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Can you get other Vocaloid Voices?

Is it able to get Kaito sing some of the Songs?


joachim005 answered:

No. Only the voice of Ren, Lin and Hatsune Miku are in this game.

However, if I remember correctly, there is 1 track by Kaito (As an non-playable music track) in the Miku-room.
Also one for Luka, I believe. And if you're lucky, maybe people have made Edit-data of that one since there is a Kaito Module-convert (Costume) in the game.
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JSD324 answered:

Actually, in the edit room there is a song for Rin, for Ren, for Kaito, for Meiko, and for Luka. Plus the new DLC that was just released contains 7 songs for Rin, 2 for Ren, and 9 new songs for Luka.
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