Question from PrinnyDo0d

How to get Martial tower place?

How? Howw??
I want to defeat flonne =="


dracula59 answered:

You unloack martial tower by giving 70 lucky dolls to Prof. Lucky. But Flonne is a DLC for the game.
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gamefanatic12 answered:

Collect 70 lucky dolls and give them to prof lucky. flonne is a dlc for the game for only $3.99. if youre curious who will be the boss in martial tower, for your first time through it will be prinny laharl(just stun him then lift and throw him) then 2nd time through without starting a new game or not running away, it's prinny baal
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DarKnight050 answered:

Collect 70 Lucky Dolls

1st Time: Prinny Laharl
2nd Time: Prinny Baal
DLC: Flonne (US $3.99)
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