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Unanswered Questions

Item Location Help Answers
Where can I find ( Merlins beard?)? 0
Where can I find Jeans with belt? 0
Where can I find the military helmet on the psp version? 0
All items? 1
All stickers in Crashing the Party? 2
Costumes? 2
Flipping creations? 4
How do i find the artic costume plz help me? 1
How do I name levels? 2
How do you find? 1
how to download Downloaded Content? HELP! 2
How to find these costume pieces:? 4
How to get the foot ball sticker in the walkabout? 3
How To Get This Costumes? 1
LBP psp-I cannot find or use any of my downloaded costumes? 1
Shooting objects? 3
Where are these materials? 1
Where can I find all Dinosaur related items? 1
Where can I find Caveman hair? 1
Where can I find Fire fighter mask? 1
Where can I find genie lamp sticker in road to joy? 1
Where can I find Helicopter Head? 1
Where can I find magic eyes? 3
Where can I find Stitch Eyes? 1
Where can I find the angel fish costume? 1
Where can I find the edit menu? 1
Where can i find the red tie? 1
Where can I find the star switch sticker? 3
Where can I find the stickers in the first level? 1
Where do downloaded add-ons show up? 1
Where is the Soldier Helmet? 1
Where is the Switch Connecter? 2
Wizard costume and cyclopse eye? 1
Can I make a fake waterfall? 2
How can i get the spiky wig? 1
How do I connect switches to objects? 2
Is it possible to obtain the dragon from The Orient? 1
Is the possible to get Big Ron? 1
Is there any cheat enabled cotumes? 1
Music for Sackar Rally? 1
Special costumes? 1
The magic flying rug? 1
Where can I find Dinosaur Tail? 1
Why i can't get the 'all collected gifts' in the introductioand down under? 1
Technical Help Answers
Bolts? 1
Can't leap or jump when holding X down? 3
Can't move after tutorial videos? 2
Does anyone else have problems with level editor? 4
Few Problems, Help anyone? 1
Game won't load, what do I do? 4
Game's driving me nuts!! help? 1
How do i connect to the community moon? 1
How do i enlarge and shrink things in my moon? 1
How do I install de DLCs? 1
How do you Cros-Talk with the Playstation 3 Version? 1
How to zoom in Sackboy in psp? 2
I can't connect to the online stuff, help? 1
Is there any other way to access the playstation store? 1
My grab switches aren't working? 1
My PSP crashed in a way? 1
Patches? 1
Why can't I play the game anymore? 3
Why does the game keep loading? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (Cannot find right save file)? 3
Back-Up Save File Problem? 1
Can I create two or more profiles? 2
Capturing objects? 1
Connecting to PS3? 1
Does anyone else have Button Layout Problem ? 1
Does anyone else have problems with online levels? 7
Editor help? Scaling issues and grippable objects 1
Everytime i try to connect to the community moon, it says that it cannot connect to sever does anyone know why? 2
How do I get the Scarab-coaster to run? 1
How do you upgrade to the latest version of LittleBigPlanet? 1
Level Editor? 1
My Moon? 1
Placing objects? 1
Please help LittleBigPlanet is breaking my psp??????? 1
Where's the DLC? 1
Why Can I Not Get The News To Work? 1
Why does the game keep telling me game crashed? 2
Why won't my creatures work? 2
Will it be avalible as a download from the playstation store? 10
Other Help Answers
Are there any cheats for this game at all? 2
Are there costumes from assassins creed or god of war ad ons ? 1
Can I download levels made for the PS3 version? 1
Can I use stickers in My Pod? 1
Can The Demo Save Data...? 1
Can you add stickers to your sack boy? 3
Can you change the color of your clothes? 2
Can you give your self a name? 1
Can you make a switch activate after a certain amount of time? 1
Can you transfer your stuff back and forth from the PS3 version to the PSP version? 1
Cannot use the bolt tools in edit mode, how to use it? 2
Custom music? 2
Does the spade mark the picture once all levels are aced? 3
Does this still have multiplayer? 1
Has anyone passed the game yet? 1
How do I ace levels in all areas? 2
How do i change the name and description of my level? 1
How do I make objects you can grab in level creator? 3
How do you delete part of the material? 2
How to make Sackboy "teleport"? 2
How To Use DLC In This Game ? 1
Is the psp version diffrent than the ps3 version ? 1
Is there going to be any add-ons for lbp costumes ???? 3
Is this game good without online??? 3
Little Big Planet - Worth the time? 4
My moon magic carpet? 1
Pictures as stickers? 1
Track Names? 4
What kind of materials can u unlock and what color are they? 2
Why do sme levels have different names? 1
Why is my lbp save file not working? 2
Are the round glasses a starter item? 1
Are the trainers a starter item? 1
Are the wellington boots a starter item? 1
Are there any extras in this game? 1
Are they making a little big planet 2 for psp? 1
Can you move using the d-pad? 1
Dragon egg? 2
Glass? 2
How do I add a jetpack to my level? 3
How do i download other people's levels? 1
How Do I Get Passed The Green Frog In The Down Under World ? 1
How do I get rid of "padding" in create mode? 2
How do make platforms that spring? 1
How do you Ace a level? 2
How do you add text to your own levels? 2
How do you use bolts in the editor? Mine isn't working? Game might be glitched? 1
How much??? 1
Invisible material? 1
Is it possible to download the Character Packs with the UMD version? 1
Is the brown wool a starter item? 1
Is the chicken helmet one of the items you start off with? 2
Is this game multiplayer? 1
Is this the same as the PS3 version? 4
Magic eye? 1
Movie clips? 1
Outfits? 1
Quick question about memory? 3
UMD Update? 1
What Game Should I Get For PSP??? 4
What the Hell?!?! 2
What website do i use to download other peoples' level creations? 6

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