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Tips and tricks for horse racing?

Do you need specific things so that you can finish first?

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cheeze019 answered:

First You need to sign up...
and pick a race ....
a tips for race ,,,get a food for ur horse because if the horse stamina is empty the horse is too slow
carrot - boost the horse or makes speed for ur horse
alfafa sprout - more stamina than green herbs and fodder
i cant remember the others ...
u want to know the others?? just go to bob every thursday and train and he ask u do u know race?? and ill answer no theres a step the bob to tell u and also the foods of horse (race)
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Whitewolf259 answered:

well for starters if dont go in the spring race fes your first year becuse you'll just lose. you can try for the fall race though if you really took well care of your horse. Feed, brush, and talk to it everyday. When it gets old enough to ride start to train it by riding it. Oh letting it outside is a plus BUT BRING IT IN WHEN IT RAINS!! Hope that helps
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clara_lin answered:

Take your horse for walk everyday to give a boost on AP to raise his heart.
Bring him training at Starling's Ranch every tuesday and thursday.

For Short Distance rely on speed, so bring carrots.
For long and stepplechase, rely on stamina, because both are stamina consuming, so bring pontata roots/fodder.

Always aim for the left most of the race track because it has the shortest distance. Do not bump on other horses coz it will slow down your horse.
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Game_Guru123 answered:

I only train my horse for almost 3 days to ride it!
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Game_Guru123 answered:

I did not w8 for it to become old.hehehehehehe
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danielbrix98 answered:

what the meaning of AP ?
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Swordust answered:

^ Affection Points.
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PonPonPataPon_4 answered:

The secret in winning horse races lies in two things: training and getting the right items.

During Thursdays, go see Bob in his ranch from 9 am to 1 pm. Ask him to train with you. At the end of the session, you're horse's racing stats will increase.

Go bring some useful items on Race Day. For stamina, I recommend bringing Pontata Roots. They can be found using you're dog's ability to search. For speed, bring some mineral carrots. If you're having trouble getting this items just settle on some Green Herbs - they're decent enough.
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