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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Are there enemies? Open 10
Other Help status answers
Are there any cheats for this game at all? Open 2
Are there costumes from assassins creed or god of war ad ons ? Open 1
Can I download levels made for the PS3 version? Open 1
Can I use stickers in My Pod? Open 1
Can The Demo Save Data...? Open 1
Can you add stickers to your sack boy? Open 3
Can you change the color of your clothes? Open 2
Can you give your self a name? Open 1
Can you make a switch activate after a certain amount of time? Open 1
Can you transfer your stuff back and forth from the PS3 version to the PSP version? Open 1
Cannot use the bolt tools in edit mode, how to use it? Open 2
Custom music? Open 2
Does the spade mark the picture once all levels are aced? Open 3
Does this still have multiplayer? Open 1
Has anyone passed the game yet? Open 1
How do I ace levels in all areas? Open 2
How do i change the name and description of my level? Open 1
How do I make objects you can grab in level creator? Open 3
How do you delete part of the material? Open 2
How to make Sackboy "teleport"? Open 2
How To Use DLC In This Game ? Open 1
Is the psp version diffrent than the ps3 version ? Open 1
Is there going to be any add-ons for lbp costumes ???? Open 3
Is this game good without online??? Open 3
Little Big Planet - Worth the time? Open 4
My moon magic carpet? Open 1
Pictures as stickers? Open 1
Track Names? Open 4
What kind of materials can u unlock and what color are they? Open 2
Why do sme levels have different names? Open 1
Why is my lbp save file not working? Open 2

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