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What is the best weapon for deadly and genocide?

Topic.. Any recommendations?
I use both assault rifles and I can't seem to get any real damage at all..

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kemadevil answered:

If you are playing Genocide/Insane mode and if you have the Infinite Ammo cheat enabled, use anti-tank sniper rifle T210 Pierce. It has the highest damage output in this game, despite being hard to control. I find that with careful aiming and training with this weapon, I assure you the damage it does is definitely worth the effort, and BP of course. Assult Rifle WELT Lite is useful for quick Overdive Kills and To fill up your Liberation gauge. If you are playing Genocide/Insane without Infinite Ammo, like I did, a very good luck to you. You can try .50 Cal, or PMR1 GB (Gabrielle's custom sniper rifle). PMR1 GB is only 2nd to T210 in damage, has more ammo for both stock and reserve, and is easier to control than T210. I used AC SPACS assault rifle, due to its sheer damage. WELT Heavy can do the trick too, but you most probabkly wouldn't be getting all the parts, since you need to finish Genocide mode for one of their barrel upgrade, and you need weapon level 9 to unlock the rest of the parts.
Contrary to what people say about weapon control, I don't see that as a problem. One can easily make up the mechanical problem with human technique. For high power assault rifle, don't just press and hold the shoot button. Tap and release. For the high firepower sniper rifle, the bullet trajectory will always fly a little higher than the cross in the scope.
You definitely need all the damager you can deal in Genocide/Insane mode, trust me.
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xKingKenx answered:

Try Special weps see if it you can do more then enough to stick shoot then move i dont know but im about to try my self here
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Balanargodz answered:

assault rifle and and your strongest capacity based sniper, don't forget to use restock and barrier, you can never beat genocide without these

Well this is just based on my experience anyway.
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r3dandwh1te answered:

Use a sniper rifle and any impact handgun.

An impact handgun is more effective than any assault rifle because of the Overdive trigger. Also it allows you to dodge roll, rather than to quick strafe, while aiming.

A sniper rifle comes in handy for anything with more than one bar of health, so keep practicing auto-scoping with another weapon then taking out the sniper for an easier sniping experience.
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