Question from Demyx200

What is the use of overdrive?

Theres a big box with the word "overdrive" What is the use of it?


UzumakiIchigo answered:

What is the point you say? Overdive is the most important thing in the game, basically when you press triangle button, you can swap your dying body for theirs and refill some ammos this is what you call an Overdive
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furygods answered:

Overdive allows you to gain strategic positions by positioning your soldiers in key areas. Most bosses tend to only target Aya, so when the boss is close to you and is about to attack, overdiving into another soldier immediately forces the boss to retarget you and leaving the soldier that was about to be attacked safe. Gaining DNA and new weaponry with Overdive is vital for your success.
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GigsVigilance answered:

The text flashes when low on ammo or health, just makes you more aware of the tiny depleting gauges that are easily overlooked in combat situations.
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siege924 answered:

Overdrive allows you to kill a near death enemy without having to waste more precious ammo. Also, overdrive kill prevents the enemy from falling to the ground and exploding, potentially injuring you in the process. It also is the ONLY way to kill most of the bosses. That's why the triangle appears on every major boss except the first Helix.
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catherinne06 answered:

it can save your almost dying health gauge.. obtain rare DNA and provide massive damage to twisted.. that depends on your level of Kill Boost
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aeonlash answered:

Overdive is one of the core mechanics within the game; on the surface it is just a way to jump to another soldier's body, taking over their health, weapon, and position, while the soldier you just jumped out of regains control as an NPC. An Overdive kill is where you overdive into the mind of the Twisted and kills them instantly, this is usually available when it is on low health. Overdiving can be a means of positioning your soldiers strategically, e.g. jumping from one soldier to another to move each individually, refilling ammo, you gain the soldiers weapon when you overdive into him and refilling health/escaping death, since you will possess the health gauge of the soldier you just jumped into. Overdiving is even possible while you are in the dying animation, in order to escape a game over.
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