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How can I get each weapon?

I played through Easy & Normal but still got less than half of the armory. Is there any trick to get those or do you simply have to play through Hard, Deadly, Genocide modes? Detailed info about the location of each weapon will be highly appreciated

S_e_p_h_i_r_oth provided additional details:

No, that seems not to be true. My friend got the first 2 special weapons after beating the game on EASY, and got the third after beating the game on NORMAL, and I got the first 2 sp weapons after beating EASY and NORMAL but didn't get the third one after beating HARD. As for DEADLY my friend didn't get the 4th sp weapon after beating the game on this difficulty. So there's gotta be some trick with the achievements I think


Blkclover88 answered:

not all but you can unlock the other weapons by using them more frequently to level up,altough same weapon don't deal same damage in other enemies.and other weapon can be unlock during missions as you proceed through your game some of the CTI (soldier's) member's name are highlight with the color of orange(you'll know the difference when you see it),just do Overdive to that person and a caption will appear that a certain weapon is unlocked,after you finished the chapter go to the "Weapon Bank"menu and buy it with BP points.i've done this in "hard" mode so far that is all i know....oh and the special weapon.. that is a different story .hope this help
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Demyx200 answered:

Just look out for soldiers with a gun symbol beside them.It indicates them with weapon that you have not collected.Just take over their body and the weapon is automatically available at your weapon bank.
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FTYeaN_08 answered:

I played normal at the first go and I got less than half of the armory as well. I played the new game+ on hard, and I got a few extra weapons that I've not gotten on the normal difficulty. My theory is that you'll likely to get new and better weapons depending on the difficulty that you're currently playing. So, the harder the diffiulty, the more weapons you'll get [excluding special weapons] As for special weapons, I don't have much info about it, but I hope this answer will help. =D
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JuxxEm answered:

For special weapons, you get the M249 (aka M249 SAW, or Squad Automatic light machine gun for completing the game on Easy level, and the MK 46. Mod0 (Fabrique Nationale's version of the M249, chambered to fire 7.62 rounds instead of the smaller 5.56 that the M249 for completing the game on Normal level.

I'm just guessing, but maybe you get a special weapon for completing the game on each difficulty level? Since there's 5 unlockable special weapons and 5 difficulty levels, it would make sense, but this is just conjecture on my part.
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_WILPETER_LAO_ answered:

Blaze Edge: Complete the game thirty times.
M249: Complete the game.
Mk.46 Mod0: Complete the game in Normal mode.
M240B: Complete the game twice in Hard mode.

And as for the 4th special weapon i'm not very sure,but I'm assuming it comes with the OD Suit.If it's not then beat the game while wearing the OD suit from the 1st to the past episode.(of course this is just conjecture).
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siege924 answered:

Some of the weapons won't unlock until you've played through all the difficulties (the AG-C isn't available until you complete Episode 3 on Hard) or completed certain feats at certain difficulties (some upgrades for the RGS-280 require Swiftly Breaching the Tower in Episode 4 on Hard). After that, it's just a matter of having enough BP to buy everything.
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siege924 answered:

Non-Special: Play the game on the hardest difficulty and complete all the feats. This unlocks all the weapons and all the attachments.
Special: Play the game repeatedly for everything except the Blaze Gun and Infinite Rocket Launcher. Blaze Gun is unlocked with the Lightning costume and the Rocket Launcher is unlocked once you've completely upgraded everything.
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Revfitra answered:

non-special: play on every dificulties. as I play I found about 1/2 of it for playing easy, normal, hard so I assume that each difficulties had different weapons

special: I got the first auto machinegun for completing easy *I think any difficulties give you this for the first time* i forget about the 2 other machineguns but I'm only played hard once, normal twice, and easy 3-4 times when I get the third one. so I assume just complete often to get those 3 machinegun. haven't got the other 2 so no clues from me
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Eldarion21 answered:

Well for all the people that still playing this game i want to make something clear, do not try to finish it 30 times thats a big fat lie. you must beat the feats of the game on each difficulty to get the blaze edge and lightning costume items,
lightning costume is easy, just beat most of the 50% of the feats on hard mode and well the weapon comes with the costume so nothing to worry about, it is not so awsome but well it is lightning's weapon. as for the weapons just overdive into the soldiers with the weapon next to their names and for the pile bunker or something like that u must get all the weapons at max lvl and buy every single part of each one, parts are unlocked by getting the feats on all difficulties from easy to insane/genocide mode.
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creepy_bastard answered:

If you mean strict weapons, you'll get a good majority in random encounters within the game (overdive in the soldier with a gun symbol and his gun will be yours to take) on every level. Typically, a soldier carrying a new rocket launcher on hard will be carrying a new stronger version on insane/genocide.

There are a few exceptions.

The bottom right shotgun is unlocked by clearing a feat in 4-1 on insane/genocide in which you need to kill the giant worm fairly quickly. It is Thelonius Cray's custom built shotgun.

The top right sniper rifle is obtained by killing the rover in 2-1 on insane/genocide BEFORE Gabrielle's cutscene starts. It is Gabrielle Monsigny's custom built sniper rifle.

The Blaze Edge is unlocked by getting 50% of all hard, deadly and insane/genocide feats.

The Pile Bunker is unlocked by BUYING all weapons and weapon upgrades. You'll need aroung 3 or 3.5 million BP I think and will need to clear all the feats on all the difficulties (although you don't have to do them on easy, easy doesn't unlock any part I think, but if you want to unlock the pile bunker might as well 100% clear the game). As far as BP I know a super easy way to farm it. When you're going to bed/school/work, go to chapter 3 episode 2 on insane/genocide, roll your way past the 3 beans and enter the next room. Snipe the first orb and the snatcher next to it if it had time to spawn, then snipe all the orbs around EXCEPT the one above the other soldier. Try to "speedrun" your way to the subway rails (don't "wake up" the rover!) but once you're out of snatcher range, don't go any further! Instead, overdive in the previous soldiers, and shamelessly suicide them in the laser traps. Then overdive back to the soldier you got out of there. On the side that is opposite to the rails, there is a yellow brick wall, and at the beginning of this wall there's a "cut", like a part of the wall has been pushed inwards. Hug that mark, and look at the snatchers. They'll fire some projectiles at you but will always miss, but then will go down and try to go snatch you up, but they'll die in the laser traps, granting you infinite BP as long as you don't move an inch. 10 hours later you'll have 2 million BP for yourself, greatest farming in the game!

To get the other 3 weapons, just clear the game 5 times I think.
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