Question from MagicLink95

Asked: 5 years ago

Is this the same as the PS3 version?

I might buy this but I don't know if it's the same as PS3.

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From: JKiii 5 years ago

Story mode is also brand new. Unlike the PS3 version you can save online levels on a special moon and play them whenever you want instead of having to always be connected online.

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Yes and no, from what I've read it has two planes and no multiplayer, it also has toned down graphics (duh) but it seems to keep the same gameplay and maintained the community. I plan on buying it.

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No this different from the PS3 Version. Its has lower downed graphics, two layers only(i think) and its has crossstalk effect if you plug it in the ps3

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No, nothing like first LBP(well, sorta). I was disapointed that there is no multiplayer. But, story mode is sorta the same(you know same thing different people).

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