Question from glenwii

How do I solve the dragon egg puzzle?

It gives you 4 symbols. what order. i cant figure it out.

glenwii provided additional details:

Yeah i know i have solved all four puzzles but cant figure out the order of the four symbols,
green white red orange

glenwii provided additional details:

Zantriel - i have done the level if you read my question properly. i just couldnt figure out which way they went.
done the four puzzles.

Accepted Answer

MonkeyxTrance answered:

From left to right it's tiger duck dragon and snake.
Hope that helps.
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nairby answered:

Look at the 4 slots and you will see that each one has an orange box around it with a trail that travels upwards and eventually goes off into its own direction. Solve each of the problems to reveal the symbol then track the 'orange road' down to the slots and that's where it goes! Rinse and repeat!
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Tertle12 answered:

I think it is duck,tiger,dragon,snake. I'm just using my memory though. I am in the US area now, but nairby has a good answer thats how i figured it out :D
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Zantriel answered:

Nairby's answer is accurate. Each slot has a path going upwards, and in the middle is a grabbable pendulum. Hit R-trigger to hang onto it and it'll pull you into a whole new area with four branching paths, each one leads to that slot's answer. I do NOT know if it ever changes randomly or if it is static. No matter what though, I do not recommend skipping those're skipping most of the level (and at that point, why bother even playing the level?) and you're missing a ton of point bubbles and great items.
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