Question from blurrymoon_09

I missed a mecha event...?

It seems that I missed the horse race registration and I can't get to compete with the mechanical horse on Spring year 2. It says on the guide that you get to race it twice and you can race it until spring 27 but it never triggered on me. Will I never be able to finish Alice's event in order to marry her then?

giovanitsee asked for clarification:

Hello, can we get married with gwen of we missed the event?


randel_96 answered:

Sorry if ..... sorry dude you cant marry her anymore how's this you just download a new savedata in the save menu then try again in my save i married her..... goodluck XD bye log in tom
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clara_lin answered:

You can but it might be a bit hard, as you need all the boost from mecha events to raise Alice FP.
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giovanitsee answered:

Can we get married with gwen if we missed the event?
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