Question from DarkDweller09

How do I get past Axel mode episode 2 chapter 3?

I have already unlocked the dark world and i have to finish it in 20 turns can someone help me?


Nemesis895 answered:

Could you give more info on your characters? also make sure your characters levels are high and well equipped enough to take the archers out in one or two blows. equip glasses to improve your hit if it's below 50% if you have ranged attackers have them destroy the geo crystals, otherwise just go through and kill off the archers once you kill off the originals the clones will usually leave the panels and chase you have some characters focus on killing the clones while others take care of the originals and make sure you have haven't passed any stronger enemy bills if you did then lower them to decrease the enemies health.
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twrdrockfan answered:

Level a lot more on 1-4, bribe the heck out of the senate with cheap items, level further on Cave of Ordeals 1.

As far as tactics, use 1 strong character to clear each tile as you go, and follow behind him or her with some Thieves/Catsabers/anything with a good move distance. As each tile is cleared, fill it with one of your movers. As long as there is no empty tile, no clones can be made.
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