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Can Anyone Give me Save Of 3rd Birthday Usa for 5.00m33-6? 1
Can I bring over all my data from the JP version? 1
Can I Move with the D-Pad? 1
Can somebody list out enemies list ? 2
Dissidia Code help? 1
Does the voice change a bit if you change Aya's clothes (U.S. ver.)? 2
English demo? 1
Extra stuff? 1
Feats and record files? 1
Finding a certain sniper rifle? 2
How could I Extract a savefile? 1
How do I Unlock the Square Enix Member Badge? 2
How do I use the DNA board? 2
How to get final achievement for EP. 2 - Chapter 3? 3
I unlocked the shower scene, but....? 2
Is have LIfe Hack for 3rd birthday cwcheat? 1
Is it possible to beat the game multiple times to get one of the certain requirements? 2
Japanese Version OR English Version? 1
Shower scene: difference? 1
Square Enix Member Code Help ? 1
Thinking About Purchasing? 2
Video Log? 2
View mode for North America? 1
What are "stamps" on the Square Enix website? 1
What is the difference between Barrier OE at Level 1 and Level 25? 1
What's wrong with my launcher? 1
When will be the first saved data of the game be posted in this thread?!? 1
When will be the official release of the 3rd Birthday? 2
Why does every save file on gamefaqs come up corrupted? 2
Will a European Dissidia code work on a US copy of Dissidia? 1
Worth it or not??? 2
Codes on other difficulties? 2
Do you recieve any penalties for Ascending out of a level at the Game Over screen? 1
Does 3rd Birthday install? 1
Does someone got Lightning's Aya Brea Costume that doesn't need or want? 3
Effect of repairing outfits? 1
How can i start a new story if im already at one? 2
How can i unlock "View Mode"? 2
How do you unlock View Mode for Each Outfit? 2
How many episodes are in this game? 1
How to defeat the Scientist in Episode 5? 1
Is there CWCheats for this game that works on 5.50 prom 4? 1
Question about Feats/Shower Scene-Do Case Training Feats count? 1
Shower scene : Change angle and Video log ? 1
Square Enix Link? 2
Stupid question, but I'm confused? 1
Unlocking a costume ? 2
Us release? 1
Wanted save data euro version?!!! 1
What does "beat" the game mean here? 1
What does Ascend do? 1
What is special about the twisted edition of this game? 1
What's the difference between hard mode and other modes? 3
When will this game come in english usa or europe ? 7
Where is the bathroom scene? 8
Why i Cant use the Download Savedata in Gamefaqs? 2
Why is he so creepy? 1
Why is it titled 3rd birthday? 1
Will a save file from another gamer gonna work for mine? 1

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