Question from vinztch

How do i play it with multiplayer feature?

How do i play this game on multiplayer any one can help me?

reyramadhan asked for clarification:

I want to ask something

reyramadhan asked for clarification:

Why is ,y friend cannot see me but i also cannot see him


pureshield answered:

Enter the game and press start,press R and press O on the first option and press O again,so now you can play with some friends,get quest in the billboard,they can accept pressing start,and you can start a quest pressing start,and going in the first option of P3
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nishikado answered:

Press start, then R to go to the second page of the menu.
Press O on the first option and you will see City 1 - 15.

Choose either 1 of it and make sure you and your friends chose the same city.
But before that, ad hoc channel must be the same ( common sense )

Then you can trade friend cards, items (no restriction! Time to cheat! ), take quest etc.
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Shiindei answered:

Load or create a character you want to use, press the start button on psp to open menue, then press right shoulder trigger, from menue page 2 select multiplayer and then choose a city make sure your friend goes to the same city as you, from there play the game as you would normaly with the exception that the player who is not selecting the mission will have to press start and then confirm to join the chosen mission from there your good to go ^_^.
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JohnZone answered:

Press start enter multiplayer, join city 1 and select a quest at the board and ask someone you want to play with in the game then he join in your quest by starting up his menu
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JohnZone answered:

Then start ^_^
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FF7Cloude answered:

I need help beating chapter4. i need some people who have this game and play it help me. im lvl 31 but i cannot kill cao cao with the help of his buddies witch gives me no options as to how to beat cao cao himself twice while getting a beatdown by his buddies. can anyone help me beat the last 2 chapters as well?
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XiaoQiaoLevel50 answered:

- Press the "Start" button at the bottom right of your PSP.
- Press the "R" button on the top right.
- Click "Multi-player" .
- Select from city 1-15 (Each have the same quests) .
- Connect with your friends, play missions/quests. (Up to 4 players, max.)
Note: You cannot play ONLINE ONLINE, only with your friends. PSP does not have that feature like a PS3 or Xbox260.
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