Question from planetcaravan

Asked: 5 years ago

Should I get it?

I tried the demo and I love it but is it worth the $40 its priced at?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I love god of war and think this is better. Just letting you know that.

Accepted Answer

From: Pie_Slicer 5 years ago

The game is pretty good but it's not worth 40 dollars. Since it's a hack and slash game, it gets repetitive after a while and the game is only 20 chapters long. Before you even finish the game, you'll realize all you're doing is SQUARE SQUARE CIRCLE, or something similiar to that.

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Pretty agree with Pie_Slicer, it keeps repeating after a while.
In addition, Undead Knights has only a shallow storyline which is no match with the epic one in God of War.
GOW now just costs below $30 in some places, I don't know why UK dare that pirce.

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You can download the game on9 u dun need to buy 1

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