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Horse training question?

I triggered the event that made Bob and Gwen appear in front of my house inviting me to train for the race, telling that their schedules would be on tuesdays and thursdays. sadly, rain occurred during that time and no event took place

i went to bob's ranch a week after that consecutive schedule of rain to train but whenever i talked to him or gwen, there's no option to train my horse.

so the question is, is there another way to train in order to boost the stats of my horse?

bakakabaXX provided additional details:

@ setsuna

Actually, that's my problem. my horse has already 5 hearts and still got pwned in short and long course during the seasonal race. also, i tried approaching gwen during her dayoff (tuesdays) but no option to practice with her came up. should i bring my horse when i ask her to practice? should i ask her to practice at exactly 9am since if i recall correctly, their practice availability on tuesdays and thursdays ran from 9am-1pm. should i be on-time during those times?

slayers100 asked for clarification:

Does horse training just help you get used to riding in a race? or does it add friendship/love points?

gericauriel04 asked for clarification:

uhmm.. I just want to ask that where could i find gwen on her free schedule every tuesdays


setsuna100 answered:

Don't worry about it too much.

Once the rainy season has passed, there's plenty of time for you to train your horse. In the meantime, focus on taking good care of your horse everyday. Do not take it out during rainy days as this may cause your horse to become sick and dislike you (that includes mounting/riding it).

The Balance Sheet on your table (where you save your game) will show the status of your horse via the number of hearts it has. This has direct effect to your horse's agility.

Note that Gwen will race with you on every Tuesdays while Bob on every Thursdays, that's their schedule : )
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setsuna100 answered:

@ bakakabaXX

You might want to try bringing your horse along. I always bring my horse out since it travels faster than walking, and definitely reduces time wastage. (I'm still in Fall, Year 1 and I nearly lost that long-distance race, it seems that the computer opponents are somehow able to accelerate a lot all of a sudden without the need to whip!)

Back to topic, yes you're correct. You will see Gwen (Tuesdays) and Bob (Thursdays) at the ranch. You just need to be there with your horse [u]between[/u] 9am to 1pm. Meaning that they'll be free within these 4 hours.

Hope I've answered your doubt : )
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