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