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Fury mode?

This is a stupid question but...
What does Fury mode do specifically?
I notice that it increases attack speed and enhances the strength but I want to know more specifically

inugami101 provided additional details:

What about stats?
Attack, Defense, etc

Accepted Answer

PipoSnake answered:

During Fury Mode, you will have some abilities :

- Acquired Rush (1 Additional Rush)
- Acquired Spring (1 Additional Jump)
- Acquired Leap (Higher Jump)
- Can do Musou (but it will return you into normal)
- Some characters' fury gives you different or stronger charge attacks (Hold Triangle button, e.g. Ma Chao, Guan Yu)
- Some characters' fury adds range slashes that cuts in range (Normal Attacks, e.g. Cao Pi, Cao Cao)
- Fury Mode also gives you 2x Attack, 2x Defense, and some characters get 2x Speed (I don't know with the other stats, maybe it's just increases a bit)
- And also, your weapon's effect will be more effected to enemies in combos
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roly_chan answered:

It gives you another orbs ability (Rush & Spring) which is adding 1 extra jump and dash when you're in fury mode.
Also it will allow you to do musou attacks.
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