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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you get lumber???

Need help

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From: clara_lin 5 years ago

There's only 1 way to get lumber which is work in the lumberjack.
To do so, you need to talk to Woody and choose the 2nd option anyday, except wednesday and rainy day

In early games, you cant get any of the lumber, but you'll get paid for your work, after the 5th times, you'll be able to get the lumber.However, you can only visit that woodcutting spot once every 3 days.
(He wont let you cut the trees too often XD)

tips: the longer you wait, eg, 5 days instead of 3 days, the trees will get bigger, and so you can get more lumber , though you'll need a several more cuts.(like 5 times instead of 3)

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Just be friends with Woody then he will open the forest for ya

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The entrance is in the beach in the high land there I will post a faq for this game im still working on it

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How can i Use my hammer in the mine!!!!

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I cant push the ores then i can use my hammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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