Question from gangetsu

What is the easiest way to earn money?

Im short on money and need to know


urmatan answered:

get a cow milk L can give you many $ and also try rice or tomatao
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cyborg_2021 answered:

just use the cheese trick:

in winter, buy all the cheese that you can get then sell it to the moon garden pub (night). It is a wanted item so it sells about 550 G. So you have 50 G profit. Do this everyday and you'll be rich in no time.

--hope this helps...
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Lamex answered:

Like what urmatan said, get cow milk L, but make it into cheese by cooking it in the pot. Sells for much more
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anis_b answered:

You Just Have To Work At Sterling Ranch From 8.00 pm Until 6.00...And You Will Get 1000..
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LinkTheMan00 answered:

I dont Know If this Work For you all But i use This Way:
1.First Do a Job in Bob farm, Maybe 10 or 12 Days Just In Case (Already Got 12k)
2. Buy a fishing Rod and Upgrade it To MAX Lv
3.Go Crazy at Beach Until You Fish a Treasure (I Got Myself 3-4 in a day, 6 if Really Lucky)
4.Sell It To The Item Store (Not The Corp or the inn one*Forgot the Name)
5. Ta da..... You got 3k-6k A Day, Posible To Get 100k+ in A year if you do this all The day :v
*Note : Dont Fishing in the rainy day, it will drop your stamina and decrease yhe item you get.....Oh if you chase the alice path you can give this as her present :3

Well That all i know hope this help (y)
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