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How do I get past trading boar?

I already have wheat but i cant seem to unlock the ducks and goose. how can i unlock them?


midizeronine answered:

Fresh cut wheat won't do any good. Let it dry for some time then trade it at Napot Market.
1-Dried Wheat gives:
3-Female Marmots
2-Buckwheat seeds
1 Young Duck
1 Young Goose
1 Young Ferret
1 Wheat Sign
1 Wheat Crate

Eventually, you'll get Duck Feathers:
3 Duck Feathers gives:
1 Young Boar
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dark_mitri answered:

In order to get a Young Goose or a Young Duck, you need to exchange some Dried Wheat in Napot Market.

In order to get Dried Wheat, you need to plant it - get the seeds from a Rabbit Fur - and wait for it to grow. You will get some Fresh Cut Wheat and you will need to wait a little more to get it dry.
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