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                             U N B O U N D      S A G A

                                  Walkthrough by MJ


- Controls
- Difficulty
- Gameplay
- Characters / Skills
- Story Mode Walkthrough
- Survival Mode
- Comic Viewer



          Block        - L Button
          D-pad/Analog - Movement
          Select       - Character switch
          Start        - Menu
          Run          - Left or Right twice (hold second press)
          Dodge        - Up or Down twice



Easy:   Enemies don't block, do less damage. No challenge really.

Normal: Enemies do block often, do ok damage on you. I would start with this
        one first for a challenge.

Hard:   Enemies block a lot. Harder to kill. Do this one when you have your
        skills maxed out.



It plays as a standard beat-em up. You clear each panel before going on to the
next. If you remember Sega's Comix Zone then thats pretty much how this game
plays. Theres 10 stages that last about 15 minutes each. The game is fairly

You have 2 characters that can be switch at any time by pressing select. They
each have there own life bars. If one is near death then quickly switch to the
other before dieing. If you die it's game over. You have to start the stage all
over again.

The blue bar below the health bar is the characters stamina. Using special moves
will deplete the stamina. Standing still will make the bar refill faster.
Sometimes the characters will glow a golden aura. This will power up your
characters attacks for a very short time, killing most enemies when attacked.

Tokens: Sometimes enemies and bosses will drop tokens. These tokens are used to
        power up your skills. Go to the menu screen to access the skill list.
        The skills is like a tier list. You have to use one point to access the
        next skill on the line. Each skill has 3 levels to power up. The more
        points used on a skill the more powerful it will become. Press start
        again to confirm your choices. Once you press start you cannot change
        your selection.

power-ups:     You can find these on enemies and even sometimes inside boxes on
               the stages. You can refill both your characters gauges with
               these. Since Lori can self heal I would give the health to Rick
               (if needed).




      Combos  -  Mule Kick:        Circle, Square, X
                 Iron Grip:        Circle, Square, Triangle
                 Crackdown:        X, Square, Circle
                 Spin Kick:        X, Sqaure, X
                 Whirlwind:        X, Square, Triangle
                 Fist of Thunders: Circle, Square, Circle

      Slams   -  Bodyslam:         Sqaure, Square
                 Put Down:         Sqaure, Circle
                 Backbreaker:      Sqaure, X

      Talents -  Weapon Master   - More Weapon Damage
                 Bodybuilder     - More HP
                 Wrestler        - More Slam damage
                 Regeneration    - Refill HP (slow)
                 Critical Strike - chance of 2x damage

      Power   -  Iron Fists      - More Punch/Kick damage
                 Americana       - More combo damage
                 R.I.P           - chance of instant kill

      Moves   -  Grab:            Square
                 Weapon Grab:     R-Shoulder button
                 Throw:           Triangle
                 Lunge:           While running - Circle
                 Dropkick:        While running - X
                 Stomp:           While enemy on ground: X
                 Elbow drop:      While enemy on ground: Circle

The stronger of the two Rick has good damage and better HP then Lori. His grabs
are cool but he can be hit out of them, so use it on single enemies mostly. His
regeneration is very slow even on level 3. Combos are good but a bit slow
sometimes, and require some stamina. His best feature is that you can grab
weapons, enemies, and objects throughout the stages and use them on the enemies.
This is where he does the most damage.

His best moves: Grabs, Throw, Lunge (it's unblockable), and all Talents/Power,
                Put Down to clear enemies.


      Combos  -   The Zipper:          Circle, Square, Circle
                  Dirty Trick:         Circle, Square, X
                  The Windpipe:        X, Square, Circle
                  Viper Strike:        X, Square, X
                  The Ankle Biter:     Circle, Square, Triangle
                  Hammer Heel:         X, Square, Triangle

      Shadow  -   Heal:                Hold R, Hold Left, Release R
                  Mind Control:        Stamina refills faster
                  Venom Cloud:         Hold R, Hold Up, Release R
                  Confuse:             Hold R, Hold Right, Release R
                  Shadow Fighter:      Hold R, Hold Down, Release R

      Talents -   Metabolism Control - Move faster
                  Boiling Blood      - Attack faster
                  Pain Control       - take less damage
                  Dodge              - increase chance to auto-dodge

      Power   -   Ninjutsu:            Invisibilty
                  Vanish:              Hold Down, press X
                  Critical Strike:     increase chance of 2x damage
                  Assassinate:         increase chance of instant kill

      Moves   -   Jump:                Square
                  Select Spell:        R-Button
                  Jump Kick:           Jump, X or Circle
                  Flip attack:         While running - Circle
                  Multi Kicks:         While running - X
                  Stab attack:         While enemy on ground: Circle
                  Legdrop:             While enemy on ground: X

The weaker of the two, she makes it up with speed. She has complete mobility on
screen because she can jump. She also has great magics in her arsenal. She can
heal at any time with enough stamina. Her second best magic is Venom Cloud which
can attack all enemies on screen at once. This you will be most likely using a
lot, it also can kill off most enemies in 2 or 3 blast. Her combos are ok but
again shes the weaker of the two so it's best to stick with the magics. Confuse
and Shadow Fighter don't last long. Her jump kick attacks are her most damaging
moves, use them a lot. Not only does she have great spells but she has shadow
spots in the game. These blue spots let you become invincible, which means you
have a great place to hide to heal or refill stamina. Some enemies can uncloak
you but it is temporary. Out of the two shes my favorite. Did I mention she has
meat cleavers for weapons?

Her best moves: Heal, Venom Cloud, Mind Control, Jump Kicks, Pain Control,
                Metabolism Control



Episode 1

Pretty straight forward here. Beat up the goons and keep going right. Grab
the stop sign and whack the enemies with it, it has good range. When you reach
the boss focus on him and not the other enemies. Simple attacks will take him
down. He will drop a token, use it for upgrades. At the last panel a enemy
will drop another token, grab it before the level ends! I would save the skill
points for Lori on Episode 2.

Episode 2

Now you can switch between Lori and Rick with Select. Beat up the goons and
climb the ladder up. Since your partner never takes damage it's a good strategy
to let the goons fight her and you just throw objects at them. Do this if you're
low on health. When fighting the military enemies grab the metal debris to kill
them even faster.

When you get switched to Lori use the blue spots to hide from enemies. I would
get the Heal, Venom Cloud, and Mind Control (if you have enough) skills first
before proceeding. Venom Cloud is good to kill multiple enemys at once. Disable
the switches from left to right with the Circle button. Kill the rest of them
to finish this level.

Episode 3

When you get to the fan blades use Rick to move the objects to hit the switch.
Then bash the fan. You will meet up with a new friend here. Let him do most
of the attacking and you just do Venom Clouds. Destroy the generator to proceed.
Find the 2 switches on the wall (one is on the far right of the room) to free
Rick. More butt kicking in the later rooms. Throw the red object at the fan
(or bash it with Rick) to end the level.

Episode 4

Protect Rick while he holds the door. Destroy the hive structure or they will
keep coming out. A few jump kicks will destroy it. Hit the switches on all 3
sides to open the door. Destroy the next hive in the next panel. More butt
kicking and you're pretty much done here.

Episode 5

The only thing to look out for on this level are the falling stalactite's. If
you get hit by one it might be game over, (unless you buffed up damage control
you might survive barely). The rocks and ice shards on this level are great to
kill them even faster with two or more hits, pick those up and bash away. The
werewolfs can be tough for Lori, she needs to Venom cloud them 3 or 4 times to
kill them off, let Rick take care of them for her.

Episode 6

More of the same here. Rocks do great damage on them. When you reach the boss
use Venom Cloud to kill the boss in 3 hits. When you get to the radiation part
switch to Lori and use jump kicks with Venom Clouds to kill them fast before
oxygen runs out. Rick is just to slow for this part.

Episode 7

Nothing out of the ordinary on this level. Enemies are getting tougher but you
should be powered up on skills by now. Venom Cloud is still awesome to use and
take out multiple enemies at once with. Destroy the elevator with jump kicks
to stop the enemies from coming. She does more damage then Rick on objects
which I find weird. Stay away from the flames on the ground which does damage
to you. Press the switch in the fan room or enemies will keep coming out. The
rest of the level is just beating up the goons til the end.

Episode 8

Stay away from the traps on the ground inside the temple, they are highlighted.
Press the switches to deactivate the door. To deactivate the next switches in
the next room have one stand on each side, press the switch then select the next
person and press there switch. Hit the levers in the following letters
W-O-L-F-R-U-N in that order to deactivate the gas. The boss is easy, let Lori
cloud the goons and Rick just clobber him. After you talk to the boss attack him
again for a free token!

Episode 9

Heres some tips for the cage fight:

* Use running lunge back and forth in the cage. It's a unblockable move and you
  can hit multiple enemies with it at a time.

* Regenerate while grabbing someone. If you need health and you only got one
  enemy in the cage hold them while you heal before you fight the next bunch.
  He heals slow but grabbed enemies can't break his grab hold.

* Use dodge alot during combos. They like to block a lot of hits so dodge after
  you do a combo that is blocked.

The rest of the level is just fighting the goons. Done.

Episode 10

The boss can be tough if you are using Rick because the other enemies will gang
up on him. I would use Lori and hide in the blue spot and cast Venom Cloud til
it dies. After the cutscene the game is done. Quite a ridiculous story if you
ask me :P

All skills and additional points are saved for the next game, if you really want
to play this again.



This is just a endless fight of enemies to get a top score. You gain nothing
from it so if you just want to bash enemies for points then here you go. You can
select a stage from the story mode to fight in and pick either Lori or Rick.
The damage multiplier goes up until you get hit, then you have to start it up
again. Lori is best suited for this with her cloud spell. Enemies can uncloak
her so watchout!



View all the comic cutscenes in story mode. Joy!

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