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||T |||H |||E |||       |||S |||O |||U |||L |||       |||6 ||

|                       Author:HolyDragonFire                                |
|                       Began: May 17, 2009                                  |
|                       Last Revised: March 27, 2010                         |

I've used a system for people that want to quickly find a certain section of 
my FAQ. Below, in the Table of Contents, there are the codes HTS<Number> to 
the left of a Section listed. Simply press CTRL+F to bring up a search box,
then type down the code of the section you wish to jump to.

Table of Contents:

HTS01) Basic Terminology
HTS02) Single Match Controls
HTS03) Tag Match Controls
HTS04) Menu and Options List
HTS05) Tutorial Guide
HTS06) Story Missions Guide
HTS07) Frequently Asked Questions
HTS08) Soul Customization Guide
HTS09) Soul Championship Guide
HTS10) Soul Codes List
HTS11) Unique Tag Team Specials
HTS12) Character Roster
HTS13) Version History
HTS14) Legal
HTS15) Credits

|HTS01                           Basic Terminology                           |

Here are some terms that you will see often throughout this FAQ. I recommend
that you read this through if you are a beginner to the series or you wish to
brush up on your HTS knowledge.

Combo cancel: When you use this after an attack, your character will recover 
faster. A red flash will appear around your character briefly to indicate that
you have used it. This can be used to chain combos, but it uses up reiatsu for
every use. The cost of reiatsu increases noticeably each time you use it in 
the same combo, thus preventing you from pulling off infinite combos.

Dash: By double tapping the direction that your character is currently facing 
(left or right), you can execute a dash that allows you to get in close to your
opponent. This dash also negates some projectile attacks as well as reiatsu
bursts. If two characters dash at the same time, they will collide, the screen
will darken, and the characters clash together for a few seonds. To win this,
simply press any of the face buttons (Triangle, Square, Circle and Triangle) as
fast as possible. Take note that if you get hit while doing a dash, you take
more damage. Learn to use this well, and your offensive options opens up.

Powerup mode: When you have filled up your Reiatsu Gauge to the max (2 times),
Press L+R to activate this. For a limited amount of time, you will be able to
use unlimited specials and continually chain attacks that normally couldn't be
linked as well, and your health will recover slowly. You will be surrounded by
a yellow aura when you enter this mode, and the time you have left is 
indicated by the white flame in your Reiatsu Gauge.

Reiatsu burst: Hold down Square to start charging your gauge. You will notice 
a blue aura expanding around you. If you hit the opponent while they are in the
radius, they will be momentarily stunned. However, if they are attacking when
you let go of the reiatsu charge, YOU will be stunned, so keep that in mind.

Note that if you want to cancel charging, simply press in any direction, and 
your character will stop charging. This comes in use if say, an opponent is 
dashing towards you, and a reiatsu burst won't stun him. Cancel your reiatsu 
burst and defend.

Reiatsu gauge: Basically the equivalent of Street Fighter's super gauge. 
Charge this up and you can use special attacks, tag team special and combo 

Reiatsu: Just in case you're wondering what the heck this means, it's loosely
translated as spiritual pressure, sorta like how powerful you are.

Soul blaze: An attack that allows your character to pull off a long string of
attacks at the expense of reduced damage. Long recovery time, and mediocre

Note: You can deal some decent damage from Soul Blazes if you enter Up+O,
Left+O, Down+O, Right+O, O as your combo. If you did it correctly, the screen
will flash red at the end of the Soul Blaze combo .

Soul code: An item that grants several different unique properties to your 
character. Ranges from minor stat increases to severely broken properties like 
not staggering from attacks, auto reiatsu charging, etc.

Special: A move unique to a character, it does more damage then normal and has
a nifty animation if you manage to hit them. 
Most characters have two different specials, some only have one.

Tag team Mode: Only in Tag matches, this replaces the powerup mode. While in 
this mode, for a short amount of time, you will be able to use your special 
attack and call your partner character as much as you want, as well as having
the option to activate a Tag team special.

Tag team special: Both your characters will participate in this special, doing
more damage then a special performed by a single character. Some combinations
of characters have special cutscenes when performing this Tag team special.

Throw: An attack that goes through block and does a set amount of damage. It 
will be negated if you are hit while trying to throw. Only hits when the enemy
is standing on the ground, if they are on the
floor on in the air it will not hit.

|HTS02                         Single Match Controls                         |

D-pad: Moves your character. Hold the direction away from the enemy to block,
tap up or down to sidestep in the respective direction.

Analog stick: Same effect as D-pad.

Triangle: Makes your character jump. Most characters will perform an air dash
if you double tap this button.

Square: Charges your reiatsu.

Square+X: Activates your character's special attack.

Square+O: Activates your character's other special attack, if they have one.

Square+Triangle: Makes your character attack using Soul Blaze.

X: Weak Attack.

O: Heavy Attack.

R Trigger: Combo Cancel. 

R Trigger +L Trigger: Activates Powerup mode, and if the character is able to
transform, they will transform to a more 
advanced stage. Note that they can only transform one stage higher. For 
example, Ichigo in his sealed state is only able to go up to Shikai, not 

|HTS03                         Tag Match Controls                            |

Tag Matches are around the same as the Single Match controls, with several 

Combo Cancel is now gone. Powerup mode is gone. Transformations are gone.

You can choose another character to use, allowing you to perform new attacks 
and swap out with your partner character. All of these need cooldown after
being performed and you won't be able to call your other character to help or
switch places with you for a while. If you activate Tag team mode the cooldown
is temporarily removed, allowing you to constantly use your partner character.

Swap out - L Trigger now makes your character switch place with your other 
selected character. 

Decoy - If you are being hit, when you press L Trigger your other character 
will temporarily take your current character's place, taking the hits for you.

Aid - R Trigger summons your other character temporarily, and they will
perform an attack.

L+R Trigger now activates Tag Team mode.

|HTS04                       Menu and Options List                           |

Here is a list of all the different modes of Bleach HTS6, as well as all the
translations for the options. Big thanks goes to Ichinuts for sending me this 

Story Mode: When selected, first option starts Story Mode and second option 
deletes your progress. During battle, if you pause the game, the menu will 
have these options in the following order: (1) Continue Game, (2) Configure 
controls (Seconds option from bottom is reset to default, bottom option is to 
return to pause menu), (3) Control Layout (Directly corresponds with Default/
Custom controls), (4) Combo List, (5) Exit Game (Top is yes, bottom is no)

Soul Championship: When selected, you are presented with two options. The 
bottom changes the way the CPU battles are handled. When you select that 
bottom option, you can then choose three options:

- The left one: when two cpu players/teams encounter in the tournament, the 
battle consists in a dialog followed by the vanishing of the loser team, all 
with drawings.

- The middle one: the CPU battles are normal battles (as they would be if the 
player controlled a character)but with the two characters controlled by the 
CPU. (This type of battle can be skipped by pausing the game and selecting the 
third option)

- The right one: when two cpu players/teams encounter in the tournament, the 
winner instantly passes to the next round, without even showing another screen.
It is the quickest and most pratical option of them all. 

The top option begins Championship mode. Once you have selected a Championship
to play, you are faced with two red circles with white letters. The left 
circle is Solo, the right circle is Tag Team.

Arcade Mode: Same two red circles, same pause Menu as Story Mode.

Vs Cpu: This is where you fight an AI opponent. 

Soul Vs: This is multiplayer.

Soul Customize: Customize your own Soul Layout, see my section below for more

Training: Top option is Battle Training, Bottom is Tutorial Mode.

Battle Training- When Battle Training is selected, pick a character(s) to use 
and fight against, then a stage to play on. A menu then comes up with four 

(1)Sets the BattleStance/CPU Difficulty. Difficulty ranges from CPU Lvl 1
(weakest) to CPU Lvl 5(strongest). If you just want to practice the moves 
without the AI fighting back, there are three Stance options. Highlight CPU 
Lvl 5, then press right once. This is NO STANCE mode. Your opponent will just
stand there doing nothing. To the right of that option is RECOVER STANCE. 
Your opponent will not block your attacks, but attempts to recover every time 
they get juggled into the air/knocked to the ground. Finally, to the right of 
that option is BLOCK STANCE. Your opponent will attempt to block all attacks 
you throw at them.

(2) Turns On/Off Infinite Reiatsu 

(3) Turns On/Off Infinite Tag Use(the little 'OK' sign above your partner's 
health gauge will always be on).

(4) Show/Hide Key Input Panel(shows you what buttons you pressed in 
combination). Pause Menu is pretty much the same as the others, but the fifth 
option down allows you to change the settings of Battle Training, and the 
option below that allows you to return to the character/stage select screen.

Tutorial- See section below for an in-depth guide.

Appendix: The optinos are as follows, from top to bottom:
(1) Difficulty Settings (Top option sets difficulty for ?????, middle option 
sets difficulty of Arcade Mode, bottom option returns to Options Menu) 

(2) Control Configuration (Highlight a command and push the desired key to 
change it. Bottom option returns to Options Menu, whereas the option above
resets to Default) 

(3) Sound Options (Top options is ????, second options adjust the volume for 
Sound Effects, third option adjust the volume for Background Music, bottom 
option returns to the Options Menu.) 

(4) Save/Load Menu (Top option saves, second option loads, third option 
toggles autosave[left is Off, right is On], fourth option is delete, and 
bottom option returns to the Menu.

|HTS05                         Tutorial Guide                                |

Uh, yeah. A guide for getting through the tutorials, sounds weird eh? The main
problem for people is that the objectives are in japanese, so they don't know
what to do. Here I'll list the objectives for completing each tutorial.

To enter tutorial mode, scroll to the Training option in the main menu, and
select the second option. You will then be able to choose from 6 tutorial
lessons. I'll run them through in order.

1st Tutorial: Part 1 - This introduces you to the basics of attacking. You 
can fool around a bit if you want, but to clear this part just beat Urahara.

1st Tutorial: Part 2 - This introduces you to learning how to defend, sidestep
and recover. Just wait for the 20 seconds to pass and you'll clear this.

1st Tutorial: Part 3 - This introduces you to the reiatsu gauge, special
attacks and reiatsu bursts. To clear this, beat Urahara up like normal. When 
his health won't go down anymore, you have to finish him off with a special 
attack (Square+X).

1st Tutorial: Part 4 - Beat up poor Urahara again, but this time when his
health won't go down any more, use Soul Blaze (Square+Triangle) to win.

2nd Tutorial: Part 1 - This mission introduces you to Tag matches. For this 
mission just summon your partner character to attack the enemy 3 times (R 

2nd Tutorial: Part 2 - This mission will introduce you to switching between
your two characters in Tag matches. In this mission, Ichigo does very little
damage against Rukia(Female enemy) and normal damage against Renji(Male Enemy)
while Chad does very little damage to Renji and normal damage to Rukia. So to
clear this mission, use a character that does normal damage against the enemy,
and when they switch out, you should also swap (L Trigger) to your other 
character. Beat them and you'll clear this.

2nd Tutorial: Part 3 - This mission is a little confusing. It's suppose to
introduce you to the aspects of letting your other character take damage for 
you. Notice that OK indicator in tag matches that appears near your reiatsu 
bar? That tells you that you can use your partner character. Let the enemy hit
you. As they are hitting you, press L Trigger, and your other character will 
appear for a short while to take some damage for you. To beat this mission,
you have to counter attack after using the decoy, and repeat the whole thing 2
more times. E.g. Rukia/Renji attacks you, you press L trigger, your other 
character temporarily switches place with you to take some damage, then when
you reappear, quickly attack the enemy. The detection for this mission seems a
bit off, so it might take a few more tries to get a mission clear.

2nd Tutorial: Part 4 - This mission introduces you to Tag team specials. To
beat this, simply charge up your reiatsu until its full, then press L+R to
activate your Tag Team mode. You will notice that your reiatsu gauge is now
white in color, and draining fast. Quickly reiatsu burst the enemy, then dash
towards them and use a tag team special (Square+X).

3rd Tutorial: Part 1 - This introduces you to Combo cancels. To clear this,
simply charge up your reiatsu until it's full, attack, then press R Trigger to
combo cancel. If you did it you will see a red flash around your character.
Repeat this two more times to clear the mission.

3rd Tutorial: Part 2 - This mission introduces you to transforming. To clear
this, simply charge up your reiatsu until it's full, then press L+R to
transform. After that, just beat the enemy up until their health runs out.

4th Tutorial: Part 1 - This mission introduces you to the Heavy Smash. The 
ability lets you deal some damage to the enemy even if they are blocking. To 
win, just keep attacking Kenpachi. You should notice his health goes down 
slightly even though he is blocking your attacks. Keep doing this, eventually
when you get his health down to around 3 quarters you will win.

4th Tutorial: Part 2 - This mission introduces you to the countering. 
To win, just keep blocking. Kenpachi will eventually attack you. When you 
block his attack, quickly press O. If you did it correctly, you will do a 
upwards slash, and the area below your reiatsu gauge will say Counter. Do this
2 more times to win.

5th Tutorial: Part 1 - This mission introduces you to back attacks. This is an
extremely annoying mission mainly because it is very hard to get back attacks.
To get a back attack, circle around the enemy and wait for her to attack. If 
she starts attacking, then quickly move around to behind her and attack. If 
you managed to attack her back, you will see the screen flash yellow. Do this
2 more times to win.

Update: Haze has sent in a better way to clear this. 'Press triangle twice to 
get behind them then a quick circle.With Ichigo, use that speedy dash around 
the opponent (For White Ichigo it was Up+X then O,)then hit them from behind.
Against fast people who move around, move around just as much and spam the up 
or down buttons to get a back attack.'

5th Tutorial: Part 2 - Another annoying mission. This introduces you to uh...
tactical retreats? Anyways, what you must do is keep blocking. When Yoruichi
attacks, press O. If you did it right, your character will jump backwards. Do
this 4 more times to win.

6th Tutorial: Part 1 - Hooray, an easy mission. This introduces you to my 
favorite ability, Splash Soul. Basically when the battle starts, reiatsu burst
to send the enemy into the air. Then reiatsu burst again while he is in the
air to send him flying backwards. Then dash towards him again and reiatsu
burst him as he is lying on the ground. If you did this right you will have
completed the mission in less then 5 seconds. Poor Ishida.

6th Tutorial: Part 2 - This mission introduces you to Just Guard, another
excellent skill. You have to guard just as the enemy attacks you. Try to time
it so that you block just before the attack lands. If you did it right, the
screen will flash blue, and the enemy will be momentarily stunned. Do this 2
more times to complete the tutorial.

|HTS06                         Story Missions Guide                          |


Apparently if you press that accursed option and play Story Mode, missions 57
and above won't appear, thus preventing you from achieving 100%.

Mission 1: Easy mission. To get an S rank, simply spam Down+O continuously, 
and when he has very little health left, finish him off with a special attack
if you like.

Mission 2: There is a timer on this level, but it's very generous (2 minutes),
so you should be able to ignore it. To get an S rank, simply just reiatsu burst
the enemy, and when he's stunned, dash in and perform a throw.

Mission 3: Easy, same strategy as Mission 2, except to finish him off you have
to use a special attack, so remember to keep one reiatsu bar at the end for a 
special attack and you'll get the S rank for this easily.

Mission 4: Another very easy mission, for an S rank, simply beat Gin up like 
you would any other opponent. Don't let his missing Lifebar/Reiatsu Gauge 
frighten you, it's just hidden.

Mission 5: You can't block in this mission but neither can your opponent, so 
stay on the offensive, and you'll get a S rank easily.

Mission 6: Damage in this mission is greatly amplified for both characters, so
you should be aggressive. Try to hit him around a bit and then perform two 
throws, that will kill him quickly and net you another S rank.

Mission 7: This is probably the first time you will see the powerup mode being
used. Be careful and play defensively when Hinamori activates it, or you'll 
probably get hit and won't be able to get a S rank. A good strategy is to stay
far away and charge up your reiatsu. When she's close enough, reiatsu burst 
her and use your special. After getting her health down to approximately 25% 
the fight will end.

Mission 8: Your opponent, Kenpachi, doesn't flinch here, so don't use any X 
or O attacks. Instead just keep throwing him and occasionally throw out a 
special or two, and eventually he'll fall. Collect your S rank and move on.

Mission 9: Your health slowly decreases in this mission, but it makes very 
little difference. This will be the first time you face off against a 
Tag team. To get an S rank, simply reiatsu burst him, dash and then throw. 
Rinse, repeat, and move on.

Mission 10: Here your throws are ineffective, and do pretty much crap damage.
Go into powerup mode, then continually use your special and pray he gets hit 
by them. You most probably will come away with an A rank using this strategy,
but if you manage to not get hit you will get an S rank.

Mission 11: Here's a bit of a bummer. Tousen here has sealed off your reiatsu,
preventing you from using special attacks, combo cancels and reiatsu bursts. 
He has also hidden his health and reiatsu, so you have less ways to kick his 
ass. Keep using XXXOOO combos and you'll get S in no time.

Mission 12: Here you start off with low health, so be careful not to get 
killed right off the bat. Instead use your special attack to do decent chunks
of damage to your opponent while gaining back your health. 3 specials should 
do the job, getting you another S rank.

Mission 13: Ah yes, the famed fight between Kuchiki Byakuya and Kurosaki 
Ichigo. He immediately goes into powerup mode at the beginning, so return the
favor. A quick and dirty victory can be obtained if you continually spam 
Forward+O. Go claim your S rank, you dirty cheater :P

Mission 14: Yay, catfight? Anyways, a cookie cutter mission with no special
objectives. Reiatsu burst, dash and throw. Rinse and repeat.

Mission 15: A pretty cool fight. You get to use two characters here. Simple 
battle, just reiatsu burst, dash and throw the old geezer. SAVE YOUR REIATSU.
When he's down to a sliver of health enter Tag Team Mode, then use your tag 
team special to pull off a cool looking team attack and get another S rank.

Mission 16: One of the many disappointingly boring missions. Ignore the 
hidden healthbar and reiatsu gauge, keep hitting Aizen and eventually you'll 
emerge victorious.

Mission 17: Here, if your opponent manages to land a hit on you, you'll get 
the confused status which swaps your X and O buttons. A minor annoyance, just 
keep up the ol' reiatsu burst throw technique until he's fallen.

Mission 18: Pretty hard to get an S for this mission, since this fatso has two
bars of health and high defense. I recommend using the XXOOO combo, and when 
he recovers, dash and use a throw. You should also go into powerup mode as 
soon as possible. From there on, reiatsu burst him, and then dash and use a 
special. Repeat until you run out. Note that this won't work when you're not 
in powerup mode since you move slower and he'll have just enough time to 
block your special. You can also try backing yourself into a corner when the 
fight begins. When he rushes you, use "Back+O" to throw him into the corner, 
then continuously use "Forward+O" while he's on the ground. It will juggle him
into the air, opening him up for another hit.

Mission 19: Simple mission, just enter powerup mode, then reiatsu burst the 
opponent and dash in to use your special.

Mission 20: An easy mission. Just reiatsu burst, dash, then throw, 
occasionally using your tag partner to assist you. You should finish this 
fight with an S rank.

Mission 21: A pretty tough mission, you have to stay alive for 30 seconds, 
against a highly buffed up opponent, your health is slowly decreasing, and to
make matters worse, you can't block :O 

Ok, so before battle begins, try to put as much distance as possible between 
yourself and the enemy. When the battle begins, immediately start charging 
your reiatsu. He will most likely attempt to use a long ranged attack, in 
which case you cancel the reiatsu charge and sidestep. If he dashes in to 
attack, use your XXOOO combo to knock him away. Continue charging until you 
have one reiatsu bar, then when he tries to attack you or fire a ranged attack
immediately use your Square+X special. Keep doing this until the time is over
and you should get an S rank.

Mission 22: A simple fight, just keep using the reiatsu dash throw strategy 
(Can this even be considered a strategy?), and you'll earn an S.

Mission 23: Simple mission, only thing to note is that both you and your 
opponent start out at half health and there's a timer. Just use the same 
strategy, reiatsu burst, dash, throw, and you'll have kicked Grimmjow's ass in
less then 20 seconds.

Mission 24: Sweet, a battle against my favorite character, Hollow Ichigo. Very
easy battle. Just enter powerup mode, use one special attack to bring him down
to very low health, then just land one or two hits to win.

Mission 25: You're up against Ichigo with his hollow mask. This is a pretty 
dangerous battle, since your opponent won't recoil from your X and O attacks,
and he knows when to attack when your guard is down. He still gets stunned by
your reiatsu burst, so this time we'll employ a variant of my favorite 
strategy. Charge up your reiatsu, remembering to sidestep whenever he tries to
hit you with a ranged attack. When you have gotten one bar of reiatsu, either
wait for an opening, or stun him with a reiatsu burst and then dash in and 
perform a special. Do this 4 more times and you'll walk away unscathed with an
S rank.

Mission 26: Here I recommend immediately switching to Shinji, your other 
character, as soon as possible. Then just reiatsu burst, dash and throw as per
normal. As long as you beat the opponent in one minute or less, you should get
a S rank.

Mission 27: Oh noez, your attacks don't do any damage, and the reiatsu dash 
throw strategy (which should be second nature to you by now) doesn't work.
What should you do? Don't worry, just bust out your newly gained special!
Just charge up your reiatsu (I recommend charging it till it's full), then 
when you have at least one bar of reiatsu, press Square+X to activate your 
hollow mask. After that it's just a normal battle, deal with him as you would
any other opponent.

Mission 28: Ok, here you get to fight the amazing... Luppi? Anyways, I 
recommend sticking to using Matsumoto, the blonde haired woman. Basically 
charge up your reiatsu until you have one bar, then stun him, dash and grab. 
Immediately after your throw is over press Square+ X to activate your special.
If done properly, you will chain it and he will be hit by your special. At the
end, when he has a sliver of life left, charge your reiatsu up till it's full,
then activate Tag team mode, and use a tag team special to finish him off. S 
rank get!

Mission 29: Another easy mission, reiatsu burst, dash, throw. Watch out for 
little Nel's uh... sidekicks >_>. Just sidestep them and you'll do fine.

Mission 30: Hooray, you get to beat up Ichigo for no reason! You should be 
able to complete this in less than 10 seconds due to the crazy amount of 
damage you dish out. Just employ the reiatsu burst dash throw strategy twice.

Mission 31: Ok, this is another easy mission. You won't be able to do any 
damage to Dordonni in your current form, so simply charge your reiatsu, 
sidestepping any long range ceros that he throws your way. When you have 
filled up your reiatsu gauge fully, enter powerup mode, and you'll also go 
into Bankai form. Then you can proceed as per normal, using the reiatsu dash 
throw strategy if you wish.

Mission 32: Yet another basic mission. Reiatsu burst, dash and throw, 
occasionally substituting the throw for a special attack if you want to do 
slightly more damage.

Mission 33: Ok, this mission is also straightforward. Instead of using the 
same strategy I've been typing out for the past 30 missions or so, let's try a
new strategy for Chad. You just have to keep defending. When he starts 
attacking you while you are blocking, use your Down+O attack. When you use 
that you will have block status active, so his attacks won't damage you. 
Keep doing this until he dies. Hooray. S rank get.

Mission 34: Ok, in this mission, you take control of the all powerful Nnoitra,
and you won't recoil from most attacks, so this should be a fun mission and a
cakewalk for you. In case anyone didn't guess, being the rotten AI exploiter 
that I am, I simply used the reiatsu burst dash throw strategy. >:D

Mission 35: Ok, in this mission you have to fight Aaroniero Arruruerie. He's 
pretty aggressive, so keep him away using the XXOOO combo, then charge your 
reiatsu when you have the chance. When you have at least one bar of reiatsu, 
reiatsu burst him, then use your special, the Square+X one. He should go down
after about 3 specials.

Mission 36: Very very easy. Just charge up your reiatsu till it's full, 
activate Tag team mode, then reiatsu burst him, dash in and Tag team Special.
That's all, just try not to get hit.

Mission 37: Pretty annoying fight, since your opponent takes less damage. You 
can keep using the reiatsu burst dash throw strategy though, just substitute 
the throw instead with an XXOOO combo, since that does more damage.

Mission 38: Ok, you have to act fast in this mission, since your health drains
at an alarming rate. I recommend using the reiatsu burst (What else is new?), 
then dash in and throw. When you have at least one reiatsu bar, then instead 
of a throw use the special instead. If you do this right it should only take 
2 throws and one special to win with an S ranking.

Mission 39: I hate this mission. GRAHHH. For some reason the AI grew 
incredibly smart and kept blocking all my moves and countering my reiatsu 
bursts during my second playthrough. Anyways, getting back to strategies, 
the main thing is to try to not let him charge up. if he does manage to charge
his reiatsu gauge fully, he'll release into a much more dangerous form. 
Seriously, don't let that happen. Try to reiatsu burst him. If you manage to 
stun him, dash then use the XXOOO combo. Right after you do the combo, simply
dash, then perform a throw. If you do it correctly, just as he recovers from 
your initial XXOOO combo, your character will be right in his face, the throw
will connect and you'll manage to do some decent damage.

Mission 40: A straightforward mission, just keep using O and using Ishida as 
support occasionally. For some reason the opponent rarely blocks, so you 
should be able to get an S easily.

Mission 41: Ok, this is an annoying mission if you try to approach it the 
normal way. I got my ass handed to me when I tried to employ my usual 
approach (Guess which :D), so I resorted to spamming. Turns out there's a 
pretty easy way to win. Just keep using your Up+O attack, and you should get 
your S rank pretty quickly. It might take a few tries though, sometimes the 
AI keeps blocking it, while other times they'll let themselves get hit by it 
all the time.

Mission 42: Yet another annoying mission. You start off with low health, you
can't block, and Nnoitra can't flinch. Good news is you only have to survive
for 30 seconds. What you should do is just keep as far away from him as 
possible, since one combo will kill you outright. Stay far away, and start 
charging your reiatsu. When he approaches, reiatsu burst him. Keep doing that
until the time runs out. You will get a S rank if you did not get hit.

Sailboat_King has also sent me an alternative strategy for this mission: 'Just
a suggestion from me, I found this to be very easy just using Ichigo's Up+X 
then O over and over. When I did it, Nnoitra failed to hit me even once.'

Mission 43: Hooray, you get to own Nnoitra now! All you have to do is fully 
charge up your reiatsu bar, enter powerup mode, and you'll also transform. 
Make good use of your powerup, and try to land a special or two to kill him. 
It should be pretty easy to win, just keep using your basic X and O attacks to
finish him off.

Mission 44: Ok, back to being the underdog. You take control of Kenpachi here.
To win you simply have to get Nnoitra's health down to 25%. Use your reiatsu 
burst, dash in and activate your special. It will take about 3 of this to win.

Mission 45: In this mission, you square off against the great pumpkin. It's 
hilarious to see his release. However, try not to let him charge up his 
reiatsu gauge, since when it's full he will release, and his released form 
makes throws useless. Instead you should stick to the reiatsu burst dash 
throw strategy, and after you have successfully thrown him, stay there. When 
he gets up, he will probably try to attack you. This is when you use your O 
attack to teleport behind him, and fire a ranged attack, knocking him back. 
This will allow you to begin the reiatsu burst dash throw again. Keep doing 
it until you win, and you should get at least an A for your efforts, or a S if
you didn't get hit.

Alright, some readers have sent in an alternate strategy which seems more 
efficent then my above strategy. I have edited the strategy slightly to
remove some typos, but this is the strategy that Rafael Saracchini and Xemik 
have sent in:

Basically keep charging up your reiatsu until you have filled your reiatsu
gauge completely, then activate Powerup mode. After that, contionously spam
Forward+O. You will be able to keep firing Sokatsuis (Purple Fireballs) at him
and eventually his guard will break. Just keep hitting him with this until he

Mission 46: Ok, this all you have to do in this mission is while using Mayuri,
use Up+O when you're near the enemy. That will make some poison gas drift 
slowly towards the enemy. The AI will always block this, so start charging 
your reiatsu, and reiatsu burst him. Then dash in and perform your throw. 
When you have enough reiatsu, instead of using the throw, use your Square+O 
special instead, since it does more damage.

Mission 47: Back to the Nnoitra fight. This is quite an aggravating battle. 
You start out with half health, and Nnoitra seems strangely smart today. Oh 
well. Your Special does insane damage here, so take advantage of it. Charge 
up your reiatsu fully first. When it's fully charged up, reiatsu burst 
Nnoitra, then dash in and activate your special. Do this once more and you 
should win.

Mission 48: In this mission you face Ulquiorra in an epic showdown. Start 
using your reiatsu burst, and keep charging until you have fully charged up 
your reiatsu gauge. Activate powerup mode and put on your Hollow mask. From 
then on, keep spamming Forward+O till you exit powerup mode, then reiatsu 
burst, dash and throw him. If you mask breaks, charge up your reiatsu and 
repeat the strategy.

Mission 49: Not much of a secret character eh? Anyways, it's pretty hard to 
get a S rank for this, your main objective is to be quick. What you should do
is continually use the reiatsu burst dash and throw. If the opponent ever 
tries to do that attack where they stick their sword in the ground, 
immediately use your special. You will jump into the air for your special, so
the attack won't hit you, and you'll do some good damage in return. 

Mission 50: Back to mindless missions <3. Reiatsu burst, dash and throw till 
that punk is dead.

Mission 51: You get to beat the same opponent up, repeat the same strategy, 
substituting the throw for a special when you have enough reiatsu.

Mission 52: Ok, it seems that this time you can't block. No matter, just keep
doing the reiatsu burst dash throw. I bet you're sick of those words by now, 

Mission 53: Hmm, hidden lifebar and reiatsu gauge. Haven't seen that in a 
while. This guy makes me sad, since all he does is use range attacks. Ahem...
Anyways, charge up your reiatsu gauge fully, remembering to sidestep/defend 
all the ranged attacks he throws at you. When it's fully charged, try to 
reiatsu burst him. Once you manage to reiatsu burst him, immediately activate
Tag Team mode, then dash up and activate your Tag Team Special. It will do an
absurd amount of damage, most probably killing him. If it doesn't, go up to 
him and whack him around a bit.

Mission 54: You don't have to completely destroy your opponent this time, just
reduce them to 25% health. Your specials are sealed here however. Your 
partner character is quite useful, don't forget to use him to help deal that 
extra chunk of damage. use the reiatsu burst, dash and throw, try not to get 
close as the enemy's pretty fast.

Mission 55: You face off against a powerful foe here. Aizen is aggressive, and
if you stay and charge, he WILL punish you with a painful Black Coffin attack.
There's also a timer, set at 2 minutes. You should stay at close-mid range 
around him, and try to reiatsu burst him, then dash in and either throw or 
special if you have the reiatsu. You should get an S rank for beating him in 
under a minute. Alternatively, you could instead switch to Tessai as soon as 
possible,then constantly spam O, getting you a easy S ranked victory.

Mission 56: Thought it was over after seeing the credits? Nope, not yet. Go 
back to story mode and you'll see several new missions. Now you control Aizen,
and you're going to put the hurt on Shinji. A good technique to use is to 
have at least one reiatsu bar, reiatsu burst the foe, dash in, throw him, 
then as the enemy is being knocked back, dash towards him and activate your 
special. If you time it right, your special will connect, allowing you to do 
some very nice damage. If you like, after you reiatsu burst the enemy, instead
of throwing, you can use the Black Coffin instead (Up+O). You should get an S
rank without much trouble.

Mission 57: Hooray, you get to use Senna! Anyways, it's very easy to get an S
rank for this. Just charge up your reiatsu. Once you have filled it up 
completely, activate powerup mode, reiatsu burst him, dash and special. Repeat
this 3 more times to achieve an S rank.

Mission 58: Alright, you start out with a full reiatsu bar, use it! Enter 
powerup mode, reiatsu burst him, dash and land a Tag team special. After that,
just use Hitsugaya's XXOOO combo and remember to use Ichigo for support.

Mission 59: There is a timer on this mission. Don't worry, you should be 
able to beat Hitsugaya before the timer runs out. Use Hisagi's XXOOO combo, 
and if Hitsugaya shows a big opening in his defense, (E.g. after activating 
his special, while using his chain attack) punish him with a square+O special.
I won with around 25 seconds left on the timer, so you have quite a lot of 
time to beat him.

Mission 60: Ok, the health might seem a bit intimidating, but don't worry, 
the reiatsu dash throw strategy works perfectly fine here. If you pull this 
off properly, you will get a perfect victory, an S rank, and a big ego boost 

Mission 61: The last mission. Hooray? My fingers hurt from typing so much. 
Anyways, you control Ishida's dad here, who is awesome to play as. Use the 
Reiatsu Dash throw strategy, until Ishida has around a quarter health left. 
This time when you reiatsu burst him, don't dash, just activate your 

|HTS07                       Frequently Asked Questions                      |

Q:How do I unlock <Insert Character/Alternate costume>?

Simple, just clear Story Mode thoroughly. You will have unlocked all alternate
costumes and all the characters by then.

Q:How do I get 100% completion for Story Mode?

Basically, you have to complete every mission , from 1-61 to achieve 100% 

Q:I'm missing Mission <Insert mission number>, help!

Alright, some missions can only be unlocked by getting a certain rank. 
There are four ranks, in order from lowest to highest: C,B,A and S. You will 
want to aim for at least an A rank, since that is the minimum requirement to 
unlock secret missions.

Q:How do I know what missions I am missing?

To see if you are missing a secret mission, check a mission, then check the 
next one. If you notice that the next mission skips a number, then there is a
secret mission in between that needs to be unlocked. To unlock it, simply 
clear the mission before it with at least an A rank. E.g.: I check mission 25. 
Then I go to the next mission which is mission 27. Therefore there is a 
missing mission, number 26, and to unlock it I have to clear mission 25 with 
at least an A rank.

Q:Mission <Insert mission number> is giving me trouble! How do I get at least an
A rank for it?

Refer to the Story Missions Guide section.

Q:How do I convert Save Data from previous HTS games, and what do they unlock?

Ok, firstly you must have save data from the previous games (Duh?). At the 
main menu of HTS6, scroll to the second last option, the appendix, select it.
You will be presented with 3 options. Select the last option, and you will be
able to convert your previous saves, unlocking many characters. If you like 
you can download saves for the previous games from this website, they work 

Q:After I select a character, I am presented with 4 options, that are Green,
Red, Blue and Yellow in color. what are they?

Those are different soul styles, Red is Offensive, Blue is Defensive, and 
Yellow is Technical. Green allows you to use a customized soul or soul code.

Q:How do I customize a soul?

On the main menu, scroll to the option that says Soul Customize, then select 
it. Select a slot to save your data, enter a name for it, then you will have 
several options. The first one lets you customize the soul, adding abilities 
and various boosters. The second option allows you to save your custom 
loadout. The third option allows you to delete a custom loadout, and the 
fourth option is a tutorial in Japanese.

Q:ZOMG secret character?

Sorry, neither Ulquiorra released nor Ichigo's new hollow mode made it in.
Halibel is the closest we've got for a secret character sadly.

|HTS08                        Soul Customization Guide                       |

So you wanna make your own kickass loadout eh? Let's go through the system.

In the main menu, scroll to the Soul Customize option, the 6th option from the
left. Select it, and you will be presented with another option. Select it. You
will be brought to a screen that should have many NO DATA options. This is the
place where you choose which slot you want to save your custom loadout in.
Choose whichever slot you like and select it. You will now be brought to yet
another screen, and there will be 4 options on the left. 

The options are, in order:

Modify Loadout - This is where you will do all your modification and tweaking.
Select it, and you will be able to access abilities to add to your loadout.

Save Loadout - This allows you to save your custom loadout when you are happy
with it. It will ask you if you want to save your loadout, and the option yes
is on the left and no is on the right.

Delete Loadout - This lets you delete your loadout. It will ask you if you
want to delete your loadout, and the option yes is on the left and no is on
the right.

Tutorial - This is in japanese, and it is useless since I'm walking you
through the system.

To start modifying, use the first option, Modify Loadout. You can now choose
from several options. Note that each option costs Soul Energy, and you start
with 10 Soul energy at first, so choose your abilities wisely.

The options are arranged in order from top to bottom:

Note that there are only 5 skills in each section, and that the other slots
below them are not for skills but for items which you gain through Soul
Championship and Arcade mode.

Attack Abilities:

Fatal Back Attack - Does more damage if you attack the enemy's back. Screen
will flash yellow to indicate a fatal back attack. Costs 3 Soul Energy.

Heavy Smash - Allows you to deal chip damage. When the opponent is blocking,
if your character attacks the opponent even though he is blocking he will
still take a bit of damage from your attacks. Costs 3 Soul Energy.

Power Press - Your opponent does slightly less damage to you, but in return
your attacks do slightly less damage. Costs 7(!) Soul Energy.

Splash Soul - When you reiatsu burst, your opponent get knocked into the air.
This is pretty fun, you can reiatsu burst again and keep doing it or start a
combo very easily. Costs 3 Soul Energy.

Remove Ability - This removes the ability currently selected and gives you 
back your Soul Energy.

Guard Abilities:

Auto Guard - Your character will guard all attacks automatically, instead of
you having to hold back to block. Useful skill. Costs 1 Soul Energy.

Just Guard - If you block at the exact moment the opponent attacks you, the
screen will flash blue, and the opponent will be temporarily stunned.
Very useful if you get the timing right. Costs 2 Soul Energy.

Counter Guard - If an opponent is attacking you and you're blocking, pressing
O will make your character interrupt the combo and knock the opponent away.
This uses up some reiatsu.  Costs 2 Soul Energy.

Moving Guard - When you're blocking an opponent's attack, press O and your
character will move away from the opponent. Costs 2 Soul Energy.

Remove Ability - This removes the ability currently selected and gives you 
back your Soul Energy.

Soul Abilities:

Soul Blades - 
After you press Square+Triangle, you can do the multiple hit combo you are 
able to do in Story mode. If you don't have this on, you won't be able to do 
it. Costs 3 Soul Energy.

Soul Blow - While you are using Soul Blaze (Square+Triangle), the enemy's 
attacks will not be able to make your character flinch. Costs 3 Soul Energy.

Soul Charge - A more powerful, longer range version of the usual dash you do.
If it collides head on with a normal dash, the normal dash will be overpowered
instead of doing the 'faceoff' button mashing. Costs 7 Soul Energy. 

Soul Reverse - If you manage to hit your opponent with a Soul Blaze, it will 
force the other tag team opponent to take his place. This is useful when you 
want to finish off a weak opponent the AI has just swapped out. This also can 
knock an opponent out of their powered up mode in single battle, allowing you 
to revert them back to their previous form. Eg. Ichigo Bankai when hit by this
will revert back to Ichigo Shikai.

Remove Ability - This removes the ability currently selected and gives you 
back your Soul Energy.

Tag Abilities:

Normal Change -  This is the default ability, everything is the same for Tag 
matches. Costs 0 Soul Energy.

Assault Change - This lets you switch out to your partner character while 
attacking, allowing you to continue the combo. Costs 3 Soul Energy.

Quick Change - This lets you switch to using your partner while you are 
being hit, even in mid air. Costs 3 Soul Energy.

Strike Change - This lets you switch to your partner while you are blocking. 
Costs 3 Soul Energy.

|HTS09                        Soul Championship Guide                        |

This probably won't be updated for a while, since I've lost interest in HTS6.
However, I can offer some general tips: Most opponents can be beaten normally,
however if you find yourself unable to damage them, try doing these things and
see if they damage the opponent: Soul Blaze, Throw, Tag team special, Powerup,
Special, combo of 10 or higher, partner attacks. 

If you are having trouble on the very last tier (SSS) against Urahara, this was
my strategy. Cheap, but it worked. Use Ulquiorra, give him the Blue soul, with 
Splash Soul, and keep using your reiatsu burst to bounce the opponent until you
have at least 1 reiatsu bar, then use your cero special. Keep doing this until 
they die. it works on nearly everyone except this one tournament where I needed
a combo of 10 or higher to damage them. For that I used Grimmjow as a partner,
and kept doing tag team specials to the enemy. If you need help on a certain
tournament, don't hesitate to send me an email.

|HTS10                           Soul Codes List                             |

Big thanks to RasenShun, Xeltosxx and DrAGo_RifLE for compiling this list.

If you see any mistakes in this list, or has a better description for a code,
please drop me a mail.

Here are some terms you may encounter when browsing the list. 

Atk= Attack Power
Def= Defense Power
Spd= Speed
Jump= Jump strength
Axmove= Movement speed
SP= Reiatsu

No. Rank   Name       Description
001 (D) Sub-Reaper  - Atk rises slightly & HP rises if with Rukia.
002 (D) #13         - Move Power rise slightly & Def rises with student.
003 (D) Hero        - Status rises with battle.
004 (C) SokyokuDest - Atk rises significantly in the Sokyoku Stage.
005 (S) ZangetsuPos - Can use HP as a subsitute for SP for special attacks.
006 (D) Squad13 Sld - Def rises slightly.
007 (D) KUROSAKIFre - HP and Def increases if paired with student.
008 (D) KUCHIKIFos  - Recovers HP slowly.
009 (C) Bad Artist  - Enemy Sp drops a bit. Won't work on Byakuya.
010 (D) WhiteShadow - Atk rises slightly, Def drops.
011 (C) OtherICHIGO - Like Ichigo's Soul Code when paired with Ichigo.
012 (B) Supplanter  - Def Power drops, Reiatsu burst radius expanded.
013 (A) BtlInstinct - Atk & Spd rise slightly, HP & Def drop slightly.
014 (D) Destroyer   - Enemy's SP drops a bit & your SP builds up.
015 (A) Handyman    - You can easily guard crush your opponent.
016 (D) Soul Sniper - AxMove rises slightly & enemy AxMove drops.
017 (A) CondemnSoul - Can steal enemy's SP when you perform a special attack.
018 (A) Schoolgirl  - Def rises & HP is recovered.
019 (S) Invader     - Recovers tag partner's HP quickly.
020 (D) Iron Body   - Def rises slightly.
021 (C) Tough Guy   - Stops the enemy from Guard Crushing you.
022 (B) SummonedDev - Atk rises greatly & Weak Atk (X button) is disabled.
023 (S) FlashMaster - Jump, Move, AxMove rises. FlashStep if guard Atk.
024 (B) ShihoinHead - Jump, Move, AxMove rises as SpP charges.
025 (C) UraharaMngr - HP rises, SP rises a bit. Effective in Training mode.
026 (A) Prankster   - When hit, enemy's Strong & Weak Atk buttons swap.
027 (C) #1RDManager - Your SP builds up slowly, HP & Movement drop.
028 (D) Warden      - Your throw does more damage.
029 (B) 13Squads    - Enemy's SP drops when battling with Shinigami.
030 (S) Burning Man - Your SP increases at a high speed.
031 (B) Squad 2 Cpt - Speed rises, 2nd hit of your combos will be stronger.
032 (A) YORUICHIFan - All stats & SP rises when paired with YORUICHI.
033 (D) Squad 3 Ltn - Enemy speed drops.
034 (A) PunishedOne - Enemy's speed decreases if they block your attacks.
035 (C) Squad 5 Ltn - You charge reiatsu up faster.
036 (B) YOU?!?      - Atk & SP rises quickly, HP also drops quickly.
037 (C) Squad 6 Cpt - Movement & Axial powers increase.
038 (D) Prude       - Defense increases.
039 (D) KUCHIKIHead - Begin battle with full stock SP with 13Squads.
040 (B) LilSister   - When paired with Rukia, her Def rises, and HP recovers.
041 (D) Squad 6 Ltn - Atk rises a little if paired with Byakuya.
042 (B) Sore Loser  - Atk rises significantly when near death.
043 (A) Impossible  - If KO'd, will resurrect once if you have enough reiatsu.
044 (B) Squad 7 Cpt - Atk rises significantly, Def increases slightly.
045 (A) Bowwow!     - If paired with a female, her SP rises quickly.
046 (C) Squad 8 Cpt - Atk & Def drop greatly if enemy is female.
047 (C) ShadyOldMan - When with a female, she gets very angry. (Lol?)
048 (D) Squad 8 Ltn - You start battle with 1 reiatsu bar.
049 (A) SpecsClerk  - Support always. Partner Def, Atk, & Spd drops a little.
050 (D) Squad 9 Ltn - Attack & Def rises slightly.
051 (C) Cool Guy    - Drops enemy's Special attack strength significantly.
052 (D) Squad10 Cpt - Jump and Attack Powers rise slightly.
053 (B) Mr.Popular  - If paired with female, can use Tag assist infinitely.
054 (C) YoungestCpt - Atk, Def, & Spd rises in the first 30 seconds.
055 (A) Prodigy     - Special attack damages the enemy;s tag partner.
056 (D) Squad10 Ltn - HP rises if with Hitsugaya, His HP drops in turn.
057 (A) DynamicBdy  - Enemy's Def drops if thrown when VS male.
058 (D) Squad11 Cpt - Can overcome his enemy when close combat.(Overcome?)
059 (B) Evil Beast  - SP sealed, Atk rises fast, you can't stagger.
060 (B) FemReaper   - Def & Atk drops if vs male, HP recovers with female.
061 (D) Squad11 Ltn - Atk, Spd, & Jump rise slightly.
062 (C) Squad11Pos3 - Def & Atk rises with KENPACHI. HP drops with Yachiru.
063 (C) Clever&Cool - Atk rises slightly, Def drops slightly.
064 (B) SeriousBald - SP fills up if almost dead. Only one time.
065 (A) SlowStarter - Attack strength rises a bit at a time.
066 (A) Lifedrinker - Steals a bit of enemy's SP upon attack.
067 (C) Narcissist  - HP rises & recovers quickly if fighting same character.
068 (B) Squad12 Cpt - Randomly seals enemy's Atk or Jump when hit.
069 (S) EvilStudent - HP reduce to half, enemy's HP & Spd drops.
070 (D) Squad12 Ltn - HP is recovered when Atk by partner's turn.
071 (B) MAYURIsOpus - TAG partners recover HP. But NEMU's HP drops.
072 (C) Squad13 Cpt - SP charges slowly. HP & Def drop slightly.
073 (B) Invalid     - HP is cut in half, but begins with SP at max.
074 (D) Void Man    - Jump rises slightly.
075 (D) EnemaMaster - If you back attack the enemy, their SP gauge decreases.
076 (D) ExSquad5Cpt - Enemy's SP stock is erased randomly if hit.
077 (B) Quip Demon  - Your counters do more damage.
078 (A) Fast Talker - Damage from combos is decreased.
079 (D) ExSquad12Lt - AxMove rises and HP drops slightly.
080 (D) Striker     - Def drops slightly, Atk rises slightly.
081 (A) ExSquad9Cpt - Enemy is sent flying when hit.
082 (C) Porn Maniac - SP rises automatically when fighting females.
083 (D) ExSquad8Ltn - Atk & Movement rises slightly with Kyoraku.
084 (D) InfiniteFol - Movement speed rises slightly.
085 (C) Thief Nel   - HP, Spd, & Jump rises in Hueco Mundo Night stage.
086 (C) Great Beast - Strength & Def rises slightly.
087 (S) Ex-3rdBlade - Nullifies enemy's projectile attacks.
088 (C) LatinDancer - Male opponent: Def rises. Female opponent: Atk rises.
089 (C) Storm Baron - AxMove & Special attack power rises slightly.
090 (B) True Sadist - Atk rises greatly, Def & HP drop greatly.
091 (D) Slice Queen - Enables Critical Attacks.
092 (D) Orange Afro - Atk & Spd rises slightly.
093 (B) Dragon Blow - Your special attacks do more damage but consume 2 bars.
094 (D) FourthSword - Partner's HP & Atk rises if with an Espada.
095 (A) Cold Eyes   - Enemy's stats drops, SP slowly decreases.
096 (B) Iron Mantis - Power rises significantly.
097 (A) 5th Sword   - Prevents stagger from opponent's attacks.
098 (C) 6th Sword   - Increases special attack power, rises during battle.
099 (B) Cruel King  - Increases special attack power gradually during battle.
100 (A) HuecoPnthr  - HP & Atk rises when in Soul Championship Mode.
101 (C) 7th Sword   - AxMove rises dramatically.
102 (S) Preacher    - Seals enemy's partner. (Doesn't work when powered up.)
103 (A) 8th Sword   - Seals off opponent's power-up.
104 (A) MdScientist - Drop enemy's speciall attack strength significantly.
105 (C) 9th Sword   - HP is recovered gradually
106 (B) InfiniteEvo - HP recovers if enemy is damaged by your special.
107 (C) 10th Sword  - HP rises, and Spd drops slightly.
108 (C) Lucky!!     - Normal Atk drops, special attacks & throws are stronger.
109 (D) Ex-6thBlade - Def rises slightly.
110 (B) Talking Man - Atk rises for the first 10 seconds. Atk & Def drop.
111 (D) ExSquad9Cpt - Atk, Def, & Spd rises slightly.
112 (C) DarkDweller - Enemy's SP & HP Gauges turn invisible.
113 (B) ExSquad3Cpt - Drop enemy's HP & SP in Non-Captain battles.
114 (S) Aizen'sMan  - HP recover & SP up. HP & SP turn invisible.
115 (A) ExSquad5Cpt - Atk rises if vs Shinigami, Def rises if vs Arrancar.
116 (S) Treasoners  - SP charges quickly & enemy loses SP if specials hit.
117 (B) MemoryVess  - Becomes stronger in proportion to cleared.
118 (B) Dusk Maiden - Becomes stronger if fighting in evening stage.
119 (C) Ice Traitor - Atk rises when fighting Squad13 Sld.
120 (D) HITSUGAYApl - SP builds up when paired with Hitsugaya.
121 (S) Kido Leader - Special attack is stronger and you begin with full SP.
122 (C) URAHARASpec - HP rises and Throws become more effective.
123 (B) VisoredPrnc - Begins with SP stock at 1, enemy's special attack drops.
124 (B) FmrSquad3Cp - Reduces damage from 3 or less hits.
125 (C) FmrSquad9Lt - Def rises & you will fly away from enemy if hit.
126 (D) MaskedRider - Jump rises & Atk rises while in the air.
127 (A) Annihilator - Atk rises. Special attacks are stronger vs Shinigami.
128 (B) KarakuraHsp - Partner's HP recovers but SP is sealed.
129 (A) 3rd Sword   - Throwing ability changes.
130 (B) ForsakenOne - Everyone cannot use special attacks.
131 (C) Squad 1 Ltn - Atk & Def rises if vs lieutenant, drops if vs Captains.
132 (D) Squad 2 Ltn - Spd, AxSpd, & Jump drop, but rises if near death.
133 (A) Squad 4 Cpt - In tag, you recover HP quickly, partner Atk drops.
134 (C) Squad 4 Ltn - Tag partner's HP recovers gradually.
135 (D) Squad 4 #7  - Opponent recovers when hit by a Normal Atk.
136 (C) Squad 7 Ltn - HP rises. And even more if partner is male.
137 (B) MaleReaper  - Def & Atk rise if vs male, drops if vs female.
138 (D) Maki Maki   - If vs Kenpachi, Atk drops. If vs Yachiru, Def drops.
139 (C) Squad13 Ltn - With Rukia, her HP rises. Vs Aaroniero, special rises.
140 (D) Squad 13 #3 - If with Ukitake, his HP recovers. Own SP rises.
141 (D) RukonPyro   - Special attack rises greatly, Normal Atk drops greatly.
142 (D) Boar Rider  - Atk rises greatly & AxMove drops greatly.
143 (B) ExKidoSub   - Partner's Atk & Def rises. Own HP & SP are drained.
144 (B) ExSquad7Cpt - Jump rises greatly, enemy weak Atk won't hit.
145 (D) BtmSoulMod  - Spd, AxSpd, & Jump rise. Atk & Def drop.
146 (D) BoobFetish  - SP builds up fast if VS big breasted female. (Haha!)
147 (D) Bostov      - Become frightened when he sees a girl.
148 (D) UraharaClrk - If with Urahara, HP drops. If with Tessai, SP drops.
149 (D) KarakuraRed - Atk rises & HP rises if fighting in a high place.
150 (D) KarakuraPnk - All stats drop, HP halved. Atk & Spd rises vs Arrancar.
151 (D) PopPsychic  - SP is sealed off. Atk & Def drop greatly.
152 (C) KarakuraGld - Partner's special attack drops greatly.
153 (B) Emperor     - HP increases greatly & Spd Pr drops greatly.
154 (B) First Sword - All stats drop for first minute, then all stats rise.
155 (B) HogyokuBorn - His & opponent's HP decrease greatly.
156 (C) NelBrothers - Nel's HP increases greatly.
157 (D) Battle Bug  - Unable to survive Hueco Mundo Desert.
158 (D) RecoveryMed - Enemy recovers if Hit by Atk.
159 (C) BLEACHMania - Jump increases.
160 (?) HeatPlayer  - HP decrease, Spd & Atk Increase
161 (D) Newbie      - No idea.
162 (C) MedCollect  - Def increases slightly.
163 (B) GreatCollec - Def Pr rises, immune to Guard Crushes.
164 (?) ReaperProf  - Increased HP.
165 (A) Central 46  - Enemy reiatsu drops if vs Shinigami.
166 (S) Spirit King - Special attack does crazy damage, but HP is very little.
167 (B) PunishLdr   - Spd & AxSpd Pr rise.
168 (D) Huge Hollow - Special attack increases if vs Shinigami.
169 (D) Gillian     - Reiatsu rises slightly.
170 (C) Adjucas     - Reiatsu rises.
171 (B) Vastrode    - Reiatsu rises greatly & special attacks heal you.
172 (B) Royal Duty  - Atk down greatly & Up with Atk. (huh?)
173 (S) HeatSoulMst - ?

|HTS11                        Unique Tag Team Specials                       |

Here's a list of all the unique Tag team specials. This list may not be
definitive, so if you know any combos I may have missed out please tell me :)

Aizen Sosuke and Gin Ichimaru
Aaroniero Arruruerie and Szayel Aporro Granz Unreleased
Captain Urahara Kisuke and Tessai Tsukabishi
Dordonii Alessandro and Cirucci Thunderwitch
Hitsugaya Toushirou Shikai and Soujiro Kusaka
Ichigo Kurosaki Bankai and Hollow Ichigo Bankai
Ichigo Kurosaki Bankai and Senna
Ichigo Kurosaki Shikai and Baby Nel
Ikkaku Madarame Shikai and Kenpachi Zaraki
Kensei Muguruma and Mashiro Kuna
Kyoraku Shunsui and Ukitake Jushiro
Matsumoto Rangiku and Orihime Inoue
Mayuri Kurosutchi and Szayel Aporro Granz Released
Neliel Adult and Nnoitra Jiruga Unreleased
Rukia Kuchiki Shikai and Byakuya Kuchiki Bankai
Sado Yasutora (Devil Arm) and Gantenbainne Mosqueda
Shinji Hirako (No hollow mask) and Hiyori Sarugaki (No hollow mask)
Ulquiorra Schiffer and Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Unreleased
Uryuu Ishida and Ryuke Ishida
Uryuu Ishida Seele Schneider and Renji Shikai
Yammy Rialgo and Tousen Kaname
Yoruichi Shihouin and Soi Fon

|HTS12                           Character Roster                            |

Each square contains a number. Refer to the list to find the name of the 
character that occupies that square at the character select screen.

	   [01][02][03][04][05]  [11][12][13]
	   [06][07][08][09][10]  [14][15][16]

	[17][18][19][20][21][22]  [41][42][43][44]
	[23][24][25][26][27][28]  [45][46][47][48]
	[29][30][31][32][33][34]  [49][50][51][52]
	[35][36][37][38][39][40]  [53][54][55][56]

01)Ichigo Kurosaki 
02)Rukia Kuchiki
03)Uryu Ishida (Seele Schneider)
04)Yasutora Sado
05)Orihime Inoue
06)Kisuke Urahara
07)Yoruichi Shihouin
08)Hollow Ichigo
09)Ryuken Ishida
10)Uryu Ishida (Final Form)
11)Shinji Hirako
12)Hiyori Sarugaki
13)Kensei Muguruma
14)Lisa Yadomaru
15)Rose Otoribashi
16)Mashiro Kuna
17)Byakuya Kuchiki
18)Renji Abarai
19)Kenpachi Zaraki
20)Yachiru Kusajishi
21)Ikkaku Madarame
22)Yumichika Ayasegawa
23)Toshiro Hitsugaya
24)Rangiku Matsumoto
25)Soi Fon
26)Momo Hinamori
27)Izuru Kira
28)Shuhei Hisagi
29)Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai
30)Jushiro Ukitake
31)Shunsui Kyoraku
32)Nanao Ise
33)Mayuri Kurotsuchi
34)Nemu Kurotsuchi
35)Sajin Komamura
36)Kisuke Urahara(Captain)
37)Tessai Tsukabishi
38)Soijiro Kusaka
40)Dark Rukia
41)Sosuke Aizen
42)Gin Ichimaru
43)Kaname Tosen
44)Tia Harribel
45)Ulquiorra Schiffer
46)Nnoitra Jiruga
47)Grimmjow Jaegerjaques
48)Zommari Leroux
49)Nelliel Tu Oderschvank
50)Szayel Aporro Granz
51)Aaroniero Arruruerie(Kaien Shiba)
52)Yammy Rialgo
53)Dordonii Alessandro Del Socacchio
54)Cirucci Thunderwitch
55)Gantenbainne Mosqueda

|HTS13                           Version History                             |

Version 0.75 - Started guide.
Version 0.76 - Fixed some typos, added an alternate mission strategy.
Version 0.81 - Fixed more typos, added Soul Customize section, added Tutorial
Guide section.
Version 0.82 - Fixed even more typos, added a unique Tag team special, added
an alternate strategy for mission 45.
Version 0.87 - Added Soul Code list.
Version 0.88 - Fixed some typos, added some extra strategies, removed a link.
Version 0.93 - Added menu and options list, revised Character roster and 
credits, added more mission strategies.
Version 0.94 - Corrected an option for Soul Championship, many thanks to Ty88
for informing me!
Version 0.95 - Couldn't sleep, so I decided to get off my lazy ass and finally
updates this guide. Added a strategy for back attacks and one more definition
for basic terminology. Probably my last update until I decide to properly do
the Soul Championship section.

|HTS14                               Legal                                   |

This document is Copyright (c) 2009 by Colin Tan.

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You can reach me at lordkolinzeromus AT hotmail DOT com. Please don't be mad if
I take a while to reply, I rarely check my email account.

|HTS15                             Credits                                   |

ASCII is provided by: http://www.network-science.de/ascii/

I'd like to thank the following people: 

Sailboat_King for pointing out many typos and offering an alternate strategy 
for Mission 42

Rafael Saracchini and Darkneji for sending in a missing unique Tag Team 

Xemik, as well as Rafael Saracchini for sending in an alternate strategy for 
Mission 45

Vassago for providing an alternate strategy for mission 55.

Nami_hana for helpful suggestions as well as correction on surnames

Evil_Gogeta who provided useful notes for the Soul Customize system

RasenShun, Xeltosxx and DrAGo_RifLE for compiling a Soul Code list and saving
me a lot of time

WhatsUPwitIT for telling me what the Soul Reverse skill does.

Ichinuts for providing an excellent character roster, an alternate strategy 
for mission 18 as well as a menu and options list.

Ty88 for correcting me on what the Soul Championship option does.

Haze for providing a better way to attack with back attacks on the enemy.

Anyone who has provided feedback.

And lastly, you, the reader, for reading my guide.