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Where Do You Put/ship your goods?

Kindly be specific.. I really don't know where to ship my goods..

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Coconut_0 answered:

You don't ship goods. you make deliveries to shops. for example go to the sunset cafe and go to the menu when you want to buy something. after that you will see request deliveries press that menu and you will see deliveries that you want to accomplish when you have the specified items go to the shop again and go to deliveries you know what to do next. sorry for the long faq ^^
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clara_lin answered:

There's no shipping bin in this game. In order to sell your items, you need to go to the respective related shop to sell them.
Eg. If you want to sell your animal products, go to Brownie's farm, if you want to sell ores go to Rune's tool shop. You can sell food/crops in both the supermarket, villa and cafe. For fishes, mainly in villa.
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