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Asked: 5 years ago

What does the color of the zombie change?

I have seen some zombie that turns red when you create them (the bombermen how I like to call them^^) some turn green (the ouroboros I guess or the green wolverine) and some turn into a darker blur (mages I guess). But I don't really know in what way it affects the zombie..

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I am talking about the color of the zombie themselves : depending on the soldier you transform they take different colors

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I've wondered that too I thought when they changed colors it meant they were getting attacked. I've only seen red one's so im not sure, anyways good luck with finding your answer! ^^

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You're talking about the zombie icons on the bottom right hand corner?

To my logic, it seems to be:

Blue - Normal
Red - Rage Mode (?), when you press R and command them to do something they blink red.
Yellow - Dead

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From wa ti know ...
dark blue-normal
red-fire(when thrown or slammed)
green-jump onto enemies
light blue-???? dont know


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green-jump and HIGH damage to any enemy, even bosses

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I got a save its on chapter seven
and some upgrades so how do
i upload them on here

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It differs by the character you play with. Probably Sylvie's Undead's are green.

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Well, I can help you with your problem! Here's the list of grunt zombies (without Executioners and Dreadnoughts):
1)blue ones - normal (you can get one from most enemies)
2)red ones - exploding (get from bombers. They explode when thrown or slammed at enemy [much like prinnies XD])
3)green ones - jumping (get from ouroboros)
4)big blue ones - increaset stats compared to normal ones (get from mages)
Hope it helps! :D

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1) Normal zombie- normal damage and no special abilities
2) red- when thrown to an enemy, it explodes upon impact, undead bombers
3) green- Has incredible speed and damage and jumps at enemies, undead ouroboros
4) blue- when this zombie is struggling with an enemy and you strike the enemy, it creates a double damage bonus, plus it creates more damage and is a little bigger than the others, undead mages
5) purple- usually the largest and most powerful, it is an undead executioner or a berserker.

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