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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you get the torn letters?

I have tried to get the letters after the first one but I can't reach them. I was hoping for hints on how to reach them.

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Jump on top of the gate at the right, then to the platform. if thats not the letter your talking about, the sprint when your at the last platform and double jump to it. Those are the first few, so one of them should work.

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this is a lame way to get hard to reach letters...

if you have cwcheat... use the superjump to get them badboys in a hurry

well, at least i think it will work

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to reach the torn letters you have to get to the last plat form before the big jump then start your dash " O " then move close to the edge let go of circle then jump and you should get it

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Someone on YouTube has posted a video showing how to get the final 3 letters.

8th letter:

9th & 10th letter:

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Just see it in youtube...
They have the video to get letter 8th, 9th and 10th

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You need to jump With the spin run

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For the 1-7 torn letters, go to the faqs section(any of the 2 will work).
for the 8 - 10 torn letters, watch in <>

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