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Asked: 4 years ago

How to get Harvest Goddess to highest FP if one of the Bachelorette already have a red heart?

Please help me. I am already in the 2nd year, FALL 5. The Harvest Goddess have 5 hearts which I believe to be equivalent to an orange heart. But I also made a mistake by always giving Dia gifts and now she's in her red heart. Do i have enough time to make The Harvest Goddess have a red heart and experience her confession or am i stuck with Dia? I already finished some story quests (tale of the cake contest, 100y.o. cherry tree, golden potato, horse race champion, harvest goddess dress, Holy Masterpiece, the secret fossil) I am also finished with all the MECHA events. PLEASE HELP ME! I WANT THE HARVEST GODDESS SO BADLY!!

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Harvest goddess can only be maried if she is the only red heart.

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Ahaha! I did not know we can merry harvest goddest...well thats cool!

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